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Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by cinnamon, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. cinnamon

    cinnamon New Member

    cDiscussion on Off-Topic led to the idea of systems, included on the galaxy map, that would have a restriction on the class of ships able to enter. Lore could be some sort of disruption of engine cores over T4 due to ion storms or odd nebulas, whatever.

    This would provide new players a place to play, without being blow to bits by a T5 on a quest for more space debris. Experienced players could bring new players here to teach them the ropes or to practice dog fighting.


    Sol Frontier Region
    Sol Imperial Worlds

    Ship Class Limit: 4 <--------------
    Faction Limit: 4
    Structures: 0
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  2. Narfi

    Narfi New Member

    i brought up the idea of ship class limits, especially on the 4 player sectors befor, although with a slightly diffrent intention (looking at you interdictor pilots :p )

    i would very much support some areas like that, definatly not the whole frontline of 4 player sectors, but some of them.
    If you want them to be purely for new players you could add a captain level limit aswell, but that would prevent experienced players from teaching them.
    But without it you run the risk of experienced players just farming the other teams newbees for easy exp.
  3. Superman0X

    Superman0X New Member

    I dont like the idea of limits, as it will hinder gameplay for many players. I think we just need to increase the bonus LP/HP returns for fighting against higher tiers. This will help those with lower tier ships get higher tier ships faster, and discourage those with high tier ships from trying to farm low tiers.
  4. ghaun

    ghaun New Member

    instead of a a lvl of ships in a sector maybe a a total lvl cap like if a sector is set at 6 then each side could bring 6 t1 ships or 3 t2 etc or t5 and a t1 it might make it a challenge then if a t6 has to face a swarm of ships lvls to numbers balance maybe
  5. Narfi

    Narfi New Member

    while i like ghaun´s idea in general, im not sure if its that as easy to implement.
    since we are starting with t3 ships, that would potentially balance 2 t3 ships as more powerful than a t5, and based on what iv seen, thats not nearly the case. (not only thinking about interdictor)
  6. infested

    infested Member

    No need. With shared exp new players can enter sectors and learn how to fight from experienced people while contribute with scouting, distracting and doing some damage to other ships while gaining exp from the shared kills.
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