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    Blingon wants cool and swag things:

    A Gorshov frigate with many plasma beams, so i can name it Disco Ball Sam-this is realized, but as a maal ship

    A halifax what do more than 14 damage a turn-this is a hive bursting t4

    A Orslo with Tier 4 Shield

    A Lenin with the Yamato missile

    A Fish with Plasma-thats a Maal t5 blockader.

    A T7 or T8 sol that focus on broadsiding, a ship where the main damage comes from the sides of the ship, like 4 weapon on each side and 1 gun at the front.

    A Battalion that can actually kill tender

    A T5 Genari that use Nova lasers so i can reach GW accuracy

    a firestorm that is not straight up fugly and green

    A Nova with marines

    A different officer for GW in place of marine commander

    A Maal ship that is literally a flying saucer

    A Consul with 1 more plasma instead of PDC

    To flip the Maal shipyard on its side, Name it Voltron, and drive it around.
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