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  1. Vesuvius_SWIE

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    The internal beta will run through Summer/Fall 2017; until then there will be consistent updates and features being added.
    Players who have access to the internal beta will be posting here to discuss the game, report bugs, and talk strategy.

    7/22/2017 Build Update:
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing players from skipping their repair phase.
    • The game will now correctly show one damage number when the player’s ship is hit directly between two hex sides.
    • The enemies destroyed popup now has a delay before it appears so it doesn’t appear before the ship explosion animation has completed.
    • The Galaxy Map will now prioritize showing the icon for the most powerful structure in a given sector.
    • Fixed an issue where the Shipyard was displaying double the number of systems on a ship.
    • Mac Players should now be correctly able to download and play Space Wars on Steam if they have redeemed the beta code.
    • In the rare case where a ship’s engine integrity hits 0 any further damage that would be dealt to the engine will now be dealt to that ship’s hull instead.
    • Skills that increase a ship's movement will now display the correctly modified movement value in combat.
    • Addressed an issue that would cause Genari stations to shift position when they were hit.
    • Addressed an issue where some Missile weapons were displaying incorrect damage values.
    • The modified Movement, Initiative, and Power values will now be displayed when the officer skill Stress Engines is activated.
    • The officer skill Stress Engines will now deal damage to the ship’s engines and hull upon the conclusion of the allocation phase it was activated.
    7/25/2017 Build Update:
    • Fixed an issue where crew repairs were not always correctly enforcing a 1 point minimum.
    • Fixed an issue with captain skill points not being correctly refreshed when returning to a spacedock.
    • Fixed an issue with skill upgrades that prevented previous skill ranks from being removed. This would incorrectly double up on some skill effects.
    8/1/2017 Build Update:
    • New background images have been added to the loading screens. These images also provide useful hints and tips about playing.
    • The captain skill Efficient Officer Training has been changed to reduce the cooldown for upgrading officers to 6 hours. This skill stacks with Advanced Interface which reduces the cooldown to 3 hours.
    • The ship skill Advanced Interface has been changed to reduce the cooldown for upgrading officers to 6 hours. This skill stacks with Efficient Officer Training which reduces the cooldown to 3 hours.
    • The ship skill Experienced Officers will now grant 10% more XP during battles when using that ship (Eg. Swordfish).
    • Removed a redundant use of Leadership and Honor points on the Enemies Eliminated popup.
    • The Enemies Eliminated popup will now correctly display the number of repair points used.
    • Fixed a bug where in specific cases skills with multiple ranks were being added to one another rather than only using the stats for that specific skill tier.
    • Engines can now be damaged when attacking starboard rear and port rear arcs.
    • Damage chances for various ship systems and attributes have been updated to use all six arcs instead of just four. This allows for a more accurate representation of the damage chances as originally designed.
    8/8/2017 Build Update:
    • Moving will no longer automatically repair damaged shields.
    • When a player resets their captain or officer skills they will now receive the correct number of skill points back.
    • When a ship moves out of or into scanner/visual range it will now immediately disappear/reappear instead of it happening after movement ends.
    • A more specific allocation profile for support ships has been implemented -- repair tenders will fire now if they have an enemy in their arc, and force field powering up by AI support ships are improved.
    8/15/2017 Build Update:

    The major feature for today’s update is the beta version of the game tutorial. This tutorial goes over all the basics of what the different ship systems do, how to allocate power, repair, and engage in combat.
    Sol will have access to this initial version of the tutorial system because it has been balanced specifically for that faction. The Genari will be getting their own version of the tutorial once we get all the tutorial mechanics working smoothly and have made any other necessary tweaks to pacing.

