24-hour Ban Suno and Dropbear too

Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by Xeen Dread, Jan 6, 2018.

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  1. revinance

    revinance Moderator Staff Member

    Its a competitive game. You do what you can to win. If there is a big enough exploit, revert back to the previous version. If there is a exploit that is being used and a previous version doesn't fix it. Get an emergency patch out there to stop it. So many of the current used exploits(besides slowcap exploit) never existed in earlier versions and in my opinion you shouldn't ban someone in a competitive game for trying to win in the most effective way possible.

    A lot of the issues at hand were obvious before even the patch hit and that concerns me. If patch notes were released before it actually went live, i would argue that most exploits that are currently in game wouldn't even be in it.

    Being fast is a good thing but doing it on a live server you have to deal with one exploit can ruin a entire server. In this case only xeen was doing it because i literally can't be asked to play the game in its current state but i doubt that i wouldn't do the same thing xeen would be doing right now.

    I know there are only 2 programmers and they are putting out a lot of functionality in a really short time but maybe its time to think about slowing it a bit down and looking at the bigger picture. For example the point system. Only reason this got implemented was because higher tiers were forced to go farm low lvl players and gank squads formed. Two reasons why this was oppressive:

    Higher tier ships are faster: Disable stress engines/rally.
    Higher tier ships can one shot: Disable weapons for 1 turn if your above the average.

    Those 2 changes already would make the flaming go away and this also was a issue on the first server(infested interdictor 3 one shotting t4's/t5's) but instead we went into the hull change so now t5 and up are more safe but the t4's are still having that issue.

    Went a bit to far with my comment but i made my point clear i hope.
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  2. Suno

    Suno Member

    BTW Please stop editing your posts after i reply, do you want a discussion or a circle jerk to make yourself look good.
    I need to start breaking these up because you keep coming out with 500 word edits so.

    What PvP? Its just you in a map with AI as of last night exploiting AI spawns, slow-capping sectors and taking stations. "If two paths cross, that's the nature of PvP" If we were able to PvP right now I wouldn't be in this discussion at all.

    Yes you do. You can say it's out of context or whatever you want but all of us know the truth about your so called 'Skill'. I can cap a sector in 20-minutes with enough effort that's not the crux of the issue it's the attitude you are promoting to Genari players with your actions, exploits and attitude.

    ^ If this was the actual case we would have no issues.

    You can do it in a bunch of other-ways Xeen <-- Including Solo, now you're just playing dumb. It can happen unintentionally quite easy when the conditions are right. I refuse to believe that someone with your game-time on this cycle that is probably on par with mine which is 300+ hours doesn't know about this, since I encountered a lot of variations early in the server life by accident easily.

    I severely hope so otherwise you should take the SAO Reference(weeb) and 'Master Internal Tester' out of your name if you are just exploiting design issues for your own personal gain.

    What 'GOAL'? Server is in a very poor state right now. With the unique position some of us currently have in our heavier ships we should not be taking advantage of patch issues to the detriment of everyone-else period, What war are you trying to win right now? "GOD" XEEN VS AI <-- Current matchup. Essentially you're just saying that OH OK i'm going to use all the chaos to win because I'm actually unable of playing the game legitimately. <-- Good message and attitude to promote to your team bro.

    I'am very close to doing it,honestly. I stopped enjoying the game because I can't play it for what it was actually designed to be instead of what the game has turned into because of problems. I wish some players had enough respect for the developers,players and the game to not go intentionally exploit it to cause misery for anyone.
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  3. redbear_89

    redbear_89 New Member

    can i just point one thing out has northing to do with this convo but your 1st screen shot shows the Vic 3 with all wps charge to full power and you still have 18/19 movement and 26 iny x3 missle 8 damage each and that lazzer that i dont no the damage no one ele think that stupid lol 18 you lose 1 movement for your max damage LOL
  4. Suno

