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    Why am i making this guide?

    Sol gets a lot of new players and they keep doing the most useless thing i have seen and its a sad sight.

    Why should you listen to me? Who am i?

    The game hasn't been out long in open beta so the only credentials i have is that i am the player that was ranked one on lp/honor and ranked two on xp as a sol player with the only player with a class 7 (t7) ship.

    pre-requisite reading

    There is a lot of information hidden the two guides that i found the most helpful are:

    The basic tutorial on the mechanics in the game: Read this before you even read this because i won't go over the mechanics in this guide as they are nicely explained in the previous one.

    Another guide that is really useful is the accuracy guide made by xeen that can be found here but is not required:
    In this guide i will try to explain what goes on in the mind of someone that has played the game since day 1 of the open beta.

    What kind of player should read this guide

    If you don't know why you are getting killed in a t3 because everyone is faster then you or you always get killed straight away and you don't know why or you got shot by a big massive laser 4-8 times and wonder why. Or just simply because you want some extra information above the guide made by the owner of the game.


    [1] For defense platforms
    [2] For explosion damage
    [3] For turn order
    [4] For damage range bonuses
    [5] For shields vs initiative
    [6] For scanner vs initiative
    [7] For passing turn
    [8] What makes a good- and bad ship
    [9] For roles
    [9] For scanner lock
    [10] For captain and officer skills brief
    [11] For when should you fly a tier 4 or higher

    Newbie Scenario's

    [1] Newbies hitting defense platforms

    I am getting hit by laser beams from across the map 8~ times and everyone is dying and sitting behind planets/moons/astroids. You are probably in a sector with a space defense structure.

    This is not meant for new players and just leave them alone. The battle goes forward and backwards between the current two factions and sometimes the only sectors to attack are the ones with space defense structures. This does not mean you should attack them. In this case you should wait for an attack to come in so you can defend or you should just wait. This is currently a ongoing issue that is being fixed.

    You can identify those sectors by zooming a bit in. If i look from sol perspective you see:


    The little dots are sectors with mines in them. Mines are not really a threat. They explode when your 2 hexes away and its their turn and then do explosion damage to your ship. This will be explained further into the guide. You can safely enter those area's as a newbie.


    The battle-station icon looks like this. Don't attack those as newbies. They will blow you up and you are just feeding the enemy experience.


    The next one is even more dangerous. Its a heavy battle station. Same as before but much worse. Same case don't go in there if you don't know what you are doing.

    [2] Newbies sit next to enemy players when the other enemy is going to explode.

    I just explained how mines explode automatically if its their turn and your 2 hexes away. So why would mines kill themselves.... Its because ships/structures do explosion damage to a 4 hex radius around them! The table goes like this:

    1 hex away = 50% current engine damage.
    2 hex away = 25% current engine damage.
    3 hex away = 12.5% current engine damage.
    4 hex away = 6.25% current engine damage.
    5 hex away = 0.

    So what will happen if you sit right next to a mine. The mine has 10 engines(lets just call them engine mines?????) if you sit 1 hex away you take 5 damage. If you sit 2 hexes away you take 2 damage because its rounded down. If you sit 3 hexes away you take 1 damage. If you sit 4 hexes away i assume it will be 0 because it rounds down but i can't test that at the moment.

    So your there with 4 hull and you sit next to a enemy player. Your team mates turn comes up. He knows how explosion damage works. First thing he does is say but i will kill my team mate now and ends his turn... I will shoot that player and blow you up as well. A side note: You get sector points for anything you kill in your turn (including friendly players!). BTW radiation suicides don't work. I tried.

    Its not over. No lets say you are the smart player. You are sitting next to a player but you know no one could kill the player in this turn. No harm right? But what about the players that go before you and your opponent. They will have the same issue. So don't look at your turn order for only that single turn. Know at around what position you end at on your next turn as well by calculating each and every ships initiative.

    Tip: If a player has 4 hull after repair(no shields). A smart player will in certain circumstances lower his weapons to 4 damage to get more initiative if he knows the player without any weapons will go no higher then him if he does that.

    [3] Why is he faster then me?

    There are clear best ones in class most of the time. I will first name the things i look for in a ship and how they apply to that specific ship tier but i can't even start with that because you need to know what disadvantages a higher tier ship has.

    Turn order is based on your initiative. Your initiative is based on your movement + init only skills + (if init +2 bonus on ship hull). Your probably wondering how do i even calculate movement of a ship? Lets start with a table and it will make it obvious and as always its posted somewhere you probably haven't seen it:

    Lets take for example an Orchis. The orchis is a tier 3 so for every engine it gets +2 movement. The orchis has 20 engine = 20*2 = 40 initiative. Lets say it powers all its weapons that is 2 weapons of 3 engine power each means 6 total engine gone = 6*2 because each engine gives you 2 movement = 12 initiative and that means you just lost 12 initiative from powering all weapons means you have a base of 28 initiative.