    • When using WASD keys hitting W while your ship is turning will no longer override the turn. The turn animation will finish and then the ship can then move forward based on its new orientation.
    • WASD keys will no longer pan the map in addition to controlling your ship. Only arrow keys and right clicking with the mouse will pan the map.
    • The ship AI has been updated to more evenly distribute power between its systems when not enough power is available.
    • The allocation priorities Support and Combat follower ships for each of the ship commands has been updated to:
      • Follow Me: Ships will now prioritize power for movement and weapons, with minimal to no shield allocation.
      • Back to Base: Ships will prioritize power for movement and aft shields.
      • Hold Position: Ships will prioritize powering all shield arcs an equal amount.
    • Support Ships are now more likely to power up their weapons if they have them.
    8/28/2017 Build Update:
    • The Genari Tutorial has been added to the game. This tutorial is similar to the Sol with the major difference being the addition of how to use Marine Pods.
    • The Sol Tutorial now has audio narration.
    • The number keys on the tutorial during allocation now adhere to the same restrictions as clicking on the ship systems to power them up.
    • Fixed an issue where the Sol tutorial wouldn’t properly progress if the WASD keys were used in certain circumstances.
    • The counterfire toggles are now disabled in the tutorial.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented quitting the application from the options menu while in the tutorial.
    • Fixed an issue on the Sol Tutorial that allowed players to bypass the allocation restriction if directly clicking on the power bar for weapons, scanners, and shields.
    • Key words in the Sol Tutorial are now highlighted.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to bypass the repair phase.
    • Players are now able to name their officers and these names will be displayed in the officer notification section in combat. To change your officer’s name go to that particular officer in the spacedock and click on the pencil icon to the right of their title. When the officer's name has been changed their title will still be displayed below their name. The Spacedock will still only display the officers titles when viewing the ship overview.
    • The generic Unity logo has now been replaced with the Space Wars logo when the application is running.
    • Fixed an issue where the player would get an insufficient power warning when they correctly had enough power.
    • When entering a map the player’s camera will now be facing the same direction as their ship.
    • Fixed an issue where an asteroid was not correctly appearing on maps which would cause situations where players couldn’t move for some unknown reason.
    • Fixed a bug with the officer skill reset limit not being properly tracked.
    • Captain Rank (for players, not NPCs) and ship class are now shown on the mouse over ship popup.
    • Required minimum battles for officer promotion have been updated.
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  2. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    9/12/2017 Build Update:
    • Systems on structures can no longer be damaged.
    • Addressed a bug that would result in structures not repairing themselves.
    • Addressed a bug with the server not returning repaired engine power to the game client.
    • The client will now properly update the displayed power values based on repairs.
    • Officer names will now be properly unique per each ship a player owns.
    • The officer and captain skill panels now properly scale based on screen aspect ratio.
    • The remaining credits a player owns is now shown on every screen of the shipyard.
    • Ship systems will automatically have their power de-allocated if they are damaged.
    • Fixed an issue where stations were being detected but not properly revealed to the user that round of combat.
    • Fixed a few problems where objects would not properly appear on the map but could still block movement and scanners.
    • The mouseover popups for ships in maps will now display the correct rank insignia for the captain.
    • Fixed a bug where the 60 second allocation period was not being properly enforced.
    • When engines are damaged the power output will now update during the allocation phase instead of that combat phase.
    • Issue dates will no longer be shown on unowned ships in the shipyard.
    • Players are no longer able to click and drag the power bar for their scanner and weapons during combat phase and freeflight.

    9/13/2017 Build Update:
    • Chat will always be minimized by default but the tab is now always visible.
    • Fixed an issue where some activated abilities would incorrectly persist for the whole duration of the battle not just for that combat round. This fix may also resolve some other ability interaction issues.
    • Players can now see the warp bubbles for other ships as they warp out.
    • Mousing over a ship system while in the shipyard will now show a description popup if available.
    • The Genari Marine Commander skill Commandeer will now correctly appear as disabled.

