At the request of the offending person:

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    -providing snippit of conversation log with admin concerning griefing player (who thought he was acting righteously and thus justified in action, hence the name)
    -providing a couple screenshots showing 2 different turns in which said player was in same battle barely changing location, intentionally unresponsive in a fight they did not belong in, and running clock down to sub 10 seconds.

    So where to begin? How about the fact that the admin is covering for a griefer AND saying that we should not be fighting sol to begin with. Guess what, I WAS FIGHTING MALA AND THE GRIEFER CREATED AN ALT ACCOUNT JUST TO INTERFERE WITH ME!

    See the mala ships in the combat bar? See the order and number of ships changing from one screenshot to the next? PS- Sol was completely isolated from mala access at this point in the game.

    There are many more records of this player's actions and conversation logs. You asked for it, only reason I posted it. I see this as being pointless, but I claimed I had proof, so I'm showing some of it.

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