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  1. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    The internal beta will run through Summer 2017; until then there will be consistent updates and features being added.
    Players who have access to the internal beta will be posting here to discuss the game, report bugs, and talk strategy.

    5-19-17 Build Update:
    -Large Galaxy Map now implemented! Over 700 Sectors for Sol and Genari each.
    -Support Ships now implemented! Summary:

    Support ships are a secondary or tertiary ship that will follow you around the galaxy providing bonuses to your ship. When the player acquires the now available Captain Skills called Support Ships I & II they will be able to toggle one or two support ships to take into the galaxy. Go to the Shipyard, set the Role filter to Support Ships, then requisition the Support Ship you want. Then go to the Spacedock and toggle the checkbox next to the Support tag on your ship selection.
    Support Ship Bonuses
    There are three types of support ships that provide different bonuses to all friendly ships that are on adjacent map tiles.

    • Repair Tender - This ship will provide extra repair points
    • Troop Ship (Genari Only) - Replenishes Genari Marine Pods
    • Hospital Ship (Sol Only) - Automatically replenishes crew
    Tiles where you would receive the bonus from the support ships will have a unique overlay on the map tile.
    Support Ship Commands
    Each support ship will have a list of three commands that appear on the left side of the screen when they are selected in a map.

    • Follow Me - The Support Ship will follow you around the map and will always try to be close enough to you so you get its bonus. This is the default setting.
    • Hold Position - The Support Ship will stop following you around the the map, but if you leave the map it will warp out with you and resume following you around the galaxy.
    • Back to Base - The Support Ship will warp out of the map and return to the Spacedock. When used you will need to return to the Spacedock to retrieve your Support Ship.
    5-23-17 Build Update:
      • All Hive ships now have a new beam effect for their attacks.
      • All Ma'Alaketh ships now have a new beam effect for their attacks.
      • An issue where the Error 100 message would appear when attempting to attack an enemy ship has been resolved.
      • The Mission icons on the Galaxy Map now have a glowing pulse animation.
      • Support ship tile icons will now properly be removed if the ship warps out of the map.
      • Support ship tile icons will now disappear as movement begins and reappear once movement stops
      • On the Galaxy Map if a sector is contested but there are no enemy ships present a yellow lightning bolt icon will be displayed instead of the red icon.
      • Support ships will no longer randomly move one or two tiles periodically when the hold position order has been issued.
      • Fixed another case where ships when destroyed would be removed before the explosion animation.
      • Battle Royale has been hooked up to a persistent map in preparation for Comicon.
      • An issue that would generate an error when leaving Battle Royale and entering a skirmish has been fixed.
    5-25-17 Build Update:
      • Feature Update: All enemy ships now show Hull Points and Engine Power stats when cursor is over them.
      • Command option for Support Ships will now remain highlighted to better indicate to the player what is currently active.
      • Battle Royale’s map has been changed from ‘Wolf 101’ to 'Battle for IO 15'
    5-27-17 Build Update:
    • An infrequent issue where errors were displayed while loading into the shipyard following the destruction of a player’s ship has been fixed.
    • An issue with some map objects appearing above or below the map has been fixed.
    • The Space Wars notification for achievements will no longer appear, but the Steam notifications will still be shown.
    • The hit chance for weapons will now be displayed on the bottom of opposing ship’s nameplate popup (after a weapon is selected).
    • The visual for support ships to display their effective radius will no longer persists on on the map when they are destroyed.
    • The ‘Battle Royale X’ battle map has been updated.
    • Ships will now be properly removed from the Battle Royale map.
    • The captain skill Sol Leadership will now correctly grant additional XP on hit and kill of enemy ships.
    • The medals case will now be correctly displayed when opened.
    • Engine power production will now be correctly updated on the ship callout.
    • Stations should now activate its weapons, scanners, and shields more consistently.
    6-2-17 Build Update:
    • The shipyard will now display the status of a support ship that is still in galaxy.
    • An infrequent bug that would incorrectly ask the player to choose a spawn point has been fixed.
    • A bug that would sometimes prevent travel to sectors with multiple maps has been fixed.
    • A bug that would allow players to travel to invalid maps in sectors with multiple maps has been fixed.
    • Players will no longer be able to travel to sectors that are cut off from the shipyard they are launching from.
    • The officer upgrade cooldown timer will now display minutes remaining if the cooldown has less than an hour remaining.
    • Counterfire Marines will no longer trigger if the weapon is on cooldown.
    • A calculation error that was causing higher than intended chance to damage engines has been resolved.
    • The last digit on max crew number will now be correctly displayed in the Upper Left HUD.
    • Players that warp into a map will now be able to correctly see and interact with ships that had already begun their warp out sequence.
    • Stations will now repair themselves.
    • Support ships will now repair themselves.
    • Stations and support ships will now have access to their full repair pool for self repairs.
    • Support ships will now allocate power to their shields. The amount of power allocated will depend on if they are set to follow/leave versus hold position.
    • Support ships will no longer spontaneously move for no apparent reason.
    • Support ships will now be a little smarter about following its lead vessel.
    • AI controlled support ships will no longer be sent into a sector to prevent player capturing.
    • It is no longer possible for a player to travel to an invalid map in the case of multi-map sectors.
    • In allocation repairing will no longer cause an incorrect movement value to be shown.
    • Resolved a situation where some Sol Stations would split apart if fired upon.
    • The chat window has been repositioned and resized for Combat and Freeflight so that it no longer overlaps the weapon icons.
    • The nameplate popups for ships will now update in real time.
    • The player’s own support ships will no longer trigger the transit phase.
      Note: Repair points are currently not being evenly distributed if there is more than one ship within the radius of the Station’s or Support Ship’s effect radius.
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  2. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    A BIG update for the weekend!! -- The large map will have a lot more regions to explore, and I've been making most regions more interesting, especially at the Gen/Sol Borders. A new thread is also open for map sector discussion, for bugs, aesthetics, and general improvement requests. I have had crafted every sector, nearly 2000 of them took a few months haha.

