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    So, no one has ever mentioned this anywhere in the forums from what I can find, which inspired me to be the first since I found this was a really cool potential support play style! :cool:

    The reason no one has is because this ship looks bad on paper right now (it's also unfinished...which I know). Not being able to attack should be balanced out, but other than the awesome almighty shields for it's tier, it isn't.

    So in basic, the freedom of no weapons allows you to divert power to sensors and shields, making you an excellent sensor for your team so they can focus on powering weapons/shields and keeping their movement points while you spot the enemies. The ship itself also has AWESOME shield-power, making it very resistant to damage. This basically gives you the freedom to position yourself where you want with no heavy repercussions as long as there isn't tier V and higher. Battles usually sum up like this:
    Which is understandably depressing and needs to be improved upon in a system that isn't optimized for the Benevolence, like boosting scans and crew member replenishment XP & LP gains by several 100s of %s and considering damage absorption be a parameter for the gain.
    The Benevolence excels in later-tier fights since marine pods become more detrimental. Really painting the 'saving grace' as it was in the description.
    Though it's extremely dangerous to perform in these situations, as high tier ships will simply empty their weapons systems into you and make you explode, possibly in one turn even with shielding. Causing it to be less suitable in the scenario in which it's best for... I propose that the ship be modified and my ideas are below to be considered at leisure of course as I'm only trying to stimulate creative ideas.

    The ship skill (to which is not applicable currently) could be that it's healing bay procs rally the effected ships' crew making them more effective, adding +1-2 damage, boosting shields or hull in a slight percentage, or makes the crew highly resilient against subsequent borders with the effect only lasting a single turn. Make XP & LP gains with each proc, even if crew isn't replenished.

    This would be reminiscent of deep scanning or science vessels, as the Benevolence was re-purposed as Andromeda and this variation would mix them? Make the sensor's minimum 2-5 more to make it on par with an Orchis (currently the sensor isn't even on par with an Elbe! 10vs12) Slight reduction in shielding may prove worthy, though this should not be exploited due to the much needed acknowledgement that this ship CANNOT attack and must be over-par compared to an Elbe & Klondike at respective tiers since med-bay does not restore HP, making this ship more for niche situations of Genari ships specializing in boarders. This gives the play style of a retreat point like with repair tenders. Also, perhaps the passive could be the detection of ships over obstacles. In addition, adding power may help this play style, and be like a 'support orchis' that can jump to allies at the end of turns and tend to their crew and then dart back into backline position to resume optimal scanning.

    Pursue the ship's defensive capabilities to make this a versatile 'in your face' playstyle. Boost the hull; any ship fire that passes through you will actually hit you, allowing you to protect an ally like a shield while it's med bays attend to the ship. In this aspect I'd recommend a change of model to a more shield-like appearance, more durable-looking at least with the ship clamps behind the ship. The ship shields can be supercharged in the front, regular at sides, and lesser at the rear if you want to pursue a dynamic. Following what I said earlier, damage absorption being a parameter for XP & LP gain would be essential for this type.

    This ship design and description is AMAZING :D and I don't regret spending my LP out of curiosity to test this. Having 2 different types of supports is great and I really like the alluded to play style more than the repair tenders. I refuse to let repair tenders take reign! I hope I helped with ideas on where to take the Benevolence, it's variants, or another ship altogether. :)
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    this is spot on,
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    The benevolence has two lasers built in for defense now.

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