    9/19/2017 Build Update:
    • Space Stations when damaged will no longer split into two different parts. This was being caused by damage shake effect.
    • Players will no longer get an error when selecting or deselecting a support ship.
    • Fixed an issue where ship systems would not function if power was allocated to them before the Genari skill Rally Offensive was activated.
    • Players will no longer get an invalid target notice if their queued up weapon attacks exceed what will destroy the targeted ship. This shouldn’t have any noticeable impact on the weapon attack queue.
    • The ship selection bar will now scroll in front of the Captain/Ship Info panel on the left instead of behind.
    • The issue # and date for ships will now immediately update upon purchasing a ship on the shipyard without needing to go to another screen.
    • Fixed an instance where text would be cut off for ship descriptions in the shipyard.
    • Engines now properly show up on the systems list of the shipyard.
    • In freeflight the leave map button is no longer disabled if other ships are moving.
    • The achievements and medals have been updated to have a more consistent variety.Now if the chat tab is closed and someone posts or there is a server broadcast the tab will flash until the tab is opened.
    • The text ‘Chat’ is now displayed on the tab for opening and closing the chat window to help indicate what it is to new players.
    • Addressed an issue where the tab for opening and closing the chat would not appear in the correct position on different resolutions.
    9/22/2017 Build Update:
    • The Genari tutorial now has audio narration.
    • An automated docking sequence has been added to the game. When in freeflight on a map controlled by your faction with a Space Station players will now be able to initiate docking from anywhere on that map. When Dock is clicked your ship will automatically travel to one of the docking nodes for the Space Station and dock. If no docking nodes are available your ship will move as close as possible to the Station.
    • Fixed an issue where a general error would occur when entering galaxy with the Sol ship Oslo.
    • The enter galaxy button will now be disabled if a ship the player owns, but can’t use due to captain skill requirements, is selected.
    • Defense Platforms and Space Stations will now correctly prioritize repairing adjacent friendly ships and then spend all remaining repair points on themselves.
    • Resolved an issue where the Himjei Station incorrectly had 2 engines which would result in it sometimes having incorrect power values.
    • Fixed an issue where the Genari tutorial wouldn’t allow the player to launch all their marine pods to progress.
    • If a player tries to enter the galaxy before playing the tutorial they will now get a confirmation popup before leaving the spacedock.
    • Space Wars now just got more lively with the addition of NPC civilian ships that populate and explore the galaxy. Due to interstellar population expansion and trade routes the civilian ships tend to conglomerate around population centers like planets and space stations.
    • Both Genari and Sol have have unique civilian ships.
    • Civilian ships will only navigate territories controlled by their own faction.
    • If an enemy ship enters a map containing a civilian ship that NPC will attempt to escape to safety.
    9/26/2017 Build Update:
    • Fixed an issue with ship callouts that wasn't always correctly taking the target ship’s evasion value into account when displaying hit chance.
    • The callouts for weapons will now display the decimal values for accuracy instead of rounding.
    • Ships and structures already in the detection range will now properly be detected instead of only when they move.
    • Fixed a section of the Genari tutorial narration that didn’t match the text being displayed.
    • Custom names for ships will now persist on the specific ship variant that was named through both ship destruction. Note: Any existing custom names will be lost following this update.
    • More restrictions have been added to the power bar sliders for ship systems for both Sol and Genari tutorials to prevent incorrect power allocation.
    • Accuracy % modifier from skills are now multiplied into the base accuracy instead of being a flat added % increase.
    • The power cost scaling for all Genari beam weapons has been rebalanced.
      • 1,2,3,4 bars = Green 1 power cost
      • 5,6,7,8 bars = Yellow 2 power cost
      • 9 bar = Red 3 power cost

    10/2/2017 Build Update:

    • Many ships have been rebalanced with a new defense formula. Changes include purchase rating, crew, system changes, and ship skills. Genari ships now have increased armor/Hull points.
    • Tutorial pop ups have been added to the galaxy map indicating players should go to borders to meet enemies
    • Hull, crew, and engine bars are no longer interactable when they take damage
    • Intermission music no longer plays over the intro/outro music
    • NPC ships are now correctly located on axis, allowing players to zoom in on ship
    • Galaxy map now shows HP instead of LP when playing as Genari
    • All officer skills now honor the officer level instead of the level of the captain
    • Addressed an old bug that resurfaced where weapons in the tutorials could incorrectly be powered up
    • Players can now change their captain portrait (including access to premium portraits) for 100 credits
    • Sol logo during intro cinematic is no longer mirrored
    • New missions will no longer appear once a player has passed 3000xp
    • Repair phase automatically ends/skips if the hull and all systems are repaired
    • Captain respecs no longer cause repurchased captain skills to sometimes generate an invalid skill error
    • Enter Galaxy button will now always be intractable unless an invalid ship is selected
    • Fixed a bug that was causing far more NPC ships than intended to enter some maps
    • Experience gains for damage/kills have been adjusted (25% for bots, 50% for players)
    • Temporarily, new accounts will automatically receive 1000 credits to help with testing
    • Starting LP/HP for new captains has been reduced to 220
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  3. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    10/6/17 Build Update:

