24-hour Ban Suno and Dropbear too

Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by Xeen Dread, Jan 6, 2018.

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  1. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    RE: Any Genari wondering where their leader is

    @Vesuvius_SWIE fine, let's go public.

    If we are going to play the 'drop names and screenshots and get bans for it game', two can play that:

    I have video recordings of the entire chat logs too if you want that. These guys were legit cheating and KNEW they were doing it. But you block my account because I am doing well and downing stations that I SHOULD have access to?? And playing smart by dividing Sol fleet with encircling Vega (which I can't defend the blockade so they break out)? I get kicked from a map that holds strategic value before I even get my turn... I'm not allowed to defend because some noobs are present??

    Give me back my Vic 3 with max officers since actions are being taken. These guys outright cheated to interfere with my fights and slow me down in sectors they had no normal access to (buying time for allies to use yet another bug to break through the blockade line), resulting in that loss (I had a choice to play bait and maybe escape while ensuring my allies escaped - cuz I knw I'd be targeted - or get out and let one of them die, which they didn't have the XP to buy another ship).

    Better yet, let me trade in the Greatwing 2 for a Firestorm 3. I haven't lost the ship, I just wanted to trade it in immediately after purchase, realizing that the DMA cut off was C7 and not 8. But no, Sol players raged at the thought of me requesting such, so I kept it and found a use for it (adapted). meanwhile Sol members have had multiple LOST ships restored, not just-purchased and still existing ship values refunded.

    Sol is using the current game systems to their advantage, so I adapted to the changes as well. I get penalized and they don't??

    Sol members also gaming the play-clock for the express purpose of hindering me in a battle they had no hope of winning, so again, I adapted.

    By the way, you already knew I was 99% sure you were lying to me and being evasive regarding my directly asking you if you or the team was responsible for my inability to access the game + the mountain of other evidence.

    Restricting access/banning.... really? You wanted me to play Genari to pull some weight on the seriously undermanned team, so I did. I'm playing the game as intended, to win.

    I am unable to defend my territories as a result of recent game changes, so I chose to go on the offense.

    Sol has all the opportunity to respond to me as before if they do so in time, which they NEVER did respond in a timely manner (the whole freaking point of blitzing down a tower and leaving, how many times have I said speed is critical to allies and in OT chat on multiple subjects).

    Also, there is no difference between what can happen now and what usually happens when attacking Sol towers during hours they are not active and Genari is (usually in the mornings around 8-11AM local time). We enter a fight in a coordinated fashion (as best can be without discord), engage quickly, down a station (or two if present/possible), and get out or capture, all before too much AI/player defense mounts either while few are online OR their engagement to other battles has been verified. Nothing has changed.

    After all the crap I went through to verify my network, ISP, firewall, steam, etc... My original suspicion was correct.

    Suno Cheating.jpg
    dropbear cheating.jpg

    A server victory and fresh start would be a good thing at this point with such sweeping changes made. These kinds of changes are really best left to a per-server basis.

    We could get on other topics like feeding twink accounts (I see at least one of them is gone now)... or exploiting Tender Repair XP (Some people STILL doing it after it was reported day 1 of turning on repair XP, to the tune of 5k+ xp/hr while afk)... or any number of other things.

    Point is, if you are going to take action against one person, you need to be fair and take action against other reported individuals too.

    I was content to take crap from other players as it's all part of beta/development, not requesting any compensation/actions be taken, and find ways to adapt to said BS forging onward against the odds, but to come from you and finally have my suspicions verified?? That's a whole other level.

    Meanwhile Sol is claiming huge sweeps of territory with no one to defend.
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  2. Suno

    Suno Member

    You were the first to exploit this btw lol.

    I jumped a border once lol when I wasn't even sure if it was an intentional mechanic or not, which I then went out and re-connected? Is this why I should be banned?
    We have not pushed past your defense line since AI broke because we pretty much unanimously decided to put our PLANNED push on hold when AI broke because we aren't here to make everyone else miserable.
    We don't like to exploit the game to its detriment Alamar you were using a broken environment to secure your 'Victory' regardless of what anyone else thinks. Along with everything else you have done this cycle has proven you're a garbage player who demands attention and pining from everyone. You can't play this game legitimately as intended to save your life talking down to everyone in your vicinity because you have 150k+ border-line exploited points.

