BUG: Issues with steam overlay screenshots

Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by Veryan, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Veryan

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    Unfortunately "screenshot" is a very common word on the forums, so I couldn't tell if anyone already mentioned this.
    Hearing that there would be a reset this week, I went into the game to take some screenshots.
    I wanted to save my stats.
    I loaded up my captains profile and pressed f12 and POOF! I get a nice pretty picture of my ship and a screen I can't interact with. I press f12 again and it returns to normal.
    I then tried to take pictures of my medals (what few I have), and something similar happened... The space dock overlay disappeared in the background by my medal chest stayed.
    It sounds like the game may have some sort of picture mode included / bound to the f12 key, but that key is already assigned to the steam overlay for screenshots...

    I tried to include the images here, but it wasn't working for some reason.
    Here's a link to the unexpected screenshot when I was trying to see my stats

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