[BUG] Launching game through shortcuts does not display prelaunch options

Discussion in 'Bug Submissions' started by Zer0CoolAZ, Apr 21, 2019.

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    [Date of occurence(s)] 4/21/2019
    [In-game Name] Z
    [Ship used at the time] N/A
    [Action used to reproduce (if applicable)] Launching the game via a shortcut created by user / steam results in the inability to select pre-launch graphics options (Vulkan, DX11, OpenGL Core) and skips right to launching the game.
    [Simple one line description of the bug] Game is not allowing the selection of pre-launch graphics options. (Steam Window UI)
    [Description of the bug as detailed as possible] When launching the game through steam, users are prompted with a popup steam UI box that asks the user to select their graphics driver. When launching the game through a steam made or user made shortcut to the game exe, this UI box is being skipped for some.

    [Attachment of output_log.txt file] Not applicable

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