    Support ships are now implemented, though a first stage pass, I'm sure there are many bugs and improvements to be dealt with over time. You'll need to select the Support Ship skill on the Captain's section to be able to use them as secondary ships that follow you. This is one of the big, important features of the game that is finally in place. It will eventually help tie in the Fleet Commander skill.
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  3. 0b1000010

    0b1000010 Member

    Like the new support ship option. A bug I've noticed is that if you send your support ship to warp out of the area, their + icons remain on the hex grid.
  4. Kahless

    Kahless Member

    I don't even have troops on my StarWarrior corvette but I like buying a Destiny troop ship and using it to help soak up attack damage. But I think the AI around the borders didn't like that and sent a Liverpool Frigate after me.
  5. MLocke

    MLocke Member

    Also with the two options of follow me and hold position it would be easier to tell what command it is at if one of them is highlighted as 'selected'. Right now its hard to tell which one it is at.
  6. Hexxx

    Hexxx Member

    I think if it in 'hold position' the support ship should have all its shields up on all sides and go defensive.
  7. Warshoe

    Warshoe Member

    Minor bug, sometimes it says invalid selection when you select or unselect the tickmark thing for support ship on the roster.
  8. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    "- Officer upgrades do not have combat prerequisites and cost less"

    They do require battles.

    Also seems there were some major ship refactorings.

    The Mendi III sucks now. If you hurt my Montana III....
    I really hope starting with Mendi III hasn't been a poor choice now.
    Yeah... just the Mendi III was nerfed.? All weapons now do 1 damage instead of 2 1,2 2
    -Yup, like the two fastest Agile Flyers, the two fastest Mendis have been nerfed. -Vesuvius

    I have to go re-learn all the stats :p... maybe just a few changes?
    -Those are the only changes to ship stuff -Vesuvius

    It appears that the webside shipyard data is not being read from actual game files and is horribly outdated!
    -Well yes, I actually build those cards manually with a graphics program and make Jpegs out of them. They aren't done magically, this isn't EA, just me. Shipyard data is not horribly outdated, just modified for 4 corvettes I listed above. Once all the changes are made before launch, I will re-edit all the ship cards necessary... manually. -Vesuvius

    I have no way to know the stats of the Genari ships I am facing or if any of their corvettes received a similar nerf.