    Suno Member

    Agreed, fast patches are nice but they can't push them out in this state otherwise things will go south very fast.
    Patches need to be tested more in the future(It might be hard though since they are only two bug testing with two people)
    it might slow things down a few extra days but maybe a patch server for testing? Then just find volunteers who understand the inner working of the game mechanics inside and out to test it before it goes live.
  5. revinance

    revinance Moderator Staff Member

    i think the max is 21-22(movement skill bonus) + rally for 27 then +8 from init = 35 with full weapons and then another 80% increase from stress = +16 = 51 init if the 60 is the max engine power with stress 2. To just display how absurd some skills can be. But lets get back on topic ^^.
  6. ben

    ben Member

    glitch fix bitches,,,,,,, lol.
    psycological games,,,and all that stuff when server starts full on,,,,,
    big frog little pond,,,, little frog big pond.
  7. Heinous

    Heinous New Member

    I have a proposition.

    26 FL map.

    All the high tier Genari and Sol ships.

    Everyone warps into the map, no AI and no support ships.

    Fight to the death, no escape allowed, Royal Rumble style.

    The faction that wins the battle, wins the server. Server is reset upon conclusion.

    Lets get this done.
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  8. Suno

    Suno Member

    I'm keen. Any sort of side balancing you had in mind, or is it just bring what you want?

    Although maybe we could just do it for fun and not reset the server? Since ves wants it to continue a bit longer to hash out all the critical issues for next cycle

    Weekly fight night? daily fight night? Anything for some PvP.
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  9. infested

    infested Member

    We should run a daily tournament/league moba style. Race vs Race or mixed players or custom clans what ever variations for fun. Maybe i ll start a thread tomorrow to organize it if i feel good.
  10. Suno

    Suno Member

    Yes please , sounds like something a lot of people would really enjoy amidst all the server issues. Just make sure you balance the tier points around so that the battles are fun and not one sided.
  11. 0b1000010

    0b1000010 Member

    There is a dev server where new updates are tested. The issue is that there can be 100s of variables and edge cases with this kind of game. Hence the player base to test it out, and this very first server run as a platform to refine the mechanics.
  12. Suno

    Suno Member

    This method of testing is probably going to cause more harm than good in the long-run though. People are not going to want a constantly disrupted server-style that some of these bugs can generate. <-- Thats only for the most hardcore of us.
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  13. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    I edit things for clarity and errors before you reply to them. Once replied to, I will make a new post. Of course there may be some small window where you begin to reply and I finish up some edits at the same time. I'm usually done with edits in about 10 minutes of the OP, so wait that long before replying.

    Good, then you shouldn't have any issues, so why are you going on about this still? Again, I'm not slow capping zones. It is faster for me to kill C8 AI for 12 CP (or even as low as C6) than it is to wait 6 minutes for the same CP via slow-cap. That's you and your conspiracy theories at it again just like the first time (delete account, go ahead, still waiting). Hell, I was surprised myself that Genari took one of the 26 FL sectors, but I'm starting to get an idea that maybe a slowcap was involved + combating AI and that's why you are so upset...? I avoid those massive sectors like the plague because of the HUGE CP bar and size of the area with little XP value and no need for officer credits. I'll simply find another way as those areas are not worth the time/effort (very difficult/time consuming to find the enemy there). If I recall, there was oddly one sector that was FL 10 crossing through that line of 26's. Of course, you won't believe me anyway. Meanwhile you go about fighting AI just the same as me with Genari players unable to come to the defense of wherever you engage..., so where do you get off pointing the finger at me for playing the game as is when you are doing just the same (and so is everyone else)? What the F is the difference between me fighting AI/claiming sectors and YOU?? Quit acting as if what you do is ok and you are so 'for the people' while frowning upon me when I do some of the same things OR LESS than what you are claiming me to be doing while you certainly ARE doing all of them.

