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  1. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Once a week, players will be offered a new ship variant which they can compete for a build. The most original and practical version of the ship will be selected; the player who submits that winning version gets 500 credits, and is mentioned in the lore for that ship.
    As this is the first run on the contest, we will start with one of the simplest designs -- the Orchis Class III Corvette.

    The Orchis is a purpose-built scout ship, with a unique superstructure designed to support a triple fusion drive that can be boosted by as much as 10%. It sacrifices weapon hardpoints for this design however, and can only mount a forward and rear weapon system. Focusing on speed and detection range, it is the ultimate scout ship, capable of evading most enemy fire.

    Use the system reference tables below for building your ship:









    Orchis Power Modifiers:
    +2 Power automatically added (Combat Thrusters Ship Skill)
    -1 Power if Plasma Beam or Missile Weapon used, or if ship engine is over 20 power.

    Orchis Hull Modifiers:

    • If ship mass is 91 or lower, automatically +1 hull
    • If ship engine power over 20, -1 hull
    • If ship engine power over 22, -2 hull
    • Up to two additonal armor units can be added (hull points) for 5 mass each.
    When building the ship:
    • Use the Engines, Shields, Weapons, and Scanners tables to select your systems.
    • You cannot exceed a total of 94 mass, and 61 crew.
    • Engine MUST be a 3x coupled set.
    • You can have one or two weapons of any type only in the Forward and Aft positions.
    • Sensor minimum for a scout ship is the SIWS-2

    Reference Build Example:
    Engine: SIWFHD-3Ax3 Crew 36 WT 45
    Power 18(20 with combat thrusters)
    Weapons: SIWLB-8x2 1F 1A Crew 10 WT 30
    Shields: SIWFF2-1 (2power,2ndtier) Crew 5 WT 4
    Sensors: SIWS-3 (range14) Crew 8 WT 15
    Total Crew 59 WT 94
    Hull (hull modifiers: None) 14
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  2. 0b1000010

    0b1000010 Member

    Definitely a lot to take in. Excited to try my own build out. Questions:
    -Do we post our build here? Yes, in this thread -Vesuvius
    -How much time do we have? At least through next Monday -Vesuvius
    -Can we submit multiple builds? Just one, but you can keep modifying it -Vesuvius
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  3. Kahless

    Kahless Member

    Excited... but also can't wait for Genari ships contest :)
  4. Zer0CoolAZ

    Zer0CoolAZ Administrator Staff Member

    This should be the start to something pretty awesome. I'm looking forward to trying my hand at making one.
  5. Tesseract

    Tesseract New Member


    Engine: SIWFD-5Ax3 Crew 18 WT 15 Power 9(11 with combat thrusters)
    Weapons: SIWPB-1x1 F + SIWLB-9x1 A Crew 11 WT 45
    Shields: SIWFF2-3 (6power,2ndtier) Crew 15 WT 20

    Sensors: SIWS-2 (range12) Crew 4 WT 10
    Total Crew = 48 WT = 90

    Hull(hull modifiers : ship mass 91, +1) 15

    -Interesting, so a very slow, heavy beam corvette. It is pretty close to the beam drone you see defending Sol sectors. However, it would barely move if it tried charging the weapon, and would be completely immobile trying to fully charge that heavy plasma beam. -Vesuvius
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  6. Locke

    Locke New Member

    Engine: SIWFHD-4b x3 Crew 45 Wt 60 Total Power 24 (26 with combat thrusters)
    Weapons: SIWFW-7x1 Crew 4 WT 20
    Shields: SIWFF-1 Crew 2 WT 2
    Sensors: SIWS-2 Crew 4 WT 10

    TOTAL CREW=55 WT=92

    Hull=12 (-2 for power over 22)
    Total power should be around 25 build. Yes, 26-1=25 for using the 24 power engine -Vesuvius

    -I was waiting to see if anyone would attempt to put that monster engine in the Orchis, making it even faster than the ultra-fast type III. So you're creating a fast missile-interceptor with this build, that is super fragile; but designed to evade practically any ship out there, essentially a fast Bengbu V. -Vesuvius
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  7. Locke

    Locke New Member

    Exactly. Wanted the largest powered engines but had to sacrifice everything else. Still wanted to do some damage without using too much power though. The idea was to make a true "scout" ship. They need to be fast to find the enemy and get away from them without being hit. Though I really wanted to try out that large shield build..could you imagine a t3 with 27 shields...crazy though I don't know if I could find enough power for it to function very well the 18 shield one though could be doable
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  8. AmishJoe

