Two character slots and pop balancing.

Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by robert04841, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. robert04841

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    Hello! A suggestion that I had in my mind was to have two character slots. At the moment after the war reset I decided to switch to sol and try them out, but many others have went sol as well, pushing Gen to the border stations. I want to switch to Gen, but I also want to stay sol. I was curious if we could have character slots and faction pop balance. The idea was with Planetside 2, it allows you to switch between the factions and play them freely, even giving xp bonuses if you pick the underpopulated sides. There's a clear restriction, I believe you get locked out of the other factions for a few hours to disallow you to rapidly change. I believe this change could encourage other's to freely change side and give a more active experience rather then waiting on the map for a underpoped gen factions to invade.
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    It won t be possible otherwise a lot of people will create spy accounts to know what the other(s) faction(s) will plan and react accordingly. Don t forget this game is a global conquest mode
  3. robert04841

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    we've had players like Cin/fang that have played both sides already. I'm even thinking of doing that just so I can fight.
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    There is nothing stopping people from doing that now besides setting up another steam account. Thus the character lock is pointless.

    All it's doing now is keeping the population imbalance. Everyone tries out humans first because of familiarity, but now they won't try genari because they don't want to lose progress on their main.

    This will only get worse as more factions arrive.
  5. cinnamon

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    Dear roberto and others,

    fang/KHAN/cinnamon/Cleaseau/strife to be precise

    This experiment was excellent. I had the change to play all of the T1/2/3/4 ships on both Sol and Genari. Each of these accounts played a different role (I tried to role-play appropriately when possible) and followed a different Captain/Ship Officer build path. Incredibly informative to me and, I hope, those who played with/against me.

    The difficulty here was remaining ethical, in the sense of how can I play each of these accounts without violating trust of my fellow players and without gaining advantage (exp/honor/information <---- this one especially). I essentially created a code of ethics for the multi-faces present in space.

    As usual, this is my first cut at typing my thoughts out, so please let me know what YOU THINK.

    My Opinion: Those players who are competent, can test the game, and honor a proper code SHOULD be given the opportunity to play multiple accounts. This phase of the game is important to get right and players who can test are essential to providing feedback.

    P.S. KHAN is the only account I've played in the new server..... so far ;)

    P.P.S. I will be hunting you. Please, do, come find me if you're looking for a proper hunt. At least, for my sake, believe that you are the hunter...... I HAVE AWAKENED
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  6. Dalwin

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    Population imbalance in a game like this is a serious concern. There is no denying that Genari has fewer players at the moment.

    One of the chief contributing factors to this is that character creation defaults to the Sol side. New players are much more likely to join Sol as a result. Genari should be the default.

    Also the undermanned side should be incentivized by saying on the creation screen that joining the current underdog will give a bonus to exp/LP/HP gained over time. This bonus should be evaluated at least weekly if not daily and should probably cap out at not more than +10%.
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