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Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by Dr. krtecek, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Dr. krtecek

    Dr. krtecek New Member


    the last update removed the permadeath and officer death.

    The permadeath is gone forever due to the players dont like the hardcore games nowadays.

    I want to speak about the officer death feature.
    When the premadeath and officer death was removed together, the game isnt rewarding much from my opinion. In time the players will just train threir officers to max. (will be canceled by server restart).

    But what will happen if the officer death will be still active, and permadeath removed.
    The player will loose all officers, and have will have to train them again. If the player wont train them from beginning, he should use credits to revive the lost officers (payement fee will depend on officer lvl). Witch will help monetize the game.

    In the game it will look like when the player lose the ship, for example all officers promoted to 3 lvl, a pop up window at officer screen during the ship countdown will give you chance to revive them. One by one, so you could revive only 2. Not all five.

    You will be able to revive them only during the ship countdown, after that not revived officer are lost and have to be trained and promoted again.

    IMPORTANT: I am speaking about reviveing the officers that player trained before. Not about training officers for credits to train them instantly, or faster.

    Sincerely yours
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  2. fox

    fox New Member

    Dearest Dr. K,
    Many people on the server feel your pain as well. Hardcore mode was a way of life for some of the gamers here in space. Changes are being made weekly to the game so, this could change if enough people prefer it Hardcore mode. It's at least a chance to try it out for now. Permadeath may not be gone forever, there is talk of a "hardcore" mode for players who prefer that style of game. Sure, players can train officers to max, but if a ship is destroyed then no training during that time. Just like before, you'll have to be smart to earn officer points, protect valuable ships, and train efficiently. You could think of this game now having no permadeath, but you'll be much better if you can not lose a ship and keep officers training on it. Just like Hardcore mode, those who don't die as much will benefit.
    I like your idea of modifying which officers remain.

    How would it be determined which officers stay if the officers are Engineer 5 and Tactical 1 and Medical 3? Which is saved and should you get to choose? Or would it be rando?

    This is a great point and I we have have more input from the community on it!

    Viciously yours,
  3. Dr. krtecek

    Dr. krtecek New Member

    Thanks for reply fox,

    Well I will put an example of my idea:

    There will be button revive for each officer under respec skills button. Will be active only at ship countdown. When the player will click on button the pop-up window will tell him if he want to revive the officer for the current amount of credits. If the player agrees, the officer will be revived to his lvl before death, with skill points to spend. So the player will be able to choose which officers to revive and will be able to spend the officers points as he likes. Simple picture included.

    Of course there is the question about the price for each lvl of the officer, and the respec of officer skill, cause the price should be the same.
    For examle:
    1 lvl officer - 15 credits
    2 lvl officer - 25 credits
    3 lvl officer - 50 credits
    4 lvl officer - 75 credits
    5 lvl officer - 100 credits

    And if the player dont revive officers during the ship countdown, the officer couldnt be revive no more and his skills and officer point needed for promotion will be lost. The player will have to start train the current (not revived officers) from the begining.

    Of course there will be some officers witch will be revived more than others. Depending on the officers skill. So this can be a feature that will tell the developers it the officers skills are balanced. officer revivejpg.jpg

    Hope you will get the point from this brief example.

    Sincerely yours,
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  4. Midnightsun

    Midnightsun Member

    Strangely I as well would like some kind of permament punishment back. I like the idea of permament offucier death or a reduction of lvls whatsoever
  5. Suno

    Suno Member

    +1 to the officer death(if officer weren't retained they wouldn't be such a huge problem towards balance since 50/50 ships would be far and few between and they would lose it eventually all it takes is some bad luck) -1 to the p2w revive. Just bring the ship locks back ves :p

    If they do implement officer death I would like to suggest that stuff like DME2 need like 16/50 instead of like 50/50 to buy.
  6. Suno

    Suno Member

    Ohh follow-up on that idea, you could maybe add some nameplate vanities that reflect your ships current officer points so the enemy knows which ships are the high value targets and more powerful then others.

