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  1. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    3-25-17 Build Update:
    -Major stability improvements in capturing regions.
    -AI stability improvements.
    -A few more chat fixes.

    3-27-17 Build Update:
    -Two New Ships!
    The Bengbu type V Long Range Beam Corvette
    The Star Warrior type IV Missile Assault Corvette

    (Both ships are PAX specials, which would normally be locked in the maingame and available if you have the PAX code from the PAX cards that were handed out).

    3-28-17 Build Update:
    -Ship engine damage bug fixed (for both PVP and PVE)
    -More stability improvements on region capture mechanics
    -Point value based on ship class implemented for capturing regions
    -Map/character reset

    4-2-17 thru 4-9-17 Build Updates:
    -Hull over-repair bug fixed
    -Stress engines skill bug fixed
    -Move character XP progress out of chat
    -New explosion types and explosions scale based on class
    -Pass turn & insufficient movement point fixes (general error messages)
    -Invalid target bug on AI ships
    -Removed predicable spawn points for AI in combat
    -Respec bug on officers/captain fixed
    -AI Director:
    • The director had undergone a major rewrite/refactor to send more challenging bot ships.
    • The director will not send a ship to a sector if it will mean hitting the faction limit.
    • The director will attempt to cleanup ships it sends but only if a map is only filled with bots.
    • The director will attempt to remove bot if the maximum number of ships for a sector is hit.
    • The director will now send ships that are above class 3.
    4-15-17 Build Updates
    -Region control stats in galaxy map now working.
    -Power boost skill fixed

    -Engine total power production display bug fixed
    -Battle royale screen visual bug fixed
    -Invalid target bugs fixed
    -Ranking up officer no longer shows placeholder image
    -Maps that got 'corrupted' for other ships' turn order when someone logged out fixed.
    -Capture points info on capture bar much clearer now
    -Respec now properly credits officers/captain of their skill points

    -Respec now says credits for officers instead of LP
    -Over-repair of hull points bug in repair phase fixed
    -Ma'Alaketh & Hive regions no longer capturable, their AI also boosted.
    -Active abilities like Stress Engines resetting power fixed
    -When a spawn point (Class XII station) is destroyed it no longer creates the spawn point bug

    Week of 4-21-17 Build Updates
    • The Genari Tactical Officer can now correctly achieve 10 rank and will be awarded the corresponding amount of skillpoints.
    • The game no longer incorrectly shows the letter "C" over marine pod buttons on the HUD after they have been activated.
    • The options on the server select screen are now being properly aligned.
    • An issue regarding the skill Sensor Boost not properly giving additional sensor range beyond normal sensor functionality has been fixed.
    • An issue regarding the skill Shield Overcharge where the shields would always show the base value of the shield's max power has been fixed.
    • An issue regarding abilities specified as usable only once per battle appearing as usable again but actually weren't has been fixed.
    • An issue regarding skills that modify different ship attributes by the same amount would override one another so only one was being applied at a time has been fixed.
    • An issue regarding the Genari Tactical Officer's Damage Bonus that are above Rank 1 not being applied has been fixed.
    • The Allocation Phase will now only last a maximum of 60 seconds no matter how many entities are present in the battle.
    • Genari Marine Pods when activated will now be automatically power down at the end of the Combat Phase.
    • An issue where a player’s ship would be unable to move during the Combat Phase despite having movement points has been fixed.
    Week of 4-28-17 Build Updates
    • Sol Beam & Missile Drones will now attack ships that belong to the opposing faction and can attack enemy ships from any direction.
    • Player’s ability to purchase ships higher than Frigate class now properly require the Captain's Warship, Capital Ship, and Battleship Commander skills.
    • Engine health status will now update for each repair point used instead of only when a minimum of 2 repair points are used.
    • The Skill Tactical Advantage will now correctly increase a ship’s initiative.
    • The Skill Range Boost will now correctly increase the firing distance of a ship’s weapons.
    • Repair Points can no longer be accidentally spent on ship systems that aren’t damaged.
    • The Bengbu V ship will now appear with the correct skin in the Shipyard.
    • The Ship Details screen will no longer show icons for systems the ship doesn't have.
    • An AI ship will no longer wait out the entire Allocation Phase if it has taken engine damaged.
    • The spawn points in-combat for a sector are now randomly chosen along the border of a sector instead of being based on the travel trajectory on the Galaxy Map.
    • Fixed a Crew Members typo in the Shipyard.
    • At beginning of combat the player’s ship will now be automatically selected.
    • The game now correctly checks line of sight to the target before attacking to prevent ships from firing through obstacles they shouldn’t.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented players from entering into sectors after they killed a Malaketh or Hive ship.
    • Fixed a bug where weapon accuracy was not correctly being calculated for even numbered hexes between attacker and target.
    • Siege points for a map are now based on the size of the map.
    • Siege points earned for killing Drones and Mines has been reduced from 5 to 2.
    Week of 5-5-17 Build Updates
    General Changes
    • Unopposed Sol players in a Genari sectors will now be interdicted by Genari Warships of a comparable class (Sol side functions properly).
    • The power requirement for Marine Pods has been reduced to 1 power charge.
    • Resolved an issue with Elite not being properly displayed as the next rank above the promote button.
    • In Galaxy Conquest the player faction limit per map will now be determined by the size of the map.
    • When in Freeflight the ship’s Hull, Crew, Engines, Movement, Initiative, and Scanners will now be shown.
    • When in Freeflight the repair button will no longer be shown due to the ship automatically repairing over time.
    • The Tactical Officer Skill (Genari Overload) will now be properly displayed instead of (Sol Overload).
    • Officer activated skills once used now require the player to return to a station for them to be usable in battle again.
    Officer Changes
    • Officer promotion is now subject to a battle count requirement based on their rank.
    • Only one officer per ship can be promoted within a 24 hour period.
    • The Promote button will now be disabled if the player doesn't have enough LP.

