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  1. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Players were wondering what the capture point values are for killing ships, here is the table below:

    Notice that AI gives you less capture points when you kill them.

    Also, notice Routing Points. If you're an attacker, and you leave the map, you also cost your side points.
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  2. Baalrog

    Baalrog Member

    Is it possible to implement the showing of acquired capture points in the battle report - just to clarify if u got any.
  3. Midnightsun

    Midnightsun Member

    Is it just me or there isnt any semblance of aalance? SOL ships are now better on t3...-t10 . The unbalancing factors of Speed and assault attack aka engine overcharge and Rally nerved to death. And sol ships more energy better shields better beam weapons. Is there any Point to the Gen currently? What am 'I missing?
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  4. Mavrick

    Mavrick New Member

    Also the appearance of more sol players online. Yes I am happy that the sol players are getting the mid tier ships for their xp they are doing, its actually fun to have duels 1v1 or 2v1, 1v2 with them - I have been successful and nearly been destroyed, which is great as it makes the fight fun and enjoyable. But when the success ratio drops by having 4v1 and worse - then its not fun when that occurs multiple times.

    Also I have noticed incidents where gen AI would all run away from the sol players and even have entire turns with multiple gen ai's when a shot is not even occurring. On Ai's the sol ones are great and can be deadly (makes a change from the last server) they have even had me at 50% hull in a 1v1 in my FH, which that in itself was a great experience for me to come back from.

    From my perspective Gen ai's are useless - the same consideration I had for the sol ai's last server.

    These are my views and experience I have seen.
    I am not hardcore - I enjoy having fun and trying to out think my opponents - esp the sol aces. - you guys do make it enjoyable.

    My radical solution would be:
    I would remove ship upgrades entirely - but keep 'captain' upgrades.
    Do the necessary reconfig for lvl balance across the levels
    Remove shields entirely - but increase countermeasures - have them as a separate gun system option - similar to shields. - I know the downside would be in the tackling of the larger stations.
    I know every solution can incur additional problems.

    Cheers - happy hunting
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  5. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Once again, the population has skewed to Sol, making Sol 'seem' more OP. But when you play 1 v1, 2v2, 3v3 etc... you see its very well aligned/balanced. Players who want to flip to Genari I can provide bonuses at this point, and I will remain as Genari this server. I've asked the programmers to push the implementation of signup bonus XP for one side when new players join (when one side is weighted with more players), as well as the capture machanics of capturing ships with marines.
  6. Midnightsun

    Midnightsun Member

    Vesuvius you spend a long time to think anout the concept and balance. Still right now. The weapons of sol hot harder. They have superior shields. More energy in geral. Better accuracy. What is actually going for Genari right now? It is no accident that players tend to go the seemingly superior side. Right now an agile flyer jujmping out is still slower that scout corvettes of sol even if yhese have charged their weapons. Li erpool 3 is always first to move . Faster or mor initative than any gen t3 or t4. It is not even now one turn advantage as genari had which wad devasting but every single turn. Med bays are now geared to replace loses not to save officiers. Rally nerfed. Overcharge useless. There are many good changes but i see simply no balance
  7. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    I do think Sol is stronger, but all those who complain that Genari is OP, can you bring your arguments here and post why?
  8. Peroox

    Peroox New Member

    Midnighsun why you don't mention any other sol t3 or t4 ? How much other sol t4 you see on battlefield ? How much Oslo was slaughtered because new players buy the cheapest ship to fly in t4 ? 21 engine? Which genari ship have lower engine this t4 ? Which basic variant of sol ship have 30 engine or more? How much at all have 30 or more? You said that Sol have more engine, and give example of 1 ship that have specialisation in that. Think for a while why a lot of Sol go for Liverpool 3. How big is that advantage on this one ship?

    With higher tiers Sol start to get more power. On few tiers, genari ships sounds to be sligthly worse at all, and I mean t6 and t7 not lower tier that you said t3 and t4. But for now there are only few fresh t6 and any t7 so it's hard to compare them in fight.

    Rally is not nerfed in this moment. +5 movement(initiative inlcuded) give A LOT now. The same with Sol passive +5 init. The thing is that Genari can have the same passive initiative by officer, and Sol don't have anything like rally.

    The same have Sol with reduction of death timer. Genari have this as 2 skills in captain profile, Sol need to spend all officer points from medic. And that is impossible, because you need to have crew strenght and med bays (even if you play with hospital ship as follower). That is difference. +5 init for genari is only 2 officer lvl on tactical not 5.

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