    Next to name or something
    10/50 = 1*

    20/50 = 2*


    This adds a sense of achievement but also a sense of loss to each ship :) bringing back the more hard-core feel of the game while not permanently setting people back in LP due to ship loss.
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  7. redbear_89

    redbear_89 New Member

    you can try when you die you lose 1 lvl on each off ur officer and half off your officer points
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  8. Midnightsun

    Midnightsun Member

    Make it 1 skull. 2 skulls and genari eqivalent
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  9. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    reviving officers with credits -- as much as I would like that -- wouldn't that be considered pay for power, and more whining from the community?
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  10. Heinous

    Heinous New Member

    You could make it so you can pay with credits or with HP/LP
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  11. fox

    fox New Member

    Space Wars Currency and Economy

    Credits, Honor (Genari- HP), and Leadership Points (Sol - LP)

    Credits are paid for with world currency, at appropriate exchange rate.

    HP/LP are awarded for in-game accomplishments
    World currency is awarded for out-of-game accomplishments

    My thoughts on shareholders' (devs, server admins, art team, and the playerbase) equity:

    Utilizing the in-game currency (HP/LP) to:
    1) reduce timer or fully restore ships on death-timer
    2) return officers to full status *1 or partial status

    *1 - If implementation of a reduction in - officer points or office rank - occurs due to ship loss. note, I feel the point of providing factions an option to reduce officer levels on ships is important. Immortal officers that don't lose experience is not what my favorite fantasy/sci-fi has shown me. A loss of a ship and it's associated officers is a huge hit to space corporations, be it Star-Fleet or the Empire or the resistance. Officers are precious and take time to teach skills or the means to control their emotions. Scale down the HP/LP requirement for less for lower tier, low officer point, low exp captains. Then scale it up for the experienced veterans who play nearly daily. This will build a story in the galaxy, which is what some role-players want to be able to do. For others, that officer is just a number 1-5. Broaden the strokes of the brush and build a big fire with a huge tent overhead, not literally.
    I dream of the day when Sol can say,

    "Today we killed the DEADLIEST Marine Commander - Doctor Octopus - in the galaxy on fox's Guardian 3. He won't be coming back anytime soon.... or will he *insert spine tingle here*. If he does make it back to space in that Genari - Tier 6, his marines won't be as eager to assault our hulls.

    fox's Elite Tactical Officer - Carnage (smuggled out through HIVE space from pilots' (Kazern and Dalwins idle Lenningrads) had his torso vaporized by a 1,000 km burst through the tactical command room of the Guardian 3. Not even the valiant shield modulation, overcharged to the max, could stop, the 1,000km, point-blank salvo of plasma from Dalwin's Montana.

    Information just in from the forward observations posts via spies inserted into HIVE consumers early this morning.... Carnage's legacy lives on, a new EQUALLY skilled officer has risen from the ranks to fill the ranks on the G3 as word of his Honor (points) in battle far and wide. DO NOT expect his damage or shield potential to drop. Sol, we cut two officer down yesterday, but one filled the holes our plasma left in their ranks. Today, we hunt for the new recruit."

    My next question here is, how can those pouring hours of their time into this game be compensated FAIRLY for their hard work?

    My answer is world currency converted into credits.

    How should the people who spent countless hours creating this WAR for us be compensated? What is fair to ask for in return for this amazing game?

    I can't answer this due to my chaotic neutral alignment, but you all can. Many games have some aspect of world currency input to PAY for this amazing creation and allow the people building this game from the ground up to CONTINUE making this game better.

    I'm posting this here. Also, is any of this worthy of a new thread? I'm new to forums and don't understand protocol....
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  12. robert04841

    robert04841 New Member

    I think this has to happen or officer skills need a revision. I do enjoy them, but there is a big difference in stats between ships with officer and ships without(and for good reason, you guys did work hard to make your ship stronger and it defiantly feels like good progression) but with some form of officer attrition I think skills can stay the same and it can at least relieve that hardcore feel some players miss.
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  13. sathurn

    sathurn New Member

    The problem with permanent death is the cost to the causal player was just to high. And I don't have time, I have a job (60 hours s week),plus a family, to be anything but a casual player.

    And Ves is right paying real world currency to avoid the consequences of death is pay to win. Because you will lose sometime.

    Having said that losing some officers skill points may be a compromise between those wanting hard core and those wanting something more casual.
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  14. TomCat86

    TomCat86 New Member

    If you want hardcore features or re spawn timers, play a hardcore game mode. I will play one that doesn't have those "features". You will bet the majority would play the mode that isn't as you say "hardcore". Its pretty simple really.

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