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  1. ben

    ben Member

    is currently, as a support ship,
    not healing any extra crew, from either some or all its adjacent hexes.

    i have not yet fully see if it heals any extra crew for anyone.
  2. ben

    ben Member

    it also appears to suffer from the "lose my turn" glitch,while been used as command vehicle in my support wing.
  3. ben

    ben Member

    ummmmmm,,,, what?

    remove the dam ship from the game then.

    seriously,,,, if the people i have debated with about this ship,,,,,and my own "ignorance" or not knowing this is true....

    then just remove the ship. because it is useless then.... utterly useless.

    and i have just wasted two days, and my skill points on it.

    ummm, i really hate to this,,,,
    but if it stay like that for another two to three weeks,,,i'm out.
    if i've miss understood the ship and the details,,,,,,
    then what am i doing here.
    if that is how teh ship is meant to be, then i'm a watse of space and have wasted and frustrated other players for no reason.
  4. ben

    ben Member

    please excuse me for comment about do this or i will quit.
    i have found out how mistaken i have been for several weeks.
    around this ship.

    it is on this matter alone,of my own mistake o which ihave sent weeks developeing things that i hav pulled out.

    best of luck all.
  5. Peroox

    Peroox New Member

    Hospital ship work and not only on front. We test it today with player in hospital ship.
  6. ben

    ben Member

    Peroox. The ship did not work as intended in all roles and positions. It did not function in its support role as intended AT the time of my leaving. there is no way a new player could have tested it as much as I have. The ship and what ever minor glitch was occurring was the final straw. I had a technique, I had a plan, I had an understanding of the game, I did not have enough players on line to benefit from or with that plan. It was the last straw. NO MATTER WHAT I've written above about deleting ship,,,,,,,,, when my disappointment abated, the ship is still useful, when the small glitch is found it will be powerful. A smart player will not need to gank on defense if they have a well constructed team that has a pilot using the support roles and tiers properly........ but it was the final straw.... I had built something to achieve something over the long term of the game..... I was starting to realise something was wrong... I went onto a map with senior players who had been told if I lose these ship's I can't hold the line for 10 hours until the next time zone starts......And they left me high and dry..... I lost the ships.... I lost the ships because I decided to fly on map with a player who I knew better than to be on the map with. I should have just left. So it is my own fault. Teams will build, and teams that build a couple of players in each time zone for certain roles through ALL tiers of ships and in both defense and offense WITH OUT the need to gank, will be the hero's of the game. Those who build their ships and team mates up....... spend a respect.... change their configurations at the best time.... will be the winners and then be rewarded to train up the next crew. As I've said,,, I left because of my own self, not because of any failing in the game, but because of a failing in me.
  7. ben

    ben Member

    Oh... the new coding for ai movement has slowed them down. While in support and on the "follow me" command they move about half what they did before. So what ever happened to the code, it has made getting from one place to another with ships in fleet arrangements harder....... this was only observed with support air in tow... I had not yet seen how far combat ships in of base capacities moved. I had liked how the fought during the last days of previous server
  8. Peroox

    Peroox New Member

    We use today benolvence few times in combat situation. It's work when player be in ship. Of course now is bug that don't count support ship to faction limit so you can fly as benolvence. Only what i can said is that this ship heal us without need to have "target" of healing in the front.

    P.S We miss you today, few guys ask about you :)
  9. ben

    ben Member

    yes,,,this post seams to help clarify the glitch,

    it works as described and intended in some situations, but not all.

    I needed it work as intended in all situations at all times.
    The loss of my elbe, immediately after discovering the glitch,
    and then finding out i should or could have known this, was too much.

    I couldn't continue developing my ships, time zone or team, with in my own needs and time left to play,
    with out a working elbe and beneovelence that worked as a support ship on all sides.

    Please tell them all good luck, have fun,

    But its done,
  10. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry, no glitch in the Benevolence, I tested it and it works fine. It automatically heals crew, there's nothing the recipient has to click. If the damaged crew recipient looks at their casualties before the allocation round begins, then when allocation round begins, they will notice their crew is healed further. It works exactly the same as Medical Officer hospital bay skill.
  11. ben

    ben Member

    Wow..... I am truly sorry for having disparaged your game.... I am deeply saddened that I have wasted your time and brought the ship into disrepute.... these are not hollows words. Please accept my apologise.... the reason for quiting is at base still true..... in that I was mistake about something and got it all wrong.
  12. ben

    ben Member

    I sorry I wasted your time and posted false information about the ship the benevolence. I'll see you next server and gladly be forking out.
  13. Zer0CoolAZ

    Zer0CoolAZ Administrator Staff Member

    It happens to the best of us mate. I'm going to go ahead and close this one out as it's no longer an issue. If you encounter any issues again, please don't hesitate to reach out to us! :)
    Game on!
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