    You know you demand to be genari leader but 50% of your own faction can't stand you at all? It'll be a cold day in hell till any of the SOL guys let you lead them or play with them.
    You're a self centered egotistical toxic influence to the game. I play for the enjoyment of playing.

    Thats all you're getting out of me anyway, keep throwing your tantrum and continue to act like a kid.
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  3. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Your first time doing it, really?

    You 'left', Really?

    No, it wasn't your first time and you were FORCED out of the area. You did not leave upon request.

    According to your logic, no one should be playing AT ALL right now, just take the server down until it is fixed. If you are playing, you are exploiting a broken environment.


    You haven't gone to our defense line in about a week (well before this update) because I and others were keeping you too far away from it and you all started crying and quit because you didn't know how to use what yo u had... So go ahead and try to play the high-road card. I know different.
  4. Suno

    Suno Member

    You're the only culprit for intentionally taking advantage of every bs mechanic you can before they get balanced, or fixed so that you can tell everyone how great you are Xeen.

    None of us approach this game with that mentality :) Its toxic. yes no one REALLY should be playing however! where's the fun in that? Instead of trying to take advantage of the current situation because you want to win the server you should pause and realize that the position you're in is only from heavy exploitation and that dicking over everyone on SOL side because of bs mechanics is only beneifical to YOU. We haven't even had the time to properly play our ships in PvP combat yet in any large scale and you want to reset the server cycle?

    Pause your screwed up highly competitive mind-set and give ves some-time to balance and fix mechanics properly before you start ruining the population of the game with your attitude and actions, I can see it now 6months from now xeen is sitting in his colossus the only SOL on the server with one or two genari fighting him.
  5. Suno

    Suno Member

    What about the fact you were KICKING new players out of your room with rage so you could grind?
  6. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Every evening I go to sleep, I lose control of the Kindergarten (yes, Kindergarten), and wake up to about 20-40 messages on this forum, discord, etc... its always the same.

    Yes Xeen, I put a 24 hour ban on you, but your conspiracy theories about blockage in the past are incorrect. This is the first time I've banned you.

    I am getting on a plane to meet a publisher in an hour, and will not be able to control this Kindergarten (yes, Kindergarten), from blowing up while I'm gone.

    Unfortunately with only two programmers, there is only so much that can be done at one time. I'm fine with people finding these exploits and seeing how they are reproduced, as it helps refine the fixes that are needed, but it takes time to implement.

    And honestly, I want this server to run for at least another 2 weeks before its won by a side, so that all these fixes/adjustments can be made.

    Some other things pending to implement before next server launch:
    -Slow capping will be removed/also fixes accidental slow capping
    -Recalculation of attack/defense numbers, base XP values, and purchase HP/LP values
    -30 minute timer blocking a player from re-entering the same region after leaving
    -Refining the value of each tier of ship for region limits
    -A level5 defense platform for both sides, replacing the current first defense lines (so easier for T4/T5 ships to break through, opening up more space to fight).
    Fuji Front Line Weapons Platform (Sol), Ghodrat Front Line Battlestation (Gen)
    -Reducing max number of AI defending a region.
    -Fleet commander skill: Player controlled ship was be equal to or higher than wingman ships

    -Limiting XP gains per AI ship kill (to avoid the 'disable Class 8 AI ship, let new player gain 2000xp etc...)
    -Some more minor tweaks to Sol/Gen balancing.
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  7. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Appreciate the straight answer. Are you sure someone else didn't restrict access back then?

    It will definitely take at least 2 weeks to win this server from this point. It took a week just to break the first line once we had enough quality assets and players available at one time, the second being much stronger, bigger, and more difficult to reach, and not one shipyard has been downed since.

    The Etnas on Sol's front line are pretty powerful, but only because they are firing 50% more shots each than they should be (I thought it might be some kind of 'enrage' mechanic after one was downed, but they always do it). Fix that, and the Etnas + Greenland are fine for C4/5 to engage.