    Week of 5-12-17 Build Updates
    General Changes
    • The lockout period for a sector has been changed from 10 minutes to 24 hours.
    • The Mission Icon has been updated to better match the visual aesthetics of the Galaxy Map.
    • The character panel that indicates the player’s position on the galaxy map has been reduced in size to make it easier to see adjacent sectors.
    • When ships are destroyed they will now be correctly removed during the explosion animation not before.
    • The Starter Ship that the player chooses when they create their captain will now always be available to purchase for Free. This is to prevent a situation where a player does not have enough Leadership Points to purchase a ship.
    • Leadership Points will no longer be refunded when the player’s ship is destroyed. This change was made to address an LP/HP farming exploit.
    • The Captain Creation screen will now also show the LP/HP value as XP for the starting ship.
    • Structures will no longer display a captain.
    • The Structure and Ship count for the each sector is now being correctly updated on the Galaxy Map.
    • Resolved an issue where the Power to Movement ratios were not correct for every ship class.
    • Resolved an issue where the Allocation Phase movement points displayed were not the same as when in combat.
    • The officer upgrade lockout time has been reduced to 22 hours instead of 24.
    • Once an officer has been promoted and the promotion lockout timer is active the promote button will now be disabled if the officer meets the battle requirement for the next promotion.
    • A cooldown timer will now be shown for the officer promotion lockout period if the battle requirement for promoting that officer is met.
    • Battle Requirements for officer upgrades for each level has been changed to 1, 3, and 7.
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  2. SPiEkY

    SPiEkY Member

    The real update.

    -Yup, you can actually type Pass now lol -Vesuvius
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  3. gegener

    gegener Member

    - When you lose a ship, you automatically gain 350 XP.
    its not a problem with the honorable death passive? cause i dont have the 5200*0.2 honor point back after my death and yes i have 210 (3 hit) + ~300

    - XP gains in PVP combat is somewhat higher than normal.
    PVP on the map or battle or other mode? (i dont try battle and other mode because i play when you sleep ^^)

    -PVP on the galaxy map. When you play against human, it is more XP than AI. -Vesuvius

    i see 2 bug last night :
    - when you kill a ship with a counter attack some time it doesnt count immediatlly (you dont have the new popup with the resultat of the fight) and you dont have a transit for new ship but some time a new ship come and you dont see it xD
    -If you win a region, then you'd get the resultant popup of the fight, or when you leave the area. But there are still some bugs in it, and its inconsistent. -Vesuvius

    he attack your ship you can counter attack but you cant see it so you cant evade or attack it during your turn. if you go near the border of the map you leave the map and comme back you can kill the spyship^^ i will try to make a video about this bug because i think its not really understandable...