    AmishJoe Member

    Engine:SIWFHD-3-A x3 Crew 36 Wt 45
    Scan: SIWS-2 Crew 4 Wt 10
    Shield: SIWF 2-1 Crew 5 Wt 4
    Weapons: Forward SIWLB-8 Crew 5 Wt 15
    Aft SIWLB-6B Crew 3 Wt 12

    Totals; Crew 53 Weight 86 +5 for extra hull=91
    Hull points 16
    Power 18(20 with thrusters)

    I originally thought the SIWLB-5 for the aft, but decided i would rather have the range as opposed to the extra punch

    -So an Orchis similar to the Type I, but with slightly better weapons, at the sacrifice of shield systems, compensating with extra hull. -Vesuvius
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  9. Locke

    Locke New Member

    You left off shields I believe. I don't know the rules but I think all sol ships have to have some kind of shields.

    -Doesn't have to, but it doesn't fit the general Sol concept/principles. -Vesuvius
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  10. Ttt

    Ttt New Member

    Engine: SIWFHD-4x3 Crew 30 WT 36
    Power 15(17 with combat thrusters)
    Weapons: SIWLB-9 1F Crew 6 WT 20, SIWLB-8 1A Crew 5 WT 15
    Shields: SIWFF3-1 (3power,3rdtier) Crew 15 WT 12
    Sensors: SIWS-2 (range12) Crew 4 WT 10
    Total Crew 60 WT 93
    Hull (hull modifiers: None) 14

    -Reduced speed in exchange for more powerful weapons and super efficient shields -Vesuvius
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  11. Doc

    Doc New Member

    Engine: SIWFHD-3A Crew 36 WT 45 - Power 18(20 with combat thrusters)
    Weapons: SIWFW-8 Crew 5 WT 25
    Shields: SIWFF3-1 Crew 15 WT 12
    Sensors: SIWS-2 (range12) Crew 4 WT 10
    Power (missile weapon used: -1) 19
    Total Crew 60 WT 92
    Hull (hull modifiers: None) 14

    -Our first missile Orchis, which could be an interesting option for the type V. -Vesuvius
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  12. Doc

    Doc New Member

    Ship 3tir lacks energy on shields, so the shield must be 1 energy * 3power 1 time. In 4lvl officer will be 15 shields for 5 energy. About weapon - Missile must have max DMG for overload. This ship we can use in attack and in def
  13. Eidolon

    Eidolon New Member

    Orchis V Missile Corvette

    Engine: SWIFHD-4, 30 Crew, 36 Mass, 15 Power
    Weapons: SIWFW-7 x2, 8 Crew, 40 Mass
    Scanners: SIWS-2, 4 Crew, 10 Mass
    Shields: SIWFF2-1, 5 Crew, 4 Mass
    Power: 15(base) + 2(combat thrusters) - 1(fission warhead)= 16
    Hull: 14(base) + 1(mass@90) = 15
    Damage: 10(base)
    Shields: 2x1
    Scanners: 12 range max

    Total Crew: 47
    Total Mass: 90

    -Another missile corvette, this one with more firepower, less speed. It would be the strongest Orchis when it comes to offensive strength -Vesuvius
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  14. Decimus

    Decimus New Member

    Engine: SIWFHD -3A, 36 crew, - 18+2= 20 power (-1 for Fission Warhead), weight = 45 KTon
    Scanner: SIWS-2, 4 crew, weight = 10 KTon
    SIWFW-8, 5 crew, weight =24 KTon -25 kton -Vesuvius
    SIWLB-6A, 3 crew, weight = 10 KTon
    *No shields, see description for potentially canonical reasoning*
    Total mass = 90 KTon
    Crew = 48
    Hull points = 15
    Engine power = 19

