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Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by Dark Matters, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Dark Matters

    Dark Matters New Member

    AI really just gets in the way of this game, I'm really sick of the AI player mix when AI's do full damage to you just like a player would but yield 1 xp for hitting them.... this has got to go.

    Either get rid of the AI's wich basically amount to asteroids that move and shoot you because they have zero value and just soak ur shots and time. Or make them worth xp.

    If an AI is worth 1xp to shoot then the ai should be doing next to no damage and have 1 health

    I just gave up playing tonight because I join a match where there is an AI and and a player shows up. Or I join a match where there is a player and an AI shows up again to help them while I get nothing. The AI is programmed to just fly straight at me and shoot me while I must just ignore it while trying to scout and find the player because its so worthless to shoot the AI. Games quickly became futile and boring
  2. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    The AI has to be reduced in XP, because it can be exploited (which it was in internal beta) and farmed for hordes of XP. Once you're a more experienced player, you'll realize that the AI is easy to trick and defeat. The AI has to be in existence so that players can't go to a region and just start capturing it with ease, if a live player does not intercept them right away. It is also to help defenders (notice when you're a defender you don't get AI attacking you).
  3. Dark Matters

    Dark Matters New Member

    the ai ruins pvp games. It is very discourging to spend 2 hours or at min 1 hour in a fight with players only to die and or leave with 6 xp.... because it takes around 10 min to take 1 turn and killing 1 ai before leaving or getting killed will leave you with nothing. ANd the ai just scouts for the enemy players cause it flys straight at you. I really think you need get rid of AI in pvp fights, and or make them worth more xp. Cant you simply just make them worth something to kill when there is players on both sides of the fight? Games take way to long to have AI provide nothing where there is PvP and not just PvE going on

    while I understand that the AI is used to buffer zones where there is no player present or in even the numbers up? Once there is a player present on both sides the AI should become worth something, explode, or warp away....

    because the nature of AI they do not have fog of war and fly directly to you and begin shooting and fleeing every round. Inherently you end up having to shoot them first before the human players thus making many matches long and with no reward for those that take the brunt of the AI's attack.

    plz don't assume I am not experienced and don't know ai is easy to beat. If you read my post carefully I complain solely about AI in same map with Players Vs Other Players. It is here the AI is used to make the gameplay basically meaningless for the side with no AI
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  4. Dalwin

    Dalwin Member

    The Ai does relatively feeble damage because the ships do not focus or coordinate. They should be lower experience. However, something still needs to change.

    What should happen is that if a battle is full and there are players queued up to enter that zone, AI captains from that side will head to the edge and disengage to make room for actual players.
  5. revinance

    revinance Moderator Staff Member

    agreed with dalwin though the damage they can do is... a lot still and they got cheat vision. you can easily abuse them if your in a group though with a tank.
  6. Dark Matters

    Dark Matters New Member

    the ai does not do feeble damage, the ai is not worth lower experience they are worth no experience thus no one wants to play on the attackers side because defenders don't have to worry about killing ai.

    You inadvertently just agreed with my OP.... I think without knowing it... let me explain....

    I said 2 things: Make AI worth more xp if you are going to have them with real players on same team , 2nd thing or get rid of AI when players show up.

    so it sounds like you opted for option 2 get rid of ai when players show up thanks for agreeing with me!
  7. Gazy

    Gazy New Member

    The AI in many ship variants that have multiple weapon facings actually does less damage because they do not rotate facings to align additional guns.

    I think the AI should be allowed to fire any weapon at the cost of -1 (or -2) movement without needing to turn their facing. This would keep AI programming minimal, but let them use all weapons available like a player would.

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