All players after 30/03/2018

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  1. ben

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    Low tier- find your allies, learn from them, blow up lots and grow stronger,

    Mid tier- team up, invade in force, make your ships and captain your own style to confuse the enemy.

    High tier, -, try playing it from the close up, above and behind perspective, another level there is.
  2. ben

    ben Member

    After 23/04/2018

    The pilots are skilled,
    The ship's are powerful,
    Theatres long and fierce and minders mind, or short and over very quickly.

    The tide is about to turn,
    Will it be raw power or the building capabilities of the enemy,
    Or will it be the side who takes the time to train up.its new pilots,,,,

    Perhaps a stalemate because the development path can't counter the opposition.....

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