    However, it seems as though you may have heeded my warnings about a super-corvette fleet downing a dread on a single dual-turn alpha strike. If the trend continues with ship changes, that should be impossible now.
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  9. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Still getting MaxHull-1 Repair bug. Can spend points but not recover last hull point.
    Seems to happen if you were at full and took exactly 1 damage.

    Captain Initiative seems to be giving it's proper +2 (Rank 1)

    And so begins the tedium of 'kill one ship, alt-f4 back to base for battle credit/skill reset'
    -Until the rage quit option is no longer there, where AI takes over on battle map if you log out. -Vesuvius

    Need incentive for players to work together (co-operative rewards besides just tile capture). ZERO reward scouting for allies.. :(
    -Actually there is, just not implemented yet. -Vesuvius

    Ally spawned nearly in range of enemy AI, AI proceeded to stare at him and do nothing. Did it again mid-combat (Star Warrior IV AI staring idly at Halifax)
    -We need to figure out why some of these AI ships turn into zombies, its annoying and needs a fix. -Vesuvius

    Receiving General Error (Invalid target like) when attempting to fire on target at point blank (rare).
    -By any chance does it happen only on the first or second rounds? Or was it 'deeper' into battle? -Vesuvius

    Combat/Battle credit not awarded for ship damaged (quite heavily at that) by a player that is later finished off by another player/AI.
    -You should get damage XP, just not the kill XP. If that isn't happening, then something is bugged about it. -Vesuvius

    Allocation phase is extending beyond 60 seconds with many entities on map, may vary (5 preset, more or less).
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  10. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Good to know only a few ships were changed. Might be a good idea to have the data in those cards populated by game files (and overlayed on the card background) instead of manually created. It's a good bit of work to set up, I know, but how much work will it save you from having to manually update?

    I wouldn't call it rage quit in this case :p Either way, it will then become 'go to sector border' or simply leave during free flight, quit, restart at base for reload, proceed.

    I noticed that bug on first or second rounds after a ship entered combat and after I left the field and returned to an ongoing battle, turn# for the AI unknown, but both ships that were out produced the error.

    You do get a tiny bit of damage exp, though small compensation for valuable work. Scouting is extremely important, same as repairing or taking a hit for an ally or disabling a ship (marine pods, engine hits, targeting, etc.). Ships that are good at scouting like the Mendi III with high mobility and enough scan power tend to not have huge (now even less) firepower. Focusing solely on 'last hits' for the bulk or all of the reward seems like a bad idea when one guy goes in for a surgical strike to disable a ship and then the next gets the most of the reward. Not good for teamwork. You have to intentionally plan for how much damage your allies can do and try to stack the numbers [and turn order] around that so you can get your pay.
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  11. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Here's an idea: If the 'battle' condition was 'to be present when a tile was claimed' rather than killing a ship, people would work together to acquire their battle counts instead of being concerned with last hits. This would also serve as a better limiter to Officer upgrades than the arbitrated 22 hour cooldown.

    -I actually really like this idea, and maybe down the line 'combat missions' is replaced with conquering regions. I think it is better, but I'd still keep the cooldown counter haha. By the way, the combat mission requirements will be much higher on game launch, as much as tenfold, though I know you might not like that Xeen. -Vesuvius

    Yes, it may be possible to rack up mission counts in a short time if you just happen to join the end of each sector's capture. With the 24 hour lockout on a sector, capturing and 'bouncing' tiles back and forth will be just as time consuming as the current arbitrated 22 hour officer upgrade timer.

    A system like this would have an inherent balancing-effect between factions too. The more tiles that faction 'A' owns, the fewer and more zealously defended (by faction 'B') their options become thus drastically slowing down faction 'A's Officer progression while allowing more options for faction 'B', and as ships are lost along with extremely valuable officers, replacement is ever more difficult. So goes a war of attrition with checks in place.

    Again, is it supposed to be 22 hours per officer per ship, or just 1 upgrade every 22 hours for the entire ship?
    1 per 22 hours for the whole ship (As is) is reallllly slow.
    1 per officer per 22 hours (or 2 for a Tac Officer) isn't too bad.