    • Fixed a bug where repair bays (via support ships and space stations) were not giving needed repair points to adjacent ships
    • Support ships will now give repair points as needed
    • Etna defense station will now show its correct asset instead of the placeholder
    • NPC ships will no longer be reported in the sector detail panel
    • NPC ships will not enter sectors with enemy ships present regardless of faction control
    • The number of NPC ships in sectors without space docks has been lowered to 2
    • Player created ship names will now persist after a ship has been destroyed and repurchased.

    10/10/17 Build Update:
    • Captain's Statistics now implemented! Players can see information such as ship kills (Human/AI), hit%, ships purchased, ships lost, repairs made, xp gained, xp used, stations destroyed, officer upgrades, etc..
    • When capturing an enemy region with no enemy structures or ships, players will now receive 2 capture points every 60 sec instead of 5 points every 60 sec
    • Captain skill points will now show up as soon as they are earned and won't require a client relaunch
    • Change portrait button no longer appears on officer screen
    • Space stations and defense platforms will now attempt to allocate power to their scanners
    • Lore added to every system (force field, weapons, engines, scanners) for both Sol and Genari.
    10/17/17 Build Update:
    • Fixed an issue with detection where enemy ships would appear as visible or invisible in incorrect situations.
    • The game version watermark in the lower right corner has been updated to now say “Space Wars Beta”.
    • The leaderboards on the captain’s page has been implemented. This will display the top 50 total players based on overall XP. The top 10 players will also have their Captain's rank icon displayed.
    • It is no longer possible to select a unowned ship from the shipyard and attempt to launch into galaxy.
    • Game servers will now be named after nebulas within the galaxy instead of being called Test.
    • The Statistics, Medals, and Leaderboard are now accessible from the Simulation, Captain, and Spacedock pages.
    • The Shipyard now has text to indicate which of the buttons unlocks or purchases a ship.
    • The drop down selection for ship roles on the Shipyard has been replaced with hexagon shaped toggle buttons.
    • The Captain Profile will now correctly display the number of space stations destroyed.
    • The Captain Profile will no longer use abbreviations and will now say Leadership Points or Honor Points.
    • Hit percentage is now shown on the Captain Profile.
    • Reorder the stats on the Captain Profile.
    • When players disconnect from the game while commanding a ship in a map the AI will now take over their ship and attempt to leave the map as soon as possible. This feature is to prevent players from disconnecting to save their ships. Now players really need to think about when to retreat to preserve their ship. When players reconnect/load into the the Spacedock the ship will not become available until it has successfully left the map.
    10/24/17 Build Update:
    • An events section has been added to the Spacedock. This is where any event announcements or general game news will be posted.
    • The Crew Killed statistic now includes enemy crew killed by marine pods.
    • The AI will now properly deallocate all power the first allocation phase after the player disconnects from the game to maximize movement and initiative to leave.
    • Fixed an issue where the AI would not automatically end its turn if the player disconnected during another player’s turn.
    • The Captain’s Profile will now display the regions captured and regions defended statistics.
    • Fixed an issue where a weapon would counterfire an enemy’s counterfire even when it had already been used that round.
    • Counterfire marine pods will now correctly honor firing arcs.
    • Made several adjustments to the leaderboard to address spacing and text length issues.
    • Destroyed ships will remain on the ship select carousel with a red X for 30 seconds upon first loading into the spacedock after their destruction.
    • The Spacedock will now more reliably refresh to have the player’s current inventory.
    • Space Stations and Defense platforms scanners will now evenly clear fog of war in all directions.
    • Structures will no longer receive damage from terrain effects.
    10/31/17 Update:
    • The Captain Profile statistics have been updated to no longer show anything above a Class X ship.
    • The Galaxy Map has been updated with new art assets, and individual sectors have been improved for gameplay.
    • Defending or capturing a region is now the only requirement to achieve a combat sortie for upgrading officers. This does not affect the cooldown timer between when officers can be upgraded.
    • The configuration window when launching Space Wars now shows a banner for the game.
    • The initial game startup has been cleaned up to no longer show debug information or interfaces that are not used anymore.
    • Fixed an issue where a player could get stuck in waiting for transit phase because combat resolved before the next transit phase.
    • Special Effect: Beam sizes will now scale based on the charge level of the specified weapon.
    • When a ship is destroyed it will no longer persist indefinitely in the ship roster if the player changes to a different tab.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the re-purchase of a destroyed ship until the Spacedock was fully reloaded.
    • Fixed an issue which would in some instances cause an infinite loading screen when entering galaxy after repurchasing a ship.
    • The AI is now better able to find it’s way to an edge node when it takes over a player’s ship after a disconnect.
    • The turn bar icons will now identify which ships are Sol and Genari NPC civilian ships.
    • The game will no longer use repair points unless an actual repair is made (includes hull, crew, engine, and systems).
    • The server will more frequently update the client about the status of certain ship attributes and statuses.
    • The power output on the ship callout will now include the modified values from skills to all players instead of just the owner.
    • The chat tab will now only flash if a player makes a post or if an administrator makes an announcement.
    • The damage and accuracy boost from Genari captain skill Rally will now last for one round and will be removed at the beginning of the next allocation phase.
    • Several improvements have been made with how movement is handled in freeflight. Ships will now always stop on a valid node.
    • Fixed an issue where the mutually exclusive skills Elite Marines and Team Expansion could be acquired on the same marine commander.
    • Fixed an issue where the officer skill Team Expansion wasn't correctly calculating the increased marine damage.
    • Updated several of the hexagonal buttons that are used within the game including the for Enter Galaxy, Leave Map, and Dock.
    • The asset for several of the of the popup panels have been revised.
    • Fixed an issue where the maps were not properly ordered for multimap sectors.
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  4. AmishJoe

