System Spotlight: Missile Weapons

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  1. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Only Sol and Genari have Missile weapons. They cost minimal power to arm, and do full damage with that one charge; however they are far less accurate and reduced in range compared to their energy weapon counterparts.


    SOL has two main types of missile weapons: Fission Warheads, and Plasma Warheads. Plasma warheads are heavier and require more crew support, but have improved range and accuracy. Usually Destroyer-class ships and higher can support Plasma warheads.

    GENARI only has one type of missile weapon: Fission Warheads. But they have been refining the technology to such a degree that they are much lighter than Sol versions, and thus can be mounted on smaller ships, or in greater units.

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  2. Tereva

    Tereva New Member

    What does "rating" mean exactly ?


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  3. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Rating is an arbitrary number, which helps in calculation the overall offensive strength of a ship (which in turn helps calculate the XP value for the ship).

    Speaking of which, missile weapon calculation is as follows:
    Max Damage x (Range/10) x Accuracy % x 1.5
  4. lefty

    lefty Member

    Is there a limit to how many missiles you can have? or is it unlimited?
  5. Greystole

    Greystole New Member

    I have no firsthand knowledge of how things will be done, but I can't imagine an unlimited supply of missles. I believe that itwould only make sense that each ship would have a maximum storage capacity.
  6. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Actually it is unlimited. We thought to limit it -- but its reduced range and extra weight counters those limits. On the other hand, marine pods are one-shot deals, once you use one, its gone (unless you have a troop support ship, or are next to a base that can resupply).
  7. MLocke

    MLocke Member

    Are the missiles only one power always or do they vary based on strength?
  8. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    The missiles vary between 1-3 power to charge, depending on type.
  9. Warshoe

    Warshoe Member

    Would I rather have a longer range missile with reduced damage or a shorter range one with a lot more damage? hmmm...
  10. lefty

    lefty Member

    I'm excited to try the Halifax Missile Frigate. A lot of damage for only two power (I think that's what it costs to arm).
  11. Coser

    Coser Active Member

    Longer range will win every time for me. You may be out of their sensor range, so then they waste a turn or more looking for you. Even if they don't, you should be out of effective range for a while, and that means extra turns you can fire at them without risking being fired on by return.

    Long range, hit and run attacks can pull enemy craft out of formation, exposing weakness to your side, and if they don't move out, then they just have to take whatever you can throw at them.
  12. Hexxx

    Hexxx Member

    Well in the end if you look at the stats the missile weapons are much shorter range and accuracy than the beam weapons. So if you want long range you'd need to stick to a ship that's got beams, and the plasma ones seem to be the best.
  13. Coser

    Coser Active Member

    This is why I have been rather vocal on my choice of the Orchis 4 as a starting vessel. Plasma beam on such a small vessel and a well trained crew should be quite the scout/hit and run fighter for Sol. Coupled with skills that increase weapon and sensor range, and reduce enemy sensor range, increase your accuracy and make it harder for you to be hit, it should be quite a thorn in the enemy's side.

    But if you are restricting yourself to missiles then as I see it the general rule is missiles > rockets, active > passive. So an IFF missile is better than a radar guided missile, which is better than a heat seeking missile, which is better than a rocket [unguided]. Given these factors, longer range is generally better than shorter range, but there is a commensurate drop off in damage. This is not a particular concern in surface/air or air/air missiles as a hit will inevitably take an aircraft out of the battle [entirely or for a long time for repairs].

    How this translates to Spacewars, I don't have a clue. That would be down to Vesuvius. Bit I must admit to longing to try out the Halifax to see the differenc, although this also begs the question "Can you split-load something like that, or do you have to have all one type of missile in each battle?
  14. Warshoe

    Warshoe Member

    If a missile does 5 damage, and costs one power, while a beam costs 5 power to do 5 damage, that extra 4 power saved can be incredibly useful for movement or shields, especially on those lower tier ships that have 13 power etc...
  15. NightWolf

    NightWolf Member

    I think I'll like missiles over beam weapons. Especially since they're unlimited. Even in Sol ships I'll go for the ones that have at least one.
  16. CpZen

    CpZen Member

    So plasma warheads cost 3 power to arm, and fission warheads 2 power to arm.
  17. Hexxx

    Hexxx Member

    Seems to be a recent update, because when I first played it was only 1 power. Not complaining, but I'm guessing it helps with balancing the power to damage cost/ratio so that missile weapons aren't OP.
  18. Pendragon

    Pendragon Member

    Plasma missiles now cost 3 points, while fission ones cost 2. Makes sense for the increase benefits of accuracy. I prefer missile ships over beam ships any day. Victory, Halifax, Star Warrior, Bengbu V etc...

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