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  1. FResh

    FResh New Member

    In the beginning we had a permadeath (once your ship was destroyed you would lose it together with all officers) and that was thrilling. People voted and permadeath was removed. The game became less punishing. Sure there is cooldown time when your ship is ''repaired'' and you can not use it. I would like to suggest a LP cost to ''revive'' your ship. It should be around 50 percent of max LP cost. I would like to add that officer upgrades should remain- it would be too harsh to lose fully leveled officers (it takes 1-2 months for casual player to max it).
  2. Zer0CoolAZ

    Zer0CoolAZ Administrator Staff Member

    As someone who was out of commission for about a month, even with the major delay and being behind, I still like the permadeath more. I lost my first C4 and still would have preferred actually losing it rather than having to wait 42 hours (Or so, I took the honorable death skill and haven't done the math completely). Although since we do still have this new system in place, I've got to give it a fair chance before really judging it. I'm not sure if I'd like to see a revive shortcut. Unless that was a premium feature, which would result in people crying pay to win or pay to play (Realistically the only 'advantage' being gained with money is the chance to screw up and lose your ship more often.)

    Frankly I would love to see a vote though and see how split it is down the line on the idea of making an optional early revive that costs 50-100 credits. It could even go as far as still having a minimum cooldown timer even with the premium cost so that at the earliest, you could revive a certain ship every 1-4 hours? (Numbers would need to actually be sat down and looked at instead of just my placeholders).
  3. Heinous

    Heinous New Member

    I didnt like the permadeath change recently, but I can see why it was implemented. The thing I really dont like is how there is no detriment to having your ship destroyed. I believe maybe a credits/LP/HP cost for reviving your ship/officers should be implemented to have some detriment from losing your ship being implemented.
  4. Umari

    Umari New Member

    I've said it in-game often enough, but i'll go ahead and say it here too: I liked permadeath the way it was originally and I had no issue with the monetization of ship variants. They were VERY reasonably priced. So there's my 2 cents on both subjects.
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  5. sathurn

    sathurn New Member

    I think the new system is an improvement. And I would not be opposed to paying to get your ship quicker, as long as it it leadership points not cash. Ii agree a minimum cool down of at least an hour or several in necessary.

    As far as monitization: Anything that looks like pay to win, ai unlocking the best ship with cash, I am opposed to. Changing the marketing for free to play to demo however would make allot of sences. Everyone can play class 3 and maybe class 4, But only supporters can play everything else.
  6. robert04841

    robert04841 New Member

    mhm, I do wish for more premium ships like the Halifax and predator. I think I'm looking at World of warships format in that case, but if variants are cheap then why not, game has to make money somehow and I would happily pay for my kumo 2 as it was a fun time. I think with the changes to Variants coming, making them more balanced, makes me wish their was a rental system, but we do have skirmish which is practically that.
  7. sathurn

    sathurn New Member

    Why not just pay 5-10 dollars a month to support the game development and the severs instead paying to have an advantage in the game? ie the best class whatever ship.
  8. biscrash

    biscrash New Member

    Nobody wants one "pay to win", and ask to pay to play a game in development in his current state is unthinkable. Maybe later but not yet.
    However, you have a former strong community which likes very much this game. You can try to use the crowdfunding.
  9. TomCat86

    TomCat86 New Member

    Pay for cosmetics is the only business model I would support. Paint your ship a certain way, sure pay for that, but pay for ships with different stats? No way, and their should be no re spawn timer. There should be a timer where you cant use that ship in that place you just died in.
  10. Zer0CoolAZ

    Zer0CoolAZ Administrator Staff Member

    Have you looked at the stats, and looked at the percentage that they differ from a free base model? This isn't pay for different stats, it's pay for a different unique ship. Where other games will happily copy and paste the exact same thing over and over again with different colors and call it "New content", Space wars creates NEW ships that are different in form, and function. Some of the variants will most likely still need balancing tweaks here and there, but it's leaps and bounds over 99% of the "F2P" games out there. (Clash of clans and games like it are a prime example of Pay to Win).
  11. TomCat86

    TomCat86 New Member

    I dont think you understand. Paying for anything, stats or a different ship unobtainable without paying is a form of pay to win. This ship may be better at doing something another ship is bad at. That is what defines pay to win. Some sort of advantage outside of cosmetic that gives another player an edge even if its slight. Even 01.% better is still pay to win. Which is why locking ships with different stats is that. Only cosmetic "non game play things" should be pay wall locked.

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