    AmishJoe Member

    I just tried the tutorial, it should be good for new players. Looks like it shows all the basics. I however could not see any ships in my space dock or see any to buy in shipyard???
  5. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    There's something a little buggy with this new build, new players can't start characters either. I think it has something to do with that. They're working on it now.

    Edit: All good now.
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  6. J.Sousa

    J.Sousa New Member

    On the tutorial, you should lock the shields to 3-6-3 when a player is told to raise them to that level, maybe showing it more clearly what the power is supposed to be on the power bars. Some newbs might not know what f/p f f/s arcs are.
  7. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    8/22/2017 Build Update:
    More tutorial updates, now will be moving on to making the Genari tutorial.
    • Leadership Points will now be correctly awarded when playing the tutorial.
    • The Tutorial will only award Leadership Points the first time it is played with a specific captain for the duration of a given server season.
    • Players will now be restricted to powering up specific shield arc before they are given full control of their ship.
    • The first mine now has a pulsing targeting indicator on the hex to better direct players to click the hex, not the mine itself.
    • Addressed an issue that would prevent that player from rotating their ship to the port and firing.
    • Players can no longer repair too early or in a different sequence from what is dictated by the Tutorial.
    • The enemy ship for the first combat phase will now have the shields facing the player’s ship powered to better demonstrate the effects of this system.
    • When the enemy ship enters the map the transit phase cinematic will now be shown.
    • The tutorial text has been updated based on feedback that has been received.
    • Addressed an issue that allowed the player to power up starboard weapons but not power them down.
    • Addressed an issue where the tutorial would stop progressing if the player’s ship was moving at the same time the mines are added to the tutorial map.
    • Addressed a few issues where the tutorial would progress prematurely.
    • The highlights for the tutorial now pulse to make them stand out more to new players.
    • The Tutorial button for the shipyard the will flash if the player has not played the Tutorial.
    • There is now a confirmation popup for clicking on the Tutorial button in the Shipyard to prevent accidentally launching the tutorial.
    • Captains and Officers are now restricted to a total of two respecs per season for the server
  8. JansenC

    JansenC Member

    Minor thing on tutorial, if some of the key words on the text narration should be boldfaced or highlighted?
  9. lefty

    lefty Member

    When will we see NPC ships floating around in the beta?
  10. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Seeing lots of good changes, fixes, and minor tweaks. Looking good.