    Enlighten me on this 'bunch of other ways' since you seem to know so much about exploiting the system to have concocted the exact method (so you think) that I am using... yet again (proven wrong the first time, let's go for round 2)?? The Nova is too slow to reach the NPC non-combat ships. I cannot kill them, nor are they worth the effort. I'd rather get on with the fight. As a result of multiple AI defenders on the map and no allied players able to join me -> No potential for slow cap bug.

    'Master Internal Tester' was not a name of my choosing. I added it there as it was given to me. I laughed my ass off when I came across SAO on Netflix and the 'beater' scenario, but hey, go ahead with personal attacks if you like (referred to as Ad Hominem). I do like some anime. I'm nothing near the Otaku type, more of a camouflage, dog, truck, and guns type -I own several and not once has any decided to go harm anyone (jab at the gun control nuts)- mixed in with computer nerd. That whole 'beater thing was a pretty accurate capture of mob mentality and the series as a whole reminded me of days past in other worlds. Funny thing is my gf has seen all of this once before in another game we played together (and me many times before I met her) and she's now interested in playing Space Wars for the simple fact of witnessing the phenomenon all over again while laughing her ass off. Sincerely, thank you for that last part.

    I tell you this ahead of time because there may come a point where you see me flying with a particular wingman (wing-woman?) quite often and will eventually come to the 'conspiracy theory' conclusion that I am playing both accounts, which in part I would be (no different than guiding any other team member, just able to talk directly to her, no typing or discord required), but not really, even though you won't believe me. I really don't care. I'll go so far as to tell you ahead of time that she typically takes my last name 'Dread' and uses her first name 'Amare'. Would be pretty easy to spot if using my normal name, but eluding the haters long enough to get to power and an alias does have its benefits.

    Still waiting on that compilation. Thoroughly amused that you speak for 'all' and have such intimate knowledge of what's going on.... Just like that time you were so dead wrong (along with several other people in OT chat) about how and what I was doing to earn XP... oh wait :p It wasn't until Dalwin came and talked to me that you guys began to understand. It's ok that you/opponents learn something from me. I'll always have the advantage of adapting faster to change and doing whatever better as the originator of various tactics. Imitated, but not replicated.

    btw, I believe I am strongly living up to all of my names/roles/descriptions listed in signature.

    Finding flaws in the game and reporting them, often in great detail (when necessary) : Check.
    Breaking the game/all expectations: Check.
    Empowering even my enemies to do battle with me by answering their questions: Check.

    ok, 10 minutes are up, I'm done.
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  14. ben

    ben Member

    ok can we delete this one now then,,,,
    so ves doesnt have to have headache reading it.
  15. Suno

    Suno Member

    Shortened Xeen's strawman for the casual reader:

    I don't care what sectors you cap. It's the fact that you seized this opportunity to push through our second defense line that aggravates me. I'm starting to think I should have used this day to push all the way past your 2nd defense line with no resistance and accept the 24hour ban just to show you and the Genari exactly what you tried to do to us.

    It was a Sao joke/meme not a personal attack, if you didn't get it you didn't get it. No I was not calling you a weeb with derogatory intentions.

    I'am not going to post exploits publicly, they have already been reported to ves.

    It's a good trait to be able to admit when you made a mistake but you wouldn't know about that would you? This is not just me wondering how you are jumping 20k + exp a day. I have seen enough, played enough to witness more than a dozen first hand events that have shaped my current perception of you whether you want to admit to them publicly or not.

    If you spent less time grinding AI/sitting solo in maps and more time actually fighting people you could back up that claim, until then all I have seen you do is sit solo in maps for the majority of the server-cycle and cut off a bunch of hex's that anyone could have done given the circumstances of how they were taken. Your preferred method of "Tactics" and "adapting" is to use any exploit or bug to get ahead, then yelling at your team to do what you say and then blaming them for your failures. Why don't you actually just wait till the game is in a play-able state and back-up your claims of "Superior Skill & Knowledge" when you actually have some resistance ay?
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  16. revinance

    revinance Moderator Staff Member

    Closing this topic because its becoming like of-topic and a 1vs1 duel about the same issue over and over that will never get solved.
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