A Guide to Making NPC Combat Vessels

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    Players will often take Fleet commander as a way to lower enemy AI spawn on a map. In some rare cases, some players will choose fleet commander 2. But what makes a good NPC? What should it do?How do you build a ship with the purpose of using it as an NPC? After a server of playing fleet commander 2, its time to consolidate the findings.

    Super simplified logic train of NPC on attack:
    1. Load all the gun. they don't have to be fully loaded, but they are loaded.
    2. I will leave some power in engine so i can rotate/move.
    3. I will also charge some shields if i can, mainly the front, and if i have power to spare, maybe some of the sides, never the butt. but thats secondary. Shields are for losers, just like scanners.
    4. Does our fleet have a lock on any enemy? If yes, Am i range? If no, can i move?
    5. If i am in range, i may or may not move some tiles and fire all guns.
    6. If i am not in range, i will move in the direction of the enemy and acquire lock on.
    Current logic train of NPC on hold:
    I will not move and i will put all the power into shields. I will prioritize the front facing, then the port and starboard shields and finally my buttshield.

    With those Characteristics in mind, lets break them down into qualities you want in a ship.

    Because the AI like to load all guns, a ship with many guns will end up being very slow as an NPC. even if you are to use the "follow" into "attack" trick to prioritize more power to engine, it will still be slow. Thus, there is almost no point in making a "fast" NPC attack ship. if the plan is to use a ship as NPC, it is better to ignore initiative skills on the ship. however, movement skills will come in handy, allowing otherwise slow ships to get in range and fire off powerful attacks. Of course evasion is also a valid option if the purpose is to use it as a tank.

    if they are ships with guns on port and starboard, they will need to rotate. But if they are slow, they probably have low moves. For those ships, "rotation" is needed or you might have situations where they only fire 1/3 of total guns.

    But those ship are currently not the ideal choice to begin with. because NPC have a tendency to charge only frontal shield, their sides and rear are often unshielded. As the NPC want to fire all guns, they will often end their turn with exposed sides facing the enemy ships. Thus Ideally, ships with only forward facing guns are the best candidates.

    On the topic of shields, one will have to be careful of shield overcharge and engine power. When building NPC ships, you should always check if power divided by six is equal or higher than the max shield level allowed on a facing. This is because if it is lower, it would affect the rear arch's shield when it is on hold. For example. if the engine is 30 power, you can only have 5 levels of shield. if you have 6 levels, it would have no butt shield because the front, 2 port and starboard side would have used up all the power. Thus it is important not to invest in too much shields ( especially sol ships).

    Because NPC never charge scanners, scanner skills are very effective on NPC that like to spear head an attack. but it is also a double edged sword for some ships as shots fired from range 4 is more accurate then shots fired from range 5 or 6. needless to say, you can't use active allocation skills like overload or targeting with NPC ships.

    Recommendation for Sol
    Bengu I-IV
    Halifax ( very little damage)
    Hybrid Orslo(its a tender, with 2 guns, that can probably heal 14 a turn when max leveled. probably the best NPC if you can get it past level 3)
    Orslo 2 ( really Thick hull and can soak up enemy AI damages)
    All of the Kumano if they are level 3 or more

    Recommendations for Genari
    Battalion (especially the 30 engine as it can support 5 levels of shields with no engine upgrades)
    Predator (its the most balanced of the Genari Frigates and can probably win against destroyer class AI if fully leveled.)
    60 hull Firebolt ( thou major investment in accuracy is needed for those missiles)
    Victory ( the missiles are passable, but firing them from 5-6 range is not really effective, just use the guardian)

    Issue of Destroyers as NPC
    Destroyers are cheap ships that players can get early. but inevitably, they will move on to light cruisers and larger ships. usually, players will turn them into NPC if they have fleet commander. But looking at the the weapon hard points of those ships, especially the Genari butt cannons, they all want to rotate and expose vulnerable facing with no shields . it does not take much to fry their engines and leave them adrift for the rest of the game. until the day we see destroyers with only forward facing guns, take caution when using the Destroyers as NPC.
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