    Heck, you could take on the Vesuvius platforms (or higher) with C4 if you had enough of them (6-8 for good kill speed, 2 minimum required to negate shields and repairs) and simply planned for 23 MP/round + all the firepower you could muster.

    So am I allowed to prepare to win by claiming territory, breaking the defense line, destroying shipyards? Mind you I had broken the entire front line before ANY of this patch business happened, where was Sol then? They couldn't stop me before, so by what reasoning would they stop me now? Even if I was only using a C6, I could still do what I'm doing. It is entirely about the leadership and following a plan based on powerful tactics + timing and speed. Even if there weren't issues with the new FL system, Sol could not stop Gen from taking down their defenses if we just do what we've been doing all along.

    Suno, I can't kick anyone from a map. Yes, I asked people to leave and got irritated at times. Sometimes they did, most times I relocated. Then your team had alts following me around at times to slow me down. Of course, I cant prove it. The vast majority of XP grinding and station capping has been done when Sol doesn't have too many people on OR they are pre-occupied with their current battles. Strategy. I play the game for fun too, and that fun has been bug hunting + attempting to win, always pushing the limits to do what no one else can/has thought of.

    FTR: Yes, I know the team needs time to work on things, but I had pointed out many of these flaws before changes implemented as well as ones existing for months. MONTHS. There are many things that don't get fixed until they absolutely must be. You and all the top Sol jumping in on the AI is finally what got it done. There was one point when V was going to increase AI xp even and I cautioned him not to because it snowballs at higher levels (same thing with making Rally +10 MP instead of 5 while retaining the 2 damage and many more cases)! I demonstrated my AI hunting technique all through alpha and even closed beta. I pointed it out multiple times and it was resolved to 'you can't do that on a populated server'... I was left with no choice but to break out the 2x4 and start bashing away to force a change. This isn't the first time either.

    Also FTR: I've been trying to get the Evasion mechanic changed. It is stupid powerful, especially when stacked on an Exeter II with amazing shielding and a hull bonus evasion. So don't complain about me demonstrating/providing evidence to back up my claims. Beta development continues.

    45% evasion on an Exeter II means it's hull and shielding values are DOUBLED (with a 40 point shield, 80 pt on the line, being replenished every round).

    It now has an effective 500 HP pool and 160 damage absorption per round vs stations/known targets when defending properly. Kinda shitty that the Yamato II is now a less effective tank than the Exeter. After reviewing some stats on the Yamato, it is now in the same bout as C6's vs C5 Leningrad II within sol faction before the changes to those ships. It is simply equaled or outperformed in every parameter by a lower class ship in the same faction, aside from hull, which is not that important as far as sustaining damage round after round is concerned when dealing with base assaults (Yamato's primary purpose).
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  8. Suno

    Suno Member

    I don't have a single alt. The only people in my fleet with Genari characters are red-bear (deleted now) and Kazern who switched to genari at server start. You think we are exploiting everything and justifying it to yourself by saying we do it too because that is your own mentality. Do you honestly think i wanted to mindlessly SOLO grind AI? Just to stop you steam-rolling my entire team. Or back-cap 100 sectors that weren't taken legitimately We just want to play space captain and PvP in big star fleet battles lol.
    All I've met so far is Genari stalling me SOL alts stalling me and Genari using underhanded tactics. As i type this i just had two sectors behind me Slowcapped no doubt by you or one of your fanboys, While i was stalled for 60 second turns by KREE?

    This is not fun mechanics especially when you're just trying to play the game legitimately because you don't care about this hyper competitive egotistical bullshit.

    On the station loss, if you take those stations while we are Offline that is unavoidable but forcing the conditions to make it so that no one can defend stations even before AI broke is a dick move.
  9. Suno

    Suno Member

    I agree evasion is far too powerful on the higher tiers especially on exeter with my compounded 40% evasion. It doesn't make much sense either I think capping it at t4 or t5 would be a good balance.
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  10. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Not saying it was your alt, but someone's.

