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Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by ghaun, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. ghaun

    ghaun New Member

    as the title says this just some things I have thought of not fleshed out much but a start. feel free to add to the list.
    1. move chat window down toward the bottom when secter map
    2.dull the brightness of back ground nebulas/radtion
    3.increase troop replenishment possible incress range to 1 hex away< 1 pod > next to ship 2 pods/allocation turn
    4. tenders icrese shield range 1 hex away from tender < so ships bein repaired might have a little sheildin -1 of what the tender is set at so if tender has shield set to 2 the ship beside it being repaired would get +1 shield while next to tender
  2. Beernchips

    Beernchips Member

    For your idea 4, I think it should be better if it is only for Sol to stick to the lore/more potent Sol shield technology. Or give Sol a support ship that repair less but give passive shielding to nearby allies
  3. Midnightsun

    Midnightsun Member

    Reward Points scattered over the map to encourage not border hugging. Reduced Eexp for high Tier ships shooting low tiers. Addtional Elements in the game. Mines... Surveilance drones... Tractor beam everything to give you more strategic Options. Something to work against this Zerk in jumping of a Group of high Tier ships and blowing up lower Tier ships.
  4. Varag

    Varag New Member

    Something to work against this Zerk in jumping of a Group of high Tier ships and blowing up lower Tier ships.

    Was thinking about the same thing and thought of a different spawning Mechanic for AI´s.
    What if the AI spawn every turn to equal number of ships and Tier of Players involved.
    Which means, if a single Tier3 is attacking a Sector and fighting 2 Tier4 AI´s there, then lets say 2 Tier4 Ships jump in for defend.
    So at that point there are 1 Attacker (Tier 3) and 4 Defender (Tier4 combined Tier 16) so we have a gap of 3 Ships and 13 combined Tier level.
    So in that case the System would let appear 3 Attacker AI´s (Tier4/4/5).

    That wouldn´t protect people completly but would give them a better chance to escape.
    You ask why? Because the Bloodhound AI (which i find is a good thing because otherwise AI would be complete useless) would work for both sides, you can work with them as Screens, some people get distracted by them and so on.

    Further more it would end this damm all enemys destroyed thing during a cap.

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