    I like the movement/turning glitch fix and the little change to 2-surface hit damage display. Was the damage made to be split evenly to each surface or does it still pick the fore-most surface (if that's how it worked)?

    The tutorial should be pretty cool, but as is, the game isn't too hard to learn :)

    Will fleet/support ships ever be under the direct control of the player? AI control is a huge turnoff to me. I might get some repair tenders and dump them in the corner of a map to use as a repair base... maybe. I'd never use fleet command for additional combat ships that aren't under my direct control.

    -Fleet support ships and such will remain AI for game launch, then we will start working on manual control. Just right now its beyond the resources/time to support. -Vesuvius

    What's with the respec limit?
    -How could unlimited respecs be abused?
    -Definitely can be abused, because you can speed upgrade your officers, then respec the captain, and put points somewhere else. Don't forget that starting out you're not getting hordes of points. -Vesuvius
    -As far as I know, a captain can easily acquire all skills eventually, so does respeccing even matter?
    -Ship officers can be re-done by blowing up a ship and starting over. It would suck to have to throw out a ship and do that just to retrain a new crew, so I don't understand the reasoning behind this.
    -Can we or will we be able to purchase multiple of the same ship hull and variant? Especially considering fleet commander (even though I don't like AI control).
    -Will be able to have multiples of the same ship eventually, except for the free ship. -Vesuvius
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  11. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Tutorial notice #2
    "Left click on your ship..." Should be "Hover the mouse over your ship"
    "Hull integrity, crew, and engines..." Would be better if it read: "Hull integrity, engines, and crew" to make the elements in the list coincide with the information on the display panel
    -Good one, will modify. -Vesuvius

    Tutorial notice #5? (I think it was 5, lost count while thinking about things)
    "When there are no enemies present, you are in this mode, moving around in real time" Would be better if it read: "When there are no enemies present, you are in free-flight mode, moving around in real time"
    -Good one, will modify. -Vesuvius

    Tutorial notice #6?
    "There are now two hostile objects in the area: ..." Would be better if it read "There are now two hostile entities in the area: ..." I get why the word objects was used because of the mines, but entities is more inclusive for ships and stations that are understood to be crewed and though of differently than just 'objects'.
    -Good one, will modify. -Vesuvius

    Tutorial notice #7? Same as the suggestion about free-flight mode, try to be more direct with what is being described.
    "These are power bars for your weapons..." Would be better if it read: "At the bottom of your screen/user interface" or something along those lines
    "... in both forward, port, and starboard arcs." Should just say 'on the forward, port, and starboard arcs'. "Both" implies two elements and isn't fitting for three. You could also mention that some ships have rear arc weapons as well but that the Swordfish does not.
    Information about how accuracy works and charge levels (energy requirement and damage) should be covered in more detail in the tutorial. (Writing this as I go, it may be covered later)
    -Good one, will modify. -Vesuvius

    Tutorial notice #8?
    Should mention that not all ships have force fields/shielding.

    Tutorial notice #9?
    "However ..." Just remove the word 'However' and everything is fixed. The word implies a 'change of pace' from a previous statement, but it is at the very beginning of this new tip and was separated from the information about weapon systems by the shield info.
    -Good one, will modify. -Vesuvius

    Tutorial notice #10?
    Should explain further that movement points are a function of remaining engine power and Hull Size/Class ratio.
    -That is more advanced info, not needed here for now. -Vesuvius

    Tutorial notice #11?
    The turn bar also shows friendlies and other ships the player owns if that's the case.
    It indicates what players and AI units have ended their allocation phase.
    Change the last sentence to "The allocation phase lasts for a maximum of 60 seconds or until all players and AI have finished their orders." with a note about there being no timer for this part of the tutorial.
    -Good one, will modify. -Vesuvius

    Tutorial notice #13?
    I was able to power up weapons (didn't try shields) as well as the required 12 scan range from a previous portion of the tutorial, and I have only 10 movement points left instead of the listed 18 in the tip.
    CRITICAL FLAW DETECTED: I only have 10 MP available, but the designated destination requires 11 MP to reach, and I am stuck in the tutorial. I am unable to spend the MP I have, pass, or end turn!

