[BUG] last kill stealing and bugged maps

Discussion in 'Bug Submissions' started by Blingon, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. Blingon

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    Date of occurrence: 21/04/19
    IGN: Ayy Lmao
    Can it be replicated: yes
    Map is controled by faction A
    Map is invaded by Faction B ( start the map)
    Faction C joins after B ( join after the start)
    Faction C kill the last defending ship of Faction A to "lock" the map
    The map is now controled by faction A, with Faction C map spawn.
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  2. Heinous

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    So, I think I figured out how to fix this. There was a Fac 4 on the galaxy map, G-1101, that I assume was originally a Maal map, invaded by Sol initially. Genari came in and stole the cap. It become Genari controlled on the galaxy map, but upon entering, the cap bar showed Maal ownership with the Sol logo on the right side for capping. When I entered the map, Maal AI were spawning. Later on in the day, I believe Sol came in there and capped the map. After they capped it, it still showed Genari ownership on the galaxy map. But now when I entered it, the cap bar showed Sol ownership, with the Genari logo on the right side. So I capped it and it is now spawning Genari AI and it does not show as being invaded all the time on the galaxy map.

    Edit: Now that I read what Blingon said, according to him it was originally a Genari map, invaded by Sol, but stolen by Maal. Causing it to retain Genari ownership on the galaxy map, but the cap bar showing Maal ownership, with Sol logo on right side.
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  3. Vesuvius_SWIE

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    Yeah this is a multi-faction bug mostly because it was never programmed in for 3 way situations. Its on the priority list of fixes, but its a big and complicated fix that only the serverside programmer can achieve.
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