    Not sure what you mean by 'not taking sectors legitimately'?? Or are you referring to abusing that bug where your team kept dropping in corvettes to keep the slow-cap flaw active until it finally outpaced our killing you?? I CANT DO THAT IF I AM FIGHTING SECTORS ON MY OWN !!!! I don't do that bro, but once again, you are a hypocrite and have been documented and recorded abusing the systems you claim I am taking advantage of... Hell, your team was doing it just a moment ago today.

    I can drop a sector in ~10-20 minutes solo depending on the size and enemy player interference and what AI are already on the map. Same as with wayyyyy outfarming you for AI xp, I play really fast and that helps tremendously with capping too.

    I didn't force conditions so that you couldn't defend. I didn't even fully understand the system and problem at the time that sector was bashed! All I knew was I had problems trying to access/defend what appeared to be an empty sector (AI defenders must have been warping in) and my AI supports caused allies to not be able to enter, erroneously consuming FL points, so my only option was to go on solo offensives OR have other players join before me and use the last 5 FL for myself, over-limiting my supports in (like how they did before).
  11. ben

    ben Member

    bro,,,xeen,,,, go be brilliant at the top, the game needs you, just chill bro,,,,, its all for testing.
    hopefully you may note that i think any-one getting their knickers in a Knot over your advancements needs too take a chill pill as well.

    we are testing,,winning and been the best doesnt really matter yet.

    and come on every-one,,,,, a few less words here or there,,, a few less comparisons of relative strength alone,,,,,vesuvius head must hurt from all these words about 1+1= 3000000398435824659246580720703.... and my ship should beat that one.
    just be great pilot and better leaders, thats what ti will take to win IN THE NEXT SERVER.
    JUST find GLITCHES, bitches.
    all love and laughs have fun, dropBear1
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  12. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    I gave a very detailed report on the topic of evasion, how strong it is at various class levels, and ways it could be factored in to the accuracy math that would be fair, from overhauling the evasion/accuracy/hit chance system (pointed out flaws like LOSING accuracy as you approach a target if your median acc is > 95%), which would be labor intensive, to simply applying the modifier at a different place and time in the hit chance calculation. At least 3 months ago now.

    I'm only bringing up this evasion topic as another shining example of:

    'this is bad and needs to be fixed, too strong'
    'no it doesn't, that'll make it a more lucrative choice'
    'ok, here's a demonstration'

    and then everyone rages out about the results 'wahh Xeen abusing game' sort of thing.
  13. Suno

    Suno Member

    He's not testing the game, he's finding ways to break it and then using them instead of just reporting them quietly and playing the game i.e ruining it for everyone else. I can do that too? where's the fun in that, should i just slowcap past your defense line right now take all your sectors and your second defense line tonight? I could probably do that you know. The only physical way for you to stop me would be to park in sectors in advanced with your ships.

    As a result of these actions he's feeding his Ego and promoting more toxicity trying to justify and defend them.
  14. Beernchips

    Beernchips Member

    Oh please Suno, Sol is slow capping systems too and yet no one seems to know how it is possible to do it.
    Please stop act as if all Sol players are wite knights playing only fair and square.
    Sol did Genari alts to let Sol farm after AI been reduced, don t act as if 8 out of 10 top leaderboard were Sol without solo AI farm.
    Juts today I fought Revinance in 1v1 t7 which had the upper hand thanks to "better shield and officers" which is exactly why Sol players are crying so much about t4/t5 Genari (Because yes Genari can have +2 damage weapons with a lvl 4 officer)

    Life is not white knights vs dark evils its grey vs grey
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  15. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    You couldn't It would take you at the very least 24 hours to slow-cap all the territories behind the line then more time to take on stations and you would have to cut them off from shipyards too. Again, I don't slow cap and I know exactly how to cause it now too. I take insult to being accused of things yet again. I can't force a slow cap if I'm the only attacker, especially in a super slow C9.

    If you want a demonstration of how fast I can bash down a sector, bring a ship and spam end turns while watching. I will show you.
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  16. Suno

    Suno Member

    No I can believe that with the exeter and the nagara 2 you can cap sectors in 15-30minutes quite easily. However you think i'm just operating on hearsay which i'm not it was observed and recorded since I've been asking people to do that. Let me gather the evidence and i'll make a compilation this evening.

