Officer Spotlight: Genari CAPTAIN

Discussion in 'The Shipyard & Guides' started by Vesuvius_SWIE, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. BlueMaro

    BlueMaro New Member

    I think its safe to say that the frigate is the minimum to be a decent survivor of battles since its got 20+ hitpoints, and at least most Genari frigates have some sort of shields. I'd be more than satisfied if I get to the destroyer level, so warship commander skill is all I need, and some honorable death since I expect to get killed a lot.
  2. Potkeny

    Potkeny Member

    Vesuvius said that retreating is "more common" than destroyed, we'll see if it's true when we play.
  3. Pendragon

    Pendragon Member

    I don't think I'll be worried about dying in the beginning. Until my ship is upgraded with with stronger officers I think the first ships are pretty expendable.
  4. Nickman77

    Nickman77 Member

    Honorable death skill works properly now. Its definitely useful with the fact that the higher tier ships cost more now.
  5. Kuwanger

    Kuwanger New Member

    For some really quick XP, I like slaughter 2 for the captain skill. You can dump three marine pods and gain over 100 xp, a lot more than what you'd get for killing the ship.
  6. Kahless

    Kahless Member

    For fast XP I go straight for slaughter. Now with support ship (and buying the troop ship) I can refill my troops and fight AI with major XP for every battle. Maybe its better against AI for now and won't be as easy vs. ppl but we'll see.
  7. NightWolf

    NightWolf Member

    I go for slaughter too now, at least as long as I'm running amok with the first honor frigate.
  8. TommyBZ

    TommyBZ New Member

    From what I can see the genari are making bank xp from slaughter because there's a lot of xp to be gained from each marine pod vs. destroying a ship at least the corvette levels.
    Kahless likes this.
  9. Kahless

    Kahless Member

    Yes, I am doing that!
  10. CpZen

    CpZen Member

    Slaughter slaughter slaughter! Best way for a young Genari recruit to get known in his circle of captains.
  11. ben

    ben Member

    when you get it going again,,,,,,, the combat ai should be limited to level 6 but a level 7 or 8 command ship should be able to have two level 6 ships accompany it.
    in my highly addicted and cash handy over opinion,,,,,,hahahaha.
    but it hink we should be able to take t6 in 3, and or 1 t7,,,,,, i personally would rather the small step up or if ita at possible when ,,,both options.
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