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    We have reached a cross roads.

    Much of the testing is at a stage where the server is ready to move on.

    Many of the players are enjoying the battles and ship development that has occurred. Many players continue to develop and impede the efforts of their rivals, in what ever ship they chose in what ever sector they choose, as the game is designed and thus they are allowed to do. Some players have complete superiority in soma class and in some sectors. Bravo to them and their choices.

    NONE of this is any reason to blame any other player or group for not doing what you think they should be doing or making assumptions about what they can do, to make your desire come to fruition.

    If one side or the other is unable to close out the server due to any reason, then we have a saying in Australian,,,"tough titties". Sides during and after any server cycle will find that development of the enemy capabilities across all time zones is what will win the server.

    Given the dedication by those who remain active in the game, and their desire for certain goals is not in accordance with the above parameter of individual participates desires, we are are at our cross road. A few players who broke early stages, and or players have left. The scars on player behaviour in off topic or during battles has not.

    So NEW players, copying the players above you will get you so far, but then leaves you and your side vulnerable to the same counter attacks or invasions that they are not able to compete against. Play your own game, and be as fair as your personal choices allow,, good luck,,, blow up lots. Use the free ship lots, find a team that helps you grow the strength of your favourite.

    MID tier players, we still need to find the teams and ship combinations that clear sectors quickly and those that defend sectors well, these two ideas are mutually exclusive of each other as the game is beautifully designed to have success and failure intertwined with ship selection and development that either leaves a tier untouched, or slowly builds many ship's in all tiers. Your captain choices early and the path you take will affect your defense or offense capabilities.... And it is seemingly countless hours that are required for both.

    High tier players I caution myself on any advise or dictation to you. But what ever you do to people of any other tier will be done to your allies when you go off line, so this may just be highly counter productive to either your aims for the server, or personal objectives. There is currently two time zones that see a lull in activity that is brilliant for the game. please be careful your actions and comments in your time zone are not making,,,,, behaviours when you are not on line, compete with your own needs.

    On a persona l note it was some weeks ago that I was well bested by a pilot. And this week again I was thoroughly bested again. We have a wonderful rivalry in which I am the less. It has however risen because I was desperately trying to end the server while this players wants to continue... And now during my at time I will find it very hard to develop any more.... so tough titties to me. I have to now..... well let's see what happens next.

    Best of luck all and if you haven't lost a heap of ships you ani't playing the game right.
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