*** OFFICIAL LAUNCH: December... 8th? ***

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vesuvius_SWIE, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. I_MIKE_I

    I_MIKE_I New Member

    Hi, I'm new here and was hoping on getting my hands on the Game later today (already 6th here in Germany).

    Since I've been playing MMO-RPG (starting with Tibia in the mid/late 90s), TBS (I guess starting with Pokemon / Final Fantasy) and pretty much everything with Spaceships (since X-Wing Alliance), I suppose I'm almost the perfect example of the target audience. :p

    I think I already got some suggestions / fixes, but I'd rather try the latest version of the Game rather than making them based on pictures/videos/posts that may be based on older versions.

    I hope asking for it isn't frowned upon, but... could I get a key/invite to make use of the 2(?) days delay? :rolleyes:
  2. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    key sent!
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  3. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Fleet, Vice, Rear Admiral and Commodore Legacy Medals = all wiped for open beta/live, yes?

    I'm guessing only the Bug Hunter one will carry over ..? If that's not the case, I'll get to work on earning 200k XP in the next 2 days for FA lol...
  4. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, only the bug hunter carries over from the internal beta. I have to manually add it to players, so I have not done that yet -- as the accounts wipe on launch, I will be adding them when players who were beta testers re-add their accounts to spacewars.

    Starting launch however, all server endings will carry over as legacy.
  5. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    I only ever managed to actually achieve Sol victory/ending cinematic during early tests. I remember several tests of running the gauntlet to power and finally crashing Gen Homeworld (maybe Sol too) only to find out that the victory sequence and server end/auto-restart wasn't working properly :p

    I was SOOOOO close to a Gen victory though (out of the 2 or 3 times I played Gen), talking 1 more day instead of screwing around showing what a lockout blockade could do.... lol Had the ship and the officers and everything to do it, but I had been goofing around doing other things and testing and letting the galaxy persist for quite awhile, then it was reset right before I was going to make the final attack. I think I was ready to down Sol homeworld in about 2 weeks after that test started :p And to think it took me a month just to break the defense line this time!

    Is that about what you had hoped for? Time-wise.

    If I had a bunch of people in comms, 10 or so, who all had a handle on the game and could follow a plan, I'm pretty sure we could down a defense platform in under a week. That probably won't happen until the 2nd galaxy after open beta starts.
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  6. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    So we got approval for launch now from Steam... finally. But the Dev team has gone sleepytime right now so I can't reach them. Will tell you guys if the server opens up Thursday, or still planned for Friday. I do want the tutorial bug fixed though, before launch.
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  7. Gant

    Gant Member

    Why missing the launch date twice? :p

    Stick with announced date, imo.
  8. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Might as well stick with Friday. Extra day to do some ironing.
  9. Veryan

    Veryan New Member

    Stick with Friday. Fewer schedule changes appears more professional in my opinion.
  10. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    All set for Friday; European players should see access Friday evening, US players Friday afternoon!
  11. Zer0CoolAZ

    Zer0CoolAZ Administrator Staff Member

    This is exciting. Even while laying down sick I think about some of the things we will get to do over time. :D
  12. ben

    ben Member

    i'm here now, maybe my connection is too slow
  13. Ironpaw

    Ironpaw New Member

    It is 7:45am EST, I checked the upcoming space wars page for a release time, steam says 15 hours, which puts this at 9-10 pm EST - hope that is wrong.

  14. TheMaster

    TheMaster New Member

  15. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    10pm EST is the latest it will launch, but is should be A LOT sooner, as early as noon EST, 6pm GMT
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  16. Ironpaw

    Ironpaw New Member

    Thanks for the update Vesuvius. :)
  17. Ironpaw

    Ironpaw New Member

    Looks like it is up

  18. Veryan

    Veryan New Member

    Just double checking, the beta instructions said we couldn't share screenshots or what not, can we do so now?
    (I expect the answer is yes, since its now publicly available, but its better to be sure!)
  19. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Pretty sure you can share any screenshots/videos, tell/invite anyone, or stream to your heart's content
  20. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    (Getting even more ahead of the wagon here)

    Patch notes!

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