    Need ability to purchase multiple of a ship. Going to buy a whole line of ships and just upgrade them 1 each per day in parallel.... losing one would be catastrophic.

    Also, what about the Sol Medical Officer escape pods/recovering officers?? HUGE advantage over the Genari.
    How will that work?
    -Its a complicated skill to implement for now, hence why its not in place yet. However, the Marine Commander skills can be also considered a Huge advantage over Sol, even if you don't think so. The idea is not to mirror image races, but keep them very different. When Ma'Alaketh comes out, it will also be very different. -Vesuvius
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  12. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    General error bug several turns after ship was on map... I fired one of 4 weapons then got the error for all 3 others even after moving.

    -I hope this was fixed on the new build. If not, time to report this in more detail. Its one of the last of these strange gameplay bugs. -Vesuvius

    Damage display while hovering does not reflect officer Damage Boost, but I suspect it is still being applied.

    Reasoning: Fighting a ship with 19 hull (I think), 4 point blank boosted shots at 1 charge each should be 4x3 = 12 dmg, then firing 3 more the next round scores a kill after 1 or 2 points repaired.

    General error again many turns later against same ship in same battle after defeating another ship.
    -Same for this, if you can report them in any detail in jira....
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  13. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Losing a ship with 50 battles on it means nothing if it was only 1 day old.

    Battle/mission count and the time limiter have a huge disagreement, especially considering battle count is acquired for each officer and the timer is for ONE officer upgrade per day.
  14. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Can apply 'Sol Commander I' as a 1-star captain when it says 2-star is required (cannot apply it at previous rank of no-star 'captain').
  15. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    New build up!, some new weapon animations for Ma'Alaketh and Hive, now if a region is contested but there are no enemies present, it will be a yellow contested icon.
    Also battle royale updated, because this week is Phoenix Comicon, and we're going to have a 3 computer booth there for people to play the game.
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  16. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Will they be playing on the test server? I'd love to drop in and uh... introduce myself to them :p

    Yes they will... be nice. -Vesuvius
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  17. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Uncertain: Sol Captain Initiative ranks are giving cumulative bonuses instead of the given terminal bonus for a rank.

    Rank 1: +2, result +2
    Rank 2: +5, result +7

    -It shouldn't be cumulative, but strange nonetheless, if Mendi is only getting +7. Its a bug alright, but I will need to know what ships are getting +7 besides mendi. -Vesuvius

    I don't suppose it matters either way too much so long as everyone gets it the same.

    Seems only the Mendi was getting 7, the M3 is getting the expected +5
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  18. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Please Please Please put the end/pass turn buttons on a hotkey and/or a background that cannot be clicked through to send unwanted movement commands to the map.

    Having to constantly manipulate the camera to put it on empty space to avoid erroneous movement.

    Agreed wholeheartedly. We do need an end turn/pass turn hotkey. What do you think it should be? I was thinking the enter key. -Vesuvius
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  19. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Ships at the shipyard have incorrectly listed Maneuverability:

    Back to the precision/rounding up errors.

    Faction - Sol
    Ship - Montana III
    Power - 75
    Movement Ratio - 4:1 (was previously in error at 5:1)
    Listed Maneuverability - 19 (18.75 actual, rounding up)
    Actual Maneuverability - 18 + 3 spare power (72 of 75, 76 power required for 19th base movement point)

    Also, the Att and Def ratings seems to max out at 150 on the display even if the ship is stronger than that.

    -Att/def max 150 -- That's a bug/ticket I've written long ago that still needs to be addressed. -Vesuvius

    PS - I uh, started playing a little bit again :p M3 rolling out.
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  20. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Am I supposed to be able to pick the alternate test environments and go to the dev server?

    (Some of this I've probably said before)


    -Faster movement and weapon animations to consume less of our precious battle turn timer.

    -Ability to exceed or equal 100% chance to hit normally (without the use of Lucky Shot, just regular passive acc. boosters), not force-capped at 95% either as an upper limit to chance to hit or arbitration at 1-hex range. Unknown interaction between hit chance limit and evasion skill.

    -Automatically save all power changes if and when the allocation phase timer expires.

    -Bonus for capturing territory.


    Faded xp and other messages still very faintly visible on the left below officer notifications.
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