    -another random bug during the transit phase i see the exacte hex where the enemy ship will spawn and, if i have the init, i can go and attack him before he can react xD
    -Yeah, exploitation bugs like this will need to fix, but also right now the enemy AI spawns in the same areas, when they aren't supposed to. So that needs fixing. -Vesuvius

    can i ask tester when they log in game to say "hello" and when they leave to say "bye?"
    or there is a possibility to have a disconnect information in the off topic?
    -You can definitely try to reach another player, but it seems that many new testers don't know or see the chat option. -Vesuvius
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  4. Kalmor

    Kalmor New Member

    Not sure if this is intended.

    I was fighting in an Agile flyer 3 last night. I got into it and took a bunch of damage. I ended up winning the fight but needed repairs. I warped out and instead of going to a dock I just warped into a zone with an enemy in it. I then went straight into allocation mode and could use two repair points. Then I warped out immediately after repair and then back into the same zone. At that point I was again able to get two repair turns and warp out. I was able to completely heal my ship rather quickly using this technique. Like I said, not sure if this is intended.

    -This definitely can become an abuse, though over time if you just wait in galaxy transit, you get repaired (around 2 repairs per minute). Its something to be considered in the long run, but in major battles with a bunch of players it could be to the abuser's detriment. -Vesuvius

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  5. Devilgeek

    Devilgeek Member

    I mean, if you want real abuse, just leave the sector, press ESC, press Quit, launch again. It's a lot faster, repairs everything, and you can warp anywhere :)

    -For now that is, for the internal beta. In the maingame, your ship will remain in place, and get taken over by AI (this helps against accidental disconnection and rage quitting). -Vesuvius
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  6. gegener

    gegener Member

    dmg 10 missile unusable error 219 (no enouth energy)+ error 100(general error)

    -Which missile system is this? -Vesuvius

    GSEFW-4 on class 2 or class 3 its the same
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  7. Devilgeek

    Devilgeek Member

    Allocation Phase: 48 points left during allocation, estimated movement is 4.
    Combat Phase: Estimated movement brought down to 3 (probably because it's rounding up or down), my turn arrives, movement brought down to 1 before I even do anything.

    All ships are affected. Movement seems to be considerably reduced after a certain amount of points are used.
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  8. AmishJoe

    AmishJoe Member

    Also the fire/counterfire bug is still with us. I reproduced it again with hunter. I am a orchis 4, he is leviathan. I set counterfire at allocation, during combat fire at him, he counterfires, I counterfire. Not sure if it is this combination of ships or what. Second hunters movement bug as well.

    -That sucks, I was hoping the counterfire bug was squashed for good. It seems to have been reinstated with the new build. -Vesuvius
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  9. gegener

    gegener Member

    if you dont have the init (you are not the first to play) you loose 1 mouvement at each other player turn and you loose 1 at stat of your turn...
    i try to report it las time but i dont think it was understand ^^

    -If that is so, where the next player loses a movement point, its a new bug allright; it wasn't there before. Whatever your place in the turn order, you shouldn't lose any movement points on your turn. -Vesuvius

    i got an error when i try to give at my captain the honorable death II. the error say the skill was not disponible. i log out and log in and the skill was taken on my capitan (now need de loose a big ship to try it :s)
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  10. Devilgeek

    Devilgeek Member

    So you're telling me that the bigger your ship (and therefore slower with lower initiative) the more useless it gets?
    That doesn't make a lot of sense. Players shouldn't lose 1 movement point for not being first to play, and then lose another point per player that are in front of them on the initiative scale, except for the first one. A Leviathan has a max initiative of 9, without anything added on. By default, it loses 1 movement, making it go down to 8 base. I agree that a capital ship shouldn't move very fast, but you're talking about forcing a play to sit there while everyone around takes chunks of them away, and they can't do anything about it. With 1 movement point, there's absolutely nothing you can do, no matter what. You can charge half of the front weapons, half of the back weapons, it wouldn't matter. They would either miss, or be absorbed by shields. Side weapons? You only have 1 on each side. Charge all front? Well, you're not going first, so they're gonna move out of the way, most likely behind you, which means that you'll spend a turn doing nothing.

    Tl;dr - Losing movement during my turn, can't do anything that turn but take damage.