    Ship Description:
    "During his early years of naval service as a midshipman aboard the destroyer S.I.N. Monarch, Rear-Admiral Samuel Turner took part in an engagement that changed the way he viewed naval tactics, prompting him to create his own naval doctrine and tactics. In 2149, the S.I.N. Monarch was on patrol with the corvettes Revolving Light and Gladius around New Terra. While moving through an asteroid field, they were engaged by five Genari Corvettes who had taken up ambush positions in case of an enemy patrol. Upon seeing the Genari, the captain of the Gladius fully charged his shields, while the commander of the Revolving Light instead prepared to take evasive action and return fire. Being slower, the Monarch was unable to assist the two corvettes for a period of two minutes, during which the Gladius was completely destroyed and the Revolving Light severly damaged and forced to withdraw. At his post on the bridge, Midshipman 1st Class Samuel Turner saw what he viewed as a fatal flaw in Sol tactics: the use of shields on smaller, more agile ships. In his mind, the power-hungry yet relatively weak shields present on corvettes didn’t adequately protect the ships and also prevented them from having sufficient fuel to evade enemy vessels. He believed that, had the commander of the Gladius not charged his shields and instead put all power to weapons and thrust, he would have been able to effectively dodge the Genari’s incoming fire, surviving alongside the Revolving Light. He took this to heart, and upon taking command of his first ship, the Orchis-class corvette Vaux, he completely removed its shields and SIWLB-5 lasers, replacing them with a lighter, higher-yield SIWFW-8 fission warhead and a smaller, lighter SIWLB-6A laser beam and also adding thicker hull-armor to improve survivability while not using valuable engine power. He commanded the Vaux for nine years, with incredible success, ambushing Genari assault squadrons and even taking part in two massive engagements around Ghaza where he destroyed two Genari cruisers and a destroyer through the use of hit-and-run tactics, proving the merits of his vision. "

    -So another heavy on firepower variant, removing shields entirely, sacrificing defense for offense -Vesuvius

    Now that I think about it, the Orchis really doesn't have the available mass to support heavy armament, so I'm going to change my design.

    Engine = SIWID-3A, 54 crew, 66 mass, 27 power
    Scanner = SIWS-2, 4 crew, 10 mass
    No shields
    Weaponry = Forward SIWLB-5, 3 crew, 12 mass

    Hull points = 13 (-2 for over 22 power)(+1 for less than 91 mass)
    Crew = 61
    Mass = 88
    Engine power = 29 (27+2 for "Combat Thrusters")

    So, I decided to make the fastest Sol ship in game (I believe). This would, when used with other Orchis V's, be able to protect slower ships from those pesky Agile Flyer IV's and may even be able to destroy them in 1v1 combat (Yeah, maybe that's pushing it, but if there were multiple, it could easily be done.). There, that's my idea, a very, very fast Orchis that would leave even the Orchis III in the dust.

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  15. 0b1000010

    0b1000010 Member

    I'm surprised nobody focused on what its really supposed to be, a Scout Ship. So I've created a bigger sensor version.

    Orchis V Scout Corvette
    Engine: SWIFHD-4, 30 Crew, 36 Mass, 15 Power
    Weapons: SIWLB-6Ax2, 6 Crew, 20 Mass
    Scanners: SIWS-4, 16 Crew, 25 Mass (16 scan range)
    Shields: SIWFF2-1, 5 Crew, 4 Mass
    Power: 15(base) + 2(combat thrusters) = 17
    Hull: 14(base) + 1 armor + 1(mass@85) = 16

    Total Crew: 57
    Total Mass: 85 + 1 armor +1 bonus armor

    -And once an enemy ship is detected, power isn't needed to scanners, keeping a lock on the enemy ship up to 16 hexes away. -Vesuvius
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  16. Decimus

    Decimus New Member

    -Honestly, I think this is probably the most faithful version of the ship to its purpose. In the end, the Orchis really doesn't have the available hardpoints or space to have extreme damage output and is best at scouting.
  17. Hexxx

    Hexxx Member

    Engine: SIWFHD-4x3 Crew 30 WT 36
    Power 15(17 with combat thrusters)
    Weapons: none
    Shields: SIWFF3-3 (9power,3rdtier) Crew 28 WT 42
    Sensors: SIWS-2 (range12) Crew 4 WT 10
    Total Crew 62 WT 88
    Hull (hull modifiers: 1) 14+1 =15

    Yeah I made a ship with no weapons. Probably not too popular with people, but I think it would make the perfect fleet AI because it would be hard to kill with bigger shields when its on hold and survive sniper hits but still be able to catch up to you wherever you go.
  18. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    So the winner of this contest is:
    Power: 19
    Weapon: 1 Forward FW-8 Missile
    Shields: 3 power tier 3 FF3-1
    Sensors: 12 hex range
    Hull: 14
    Crew: 60
    Weight: 92

    This design was chosen as fitting best into the Orchis mold, with substantial maneuverability, low end but effective shield system, and offensive levels similar to other Orchis -- but with a fission warhead option unique to V, like the Bengbu V.
    This new ship will be added to the ship roster for Sol on Christmas day.
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  19. lefty

    lefty Member

    Shoot, I just found out about this contest. Missed it. Next one I guess.
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