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Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by Dalwin, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Beernchips

    Beernchips Member

    I don t think shield = power is flawed, its more that remaining power=move=init.
    I would like to know why Vesuvius didn t pushed his concept of power management to the fullest and so every thing need to be power up, including move and init and like for shields and weapons you have some multiplicators and a max level.
    Of course, a ship can t generate enough power to have everything and unused power is lost (you can even imagine a trait where you can keep the unused power for next turn )
    In this way every aspect of ships is in the hand of player
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  2. robert04841

    robert04841 New Member

    I think a big issue here is simply late vs early game as well. Don't get me wrong it's a cool concept, but the ships should be unique with racial quarks and their own rather then scaling(If that means any sense)
  3. ben

    ben Member

    The AI, and sector Limits.
    Something about how the entry of players makes them leave.
    But in a few weeks time,
    but i might be incorrect because i don't know how long it takes an 8 to kill another 8

    Two scouts just jumped into a sector, against an Player 8, that had been banging away at an AI 8,
    The Ai 8 leaves, at half strength, because of the sector limit, and now the Player has to start all over again,because who would fight an 8, and how long does the player 8 have to put up with this while trying to get crew points?
    because the slow cap was removed,( thanks whingers)

    personal experience-
    i don't mind the way it all works at the moment, because it makes for some interesting tactical choices, but something is a miss, something will grow from this unless players start risking their ships against the bigger ones.

    previous behaviour that is influencing-
    all this running away- i'm for it,
    but we are running from battles we can win, and not learning how to win because we are running away, or your ally runs whens he should have stayed, or your ally goes after an xp shot that leaves you dead to ai, and then makes players think running away is the only option.

    not at the moment.
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  4. buddhisticCowboy

    buddhisticCowboy New Member

    I have watched all this go down in the game. once you factor in terrain, multiple players and ai, most of what you are saying goes out the window. perhaps on a 30X30 blank all this talk is meaningful, but experience has shown me many different outcomes from the above mentioned stats. I tend to agree that genari is powerful early on and sol later on, but what does that mean in an evolving and continuous join game, I have found it to mean very little. as always people look for reasons behind the causes and outcome of war, but this is just a game and if one side is better than the other then I LIKE IT. when they balanced D&D, it literally took out the fun for me.
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  5. Beernchips

    Beernchips Member

    Except that without balance, there is little room to tactic and even less for fun.
    Today game is more like a rock-paper-scissor situation than a tactic game.
    And by rock-paper-scissor,I mean for example Victory 3 >>>>>>>> any Sol t6 so Sol have safer time to leave than stay fight a lost in advance battle and after its Exeter >>>>>>> any Genari t8
  6. FResh

    FResh New Member

    Hello Peroox, i do remember that fight. To be honest my officers are maxed and i know what i am doing. With a little bit of luck you can kill Leningrad in 3 turns. Interdictor 3 has got no equals in fighting sol t3-t5. There is no ship which can counter it. It all changes with sol t6+. Sol should have fast and agile t5 to make things more interesting!
  7. Suno

    Suno Member

    Does it really change with t6+ ? As far as I can tell the only truly OP ship we have is "Baltimore 3"(And this costs 108k). Things just got way more difficult for us in sector 8 or higher maps because vic's just dominate everything else and with Hold timer there's no stopping them.
  8. FResh

    FResh New Member

    Hi Suno. Well at least t6+ sol ships have a fightint chance and enough hull to survive some punching. Yesterday i have seen opposite situation. Leningrad was beating badly Interdictor 3. When i have entered sector Len was in full health and Int was at half. Int 3 player said that he just couldnt penetrate his shields. This clearly shows that personal skills and officer upgrades matter a lot.
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  9. sathurn

    sathurn New Member

    yeh +1 to shield power plus +10% engines to power it. It take 16 pts to clear my Leningrad shields. By the same token there was no way I was chasing him down. He was at half life despite making some tactical errors. But when three of you showed, next battle I think, it put my Leningrad on cooldown.
  10. FResh

    FResh New Member

    Later on the same day i have participated in another fight i want to share about. It happened that me in INT 3 and Specia in VIC 3 entered sector together to defend it against lonely Leningrad. I have seen how Leningrad destroyed second low hp npc scout ship so i knew his location, it was in totally different side of the map. He saw us coming so he decided to warp out. We both activated our stress engines and other dmg skills. Leningrad was at full health. I have charged first, inflicted around 40 dmg. Specia did the rest. So thats about 90 dmg in one turn without any chance for escape. It gives me mixed emotions- both thrill of the hunt and doubts about balance.
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  11. Midnightsun

    Midnightsun Member

    I think that the game needs overall lower lvls of energy. The FResh you described you play shows just the game ba lance when you max out tge capabilities of tour ship. I would like as well the possibility that you can charge up your shields weapons when fleeing. With the drawback that you can move or actively chose targets. As well it should be considered if stagging of Special abilities like Rally and Engineovercharge etc should be allowed in the same round. Right now a lvl 5 interdictor 3 and VIC3 can cripple any equal or lower Tier in one round.
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  12. Beernchips

    Beernchips Member

    Lowering energy will only cripple Sol shields even more.
    Problem lies more in some skills and also in the overall high speed of ships, t6 shouldn t be able to cross a map in 2 turns to go snipe a ship
    In addition to all suggestions did in other topics, perhaps adding a drawback to get higher movements (like for beam weapons when powering up higher levels costs 2 or 3 power) should be introduced. Something like for t5 : 2 power for 1 move until 10 move, 3 power for 11 to 20 move, 4 power for 21 to 30 ...
  13. Suno

    Suno Member

    Ves mentioned he was re-working stress engines, so I think that will eliminate a lot of the issues with the vic 3 re-work.

    Baltimore 3 needs to be looked at on this front too, actually b2 and b3 exeter is in a good place imo.
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