    That's a bug, shouldn't be able to charge any weapons at that point, it was locked before, so somehow the lock has been removed on the latest build. -Vesuvius

    Edit: Tried arming weapons during that phase, wasn't able to. How did you manage it?

    Forced to abort playtest :p
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  12. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Here's a screenshot of the last problem from the above post. Tutorial Critical Flaw.jpg
  13. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    I'm thinking it might be great to break the tutorial into a bunch of modules covering specific topics in greater detail, particularly the math behind game mechanics:
    -Phases of gameplay (repair, allocation, combat, transit)
    -Power distribution and considerations + power boost
    -Movement, class power:MP ratios, cost of turning, cost of reverse, movement modifiers (power boost, maneuvering, improved rotation, stress engines)
    -Scanners, line of sight, detection range, maximum target retention range after scan/detection, minimum 4 hex vision range, scan modifiers (boost, shadow, environment)
    -Weapons, accuracy (1/2 max range accuracy rating, skill modifiers, 95%/10% arbitrated max/min chance to hit at 1 or maximum range) type of weapon (missiles being on/off, energy beams can be partially charged) powering up, cost per charge, damage from charges, modifiers (weapon type and range bonus, officer bonus)
    -Shields, power to shielding ratios, relevant modifiers (power boost, shield overcharge)
    -Environmental effects/hazards (nebula, ion, radiation)

    Basically, everything that is displayed in the load screen tips should have a place in the tutorials with greater depth.

    I could go into much greater detail. Back when Star Citizen was in its infancy, I designed and solo-operated the only live and in-game flight school, sharing my knowledge (learned the hard/fun way) with over a hundred other players through written course materials and in a hands-on manner (probably plenty more that I don't know about who didn't actually attend a class), playing alongside them and using voice comms. Plenty of people did videos, but I was the only person offering live Q&A gaming sessions to the public. I'm pretty good at tutorial stuff and teaching :p SC was and now is even more so a very complicated game to learn and do well in.

    I almost forgot:
    -Tactics: This one was my favorite to teach other players. I taught anyone and everyone all of my tricks and still beat the pants off of people in 6DoF arena combat, team and FFA, easily ranking top 25 or better out of tens of thousands of active alpha players. Racing was also fun, and I did well there too!

    Teaching people how to plan out every single power point to get just the right amount of protection, mobility, and offensive power to harass a ship or station and get away or strike with force when the time is right or 'ride the line' and use 2 shield surfaces worth of defense to mitigate incoming attacks, supplemented by repairs... Good stuff :)

    -Damage received, hull, systems, engines, crew, effects on power output
    -Control points, space stations, class point values, capturing territory

    -This is a basic tutorial, I had to keep it simple, and again, enough time/resources for the programmers to be able to apply at this point. I will have an online tutorial set up like a wiki in-game (using the same images on the tutorial thread) for more advanced info. -Vesuvius
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  14. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    What happened to Power Boost?? It isn't rounding up again!
    21 base power + 5% should be 1.05 more power rounded up to 23 total, not 22.
  15. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Would like to see some UI options to adjust the thickness/boldness, color, brightness, etc. of the play grid and weapon arc highlights, etc.
  16. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Looks like destroying the last mine (with no enemy defenders present) in first round (might not matter which round) of combat produces the bug where no reinforcements are sent? Sat here the whole time slow-capping the sector. iirc, this was something I had reported before.
  17. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    If you can reproduce this, then make a report in Jira for me thanks.
  18. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    My Jira account was automatically locked for inactivity.
  19. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Perhaps make it so that you have to pay for each additional 'starter' ship and you only get another free one back if you have none of them left?
  20. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    I think I hit the weapon hotkeys 123456 to put minimal power (full for missile) to each weapon.
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