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  1. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    I'm excited to announce the ship viewer, which contains most of the ships we've developed so far. It allows you to zoom in, rotate, and examine the ship in full detail if you like. Resolutions over 2.5K, and high res textures.

    You can download it here, or click on the image below:

    I'd like the community here to take a screenshot of their favorite ship/angle with the program and post it here!

    There is also a lower res online version of the viewer, with just a few ships to look at here.
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  2. J.Sousa

    J.Sousa New Member

    Picture1.jpg There's too many ships I like here. I can't pick them all but since I'd probably start with that Mendi ship (and I like the looks!) I took two shots of it.
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  3. Pendragon

    Pendragon Member

    yamma.jpg Yamato! Imagine warping in with this!
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  4. Ereinion

    Ereinion Member

    when looking at the puritan (sol/class2), there seems to be something wrong with the engines and some lights. They hang somewhere above the spacecraft, but are not attached to it.
    But, all in all it is just beautiful looking at this
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  5. Coser

    Coser Active Member

    Going to have to download this tonight - if I can. Those pictures look amazing and I want to run a few sets up on my desktop as a screensaver.
  6. CpZen

    CpZen Member

    aaaa.jpg The Interdictor TYPE II. Rotating it just right, you can get good reflections off the tentacle patterns on the wings.
  7. Kahless

    Kahless Member

    Honor bound corvette for my starter ship! I like the interdictor too!
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  8. SirSprout

    SirSprout New Member

    Right to the top! THE NOVA BATTLESHIP
    Imagine this thing coming for you (and I imagine its massive)
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  9. ShadowJudge

    ShadowJudge Member

    I have a thing for this hive creature. From this angle it almost seems like its looking at you, and it just might be friendly lol
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  10. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Indeed there are a few that have the engines misplaced somewhat. The ships are all 'modular', as in the varieties of weapons, engines and sensors are actually visibly distinct, so you can actually tell when a Type II ship for example, has a different engine than a Type I. In this viewer, the engines are mounted, but the weapons and sensors were not (it would make the downloadable program even larger in size, and I wanted to keep it at 500k).
  11. Hexxx

    Hexxx Member

    a.jpg I could post the bigger cruiser, but I think even this class 2 maalaketh ship is nice. I cropped/sharpened/brightened the image however.
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  12. JansenC

    JansenC Member

    I've taken a liking to the industrial-looking Gorshkov Frigate (Class IV). The type 2 or 3 (I forget) the one with the Russian Star and red lines is my personal favorite.
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  13. 0b1000010

    0b1000010 Member

    I'll post it then; its my favorite. It looks like a sword in space.

  14. Lesiak

    Lesiak Member

    00orch.jpg This would be my starter ship. In a way, it looks fast, especially from the rear. Reminds me of a drag racer (don't ask why)
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  15. Lesiak

    Lesiak Member

    Ops forgot to say what it is, its the Orchis Class III Corvette Type II
  16. NightWolf

    NightWolf Member

    Now that I can view/rotate the ships up close, I have a few favorites. I picked one sol and one genari:
    The kumano which would be my goal to get to for sol
    The guardian which is also a class 6 light cruiser which would be my genari goal
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  17. Warshoe

    Warshoe Member

    Destroyer: Leningrad (Specifically my favorite being the blue or red one type II & III) is my current favorite. It looks brutal and very paladin-like.
  18. SirElric

    SirElric Member

    The greenskin StarFire Heavy Cruiser. I doubt I'll ever level up high enough for this ship but this is my pick right now.
  19. SirSprout

    SirSprout New Member

    I wish we could have a varied selection of starfields or planets in the background like I've seen in the game screenshots. My starter ship would definitely be the Agile Flyer.
  20. Kuwanger

    Kuwanger New Member

    ggg.jpg The cruiser with the stinger...

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