    -Yeah, definitely a bug if this is happening. You aren't supposed to lose movement points. Can anyone do a screenshot series of it so I can 'prove' it to the programmers? -Vesuvius
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  11. gegener

    gegener Member

    That doesn't make a lot of sense

    that why we need to report it correctly for me its a big bug and it wasnt like that the 2 first day i play in the alpha^^ but i was perhaps all the time the first init :s
  12. gegener

    gegener Member

    today i try the firbolt II class 3 with damage boost II and some other crew skill :
    the passive of the firebole doesnt work or i dont understand it (sensor +1 range passive so without paying anithing i can have range 5?)
    the damage boost II doesnt work on the missile (GSEFW-4C) because in base there is 4 dmg damage boost II give +2 total 6 and i make only 5 dmg maximum with 1 missile (ty to vahlalla for the information of the dmg done)

    -Most of the 'ship skills' aren't implemented yet, as far as I know. However, if damage boost I works, II doesn't post on the skills thread about this :) -Vesuvius
  13. gegener

    gegener Member

    in fact dmg are fix or there is a part of random that add or minus dmg?
    exemple my ship have beam 5 and it make 6 dmg to the shield + 1 to the hull :s

    -All beam weapons have range bonuses -- +1 damage minimum at 1-2 hex range for most beam weapons. Visit the Sol/Genari weapons thread. -Vesuvius
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  14. Mystarian

    Mystarian New Member

    I just tried to respec my engineer, I paid for the respect, it cleared the skills but only returned 2 skill points. My engineer is elite level.

    -That is a known bug, where you lose one or two skill points when you respec. Must be fixed. -Vesuvius
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  15. gegener

    gegener Member

    -All beam weapons have range bonuses -- +1 damage minimum at 1-2 hex range for most beam weapons. Visit the Sol/Genari weapons thread. -Vesuvius
    thx i havent see all the "old" treahd i need to read them

    how is calculat the experience/honor/leadership gain during a fight?

    i have actually gain versus class 3 AI ship with my class 4 ship with missile dmg 4 or 5:

    bengbu 2+2 first turn and 2+20(kill) second turn
    bengbu II 2+2 first turn and 2+21(kill) second turn
    bengbu III 3+3 first turn and 22(kill) second turn
    bengbu IV 4+4 first turn and 28(kill) second turn

    mendi 7+39(kill)
    mendi II 6+6 and 30
    mendi III 7 + 42
    mendi IV 7 + 42

    orchis 7+40
    orchis II 5 +31
    orchis III
    orchis IV 7+42

    i dont remember if the attack kill was allways range 1 or range 2 but not longer

    -The calculations for XP at least, all seem to be about right. Kill XP against AI = 10% of ship XP value. Damage XP = proportion % to enemy ship, but capped at 20%.
    Eventually there will be an in-game ship viewer for all ships, but you can always reference what the XP value of a ship is here:
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  16. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    New build up, checking to see the updates. Capture mechanics should be fully fixed finally, and enemy AI has been improved (including space stations).
  17. Mystarian

    Mystarian New Member

    bug ai.jpg

    Ok had a problem here I could see the last enemy but xeen the other player could not see the enemy ship right next to him.
  18. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    I see everything he sees except that one enemy with the yellow ring right beside me. I asked him earlier in the fight if he was shooting at me lol (the misses were in my direction).

    Read the chat in the screenshot :p

    Space Wars Phantom Entity Bug.jpg
  19. gegener

    gegener Member

    for me the problem actually is the time pass for a kill and the gain of this kill.
    you need more time to kill a bengbu and he give you less xp not sure its really balance but i cant juge all so i just say there is perhaps a little problem ;)

    -Bengbu is the lowest XP value compared to Mendi/Orchis because it has lowest maneuverability and offense combo, just good armor. XP value is generally attack value X offense value. -Vesuvius
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  20. gegener

    gegener Member

    i try the new ai system with 3 class3 and 1 class 2 versus my class 6 its more fun and fast only big problem is th mouvement bug... if you are the last in init you loose all your mouvement or near xD

    with my class 6 i try to assault a class 2 to control him but as you sai befor it doesnt work when the crew are at 0 i dont take control but the enemy ship cant do anything else than add crew (from where?)

    i just see that :

    - Officer upgrades do not have combat prerequisites and cost less

    and i laught xD when i see the cost on a class VI its crazy200/240/280/320/400 total : 1440/crew
    *5 = 7200 for a ship that cost already 5200 and the crew cost is not refund when the ship is destroy its hard

    -This cost is supposed to be high, as officer skills are very significant in combat. The few that currently work you can see how valuable they are. -Vesuvius
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