    I only need 11 hex's before the second defense line, i could lock clear those in a line and take it tonight no problem within the 7 hour lock timer assuming someone dosn't push into territory behind me which i can just have my fleet sit in and defend. While i abuse this current state of slowcaps and AI, is this what genari want? should I act like Xeen and all the other genari trying to ruin my play-time at the moment simply for a victory?.
  17. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    It's a war, we are supposed to fight. RTS. More matters than any one battle and you don't have to win a particular battle to win the war, so yes, trying to isolate your approach vector and cut it off, ignoring the territory you are engaged in, is a valid tactic.

    Compilation of what? A bunch of out of context moments? A chance occurrence that when someone joined me before I was able to/learned how to solo-fill a zone (for my team only) that the slow-cap bug started? 90% of the shit I say is just to get under someone's skin once they've 'gone there' or purely for psychological value/demoralizing. There's nothing that says I'm not allowed to break my opponent's will to fight through chat. Often to prove a point and ultimately to save myself time and effort, I love winning a battle without having to fight. Truly the ultimate victory if I can manage that.

    Back to my original point. There are a ton of problems with the game, and I am totally content to live and let live as we each do our thing, even if your team members are doing such low-blow things as to join my fight ONLY to evade me and waste time. I have no problems finding ways to adjust to the other team's tactics + if you want to go there, I can fight back just as dirty if not more so. But if you are going so far as to get the ban hammer involved, then it needs to go to both sides or none at all. I wasn't doing anything that we weren't doing before the changes and that others couldn't do on either team.
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  18. Suno

    Suno Member

    Nothing about the victory condition I stated in my above post is how the game is meant to be played, I would be exploiting slow-caps and un-defendable sectors and you're saying that is a legitimate tactic and i should use it?

    Yes there is a ton of problems with the game, but you should know better then to exploit them to your own benefit instead of trying to get them fixed at-least thats the standard I hold myself too my only exception was AI since there was legitimately no other way to count-balance the power you were going to have by grinding normally. It's like you don't even want to see the game actually get off on the right foot, launches are important and usually shape the flow of a games life-span.
  19. Suno

    Suno Member

    ^ Also i know the developers share a lot of the responsibility in this but we as players also have a responsibility to the game.
  20. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Not the slow caps part. I already told you I've got you on video intentionally doing it and returning time and time again with several other Sol members in corvettes and your responses in chat. Sectors can be defended, especially large ones with stations, granted defenders must notice quickly enough before too many AI show up.

    Ruin your game time? subjective: Play to win or whatever your individual objective is. If two paths cross, that's the nature of PvP.

    I don't intentionally cause slow caps and I can't now that I am able to play solo at will, which I will always do for the sake of speed and a general lack of communication from teammates (for now, again I can only prevent MY team from entering a FL 10 or lower sector, not enemies). If there is someone who is responsive in chat, usually one of my regulars or sometimes a noob, and I can get them up to an acceptable speed, then I will work with them.

    There have been times where I was in a battle and it happened, so then I just sat there and let it happen while killing AI for a very fast cap. I'm not going to leave the zone and try to get everyone else out in order to reset it.

    It seems that the way to cause an 'uncontested state' for a slow cap is to kill the last enemy on a map as something else is preparing to transit in. That doesn't happen when you are solo! No allies can arrive and there is more than 1 enemy on the map by the time my slow ass gets to and downs anything.

    I have been trying to get these and more things some attention for longer than you have known the game to exist. What don't you understand about that?

    I had backed off considerably from talking about game balance and problems in OT chat. In the meantime, I keep pushing towards the goal.

    I'm frustrated that I have to go to such lengths to get something done, but damn, I have to say LOADS of progress been made in a very short time now. If that turns me into the asshole, so be it. I can be Captain Asshole, Major Asshole, Commander Asshole. Whatever. I've got some pretty thick skin and can dish it out just as much as I get it, but keep it in the game like a man, not baiting people into rules violations/reporting them to get them banned or whatever it is you are trying to do to get a response from higher up.

    PS - Still waiting for you to delete your account :p
    (A little humor amidst all this controversy)
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