    Lets take another ship but this time a tier 4 ship so different rules apply. Lets take the liverpool 3. It has 32 engine. that means its 32*1 = 32 initiative. (higher tier means you gain less from 1 engine) it has 2 weapons of 4 power each means you can put 8 power into them but this time its only 8*1 = 8 initiative loss = 32-8 = 24 base initiative.

    If the orchis fights the liverpool 3 both with all weapons active the orchis will always go first but lets say the liverpool only powers 1 weapon with only 1 power and another with only 2 power that means it will have 32-3 = 29 initiative so he actually becomes faster then you in your orchis!

    So why would the liverpool 3 every do that because what does it matter if he only has 3 power in weapons. he won't do much damages.

    [4] Newbies shoot from to far away and don't understand damage range bonuses

    Some weapons in the game have range bonuses. The ones excluded are mostly missiles because they have a higher power to damage ratio build in. (Ex: 2 power = 4 damage missile)

    You can hover over your weapon to see your damage bonuses. But to fast track on that based on the current scenario:

    The orchis has lasers. Each laser does +1 damage if your 1-2 hexes away (Yes more damage). So why are most newbies still shooting from 3 hexes away if they can get a damage bonus? Because they haven't read this guide of course but now you know.

    There are a few reasons to not shoot from your optimal range though.

    * Not enough movement.
    * To dangerous.
    * Explosion damage on a kill shot.

    This does not mean that shooting at 7 hexes away is a smart thing either on really long range weapons.

    * You potentially show your position.
    * You have less accuracy.

    This is why you need to balance the advantages vs the disadvantages.

    Note: How accuracy is calculated is shown in xeen's guide that you probably already read if you looked at my requisites.

    In the case of the orchis vs the liverpool 3. The liverpool 3 is running 2 plasma beams. They have a maximum range bonus of +3 between hexes 1-4 and +2 and go on at different hexes. So only with 2 power in one weapon and 1 power into the other, it will do 1+4 and 2+4 = 9 damage. While the orchis will only do 3+1 and 3+1 = 8 in total.
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    [5] Newbies overvalue shields over initiative and put their shields up too much

    Now that we clarified that initiative is something you can calculate and even increase and decrease based on your needs. You will also see that shields are less effective in the early tiers compared to the late tiers by just doing a bit of math. Every shield has a power multiplier up to x4. For example take a ship with maximum shield power of 4 and a multiplier of x2. This means you will need 2 engines to get up to 4 shields. Basically 2*2 = 4 because that's the maximum shield power.

    In tier 3 each engine means 2 movement = 2 initiative. Meaning you lose tons of initiative by using it on tier 3's. In tier 4's its less so. A tier 4 only loses 1 movement = 1 initiative because of its tier meaning it loses less for running shield so maybe mitigation damage will help it more. This means that the higher the tier of ship you are driving the more you should look into putting it into shields.

    Tip: If you go before someone you can hit him and run out of his range before he can hit you back so shields will not matter because he can't hit you.

    [6] Newbies use scanner to much

    So you just found out about scanners. You use them all the time so you can find the enemy. But didn't i just explain to you that engine = 2 movement and initiative? So why are you still trying to use them? Some scenario's apply but i just want to know that it has the same answer as shields 90% of the time.

    [7] Newbies/ half the player base don't know how passing a turn works

    Lets say you are in a heavy duel with someone that is slower then you and you got no clue where he is so what do you do? you got find him of course!.... No you pass your turn in a 'safe' spot. He will take his turn first and goes to find you. He doesn't find you? Good now you got 2 turns in a row if you want to find him and shoot him. Oh hes running already? That's because you read this guide.

    But lets say hes faster then you. So he passes his turn of course. What do you do of course like i told you. Not search for him and pass your turn... but a bug happened. Your turn didn't pass because its your turn again? Surely its a bug what else could it be i passed my turn? But the pass order is reversed from slowest to fastest player. This means that its only you two on the map you are forced to find him. If you don't bad luck he will probably find you and shoot you two turns in a row.

    Passing is one of the most powerful things you can do. Like in poker player when you got the advantage or you can bluff your opponent into thinking you are right next to him so he can't pass.

    [8] So what ship is good and what ship is bad?

    Now that you know that engines give more on tier 3 ships that means shields will be less effective because you lose initiative and movement *2. So what you look in a tier 3 ship is firepower for the least amount of engine, hull and especially engines! Note: Someone(Fox) is still trying to convince me shields work on tier 3's. Maybe if they get to x3 multiplier with decent engine stats.

    T3 specifically

    In the sol line. We can see the Orchis 3 has 22 engine. Mendi 3 has 21. Orchis has 20. All good ships but generally low firepower and hull. But engines.... Yes ENGINES, they fly around the map shooting you and you can't do anything against it if the map is decently sized and your shields/repair can't be strong enough to absorb the damage. If you got a monster of a t4 that huge thing called oslo aka the brick. You can hit someone and run behind him. If they run after you the brick can move his ship 1 movement and then let loose its weapons of destruction.

    For this reason 99% of the top players regard the agile flyer 4 the best genari t3 ship and was nerfed in a patch because it had top 1 speed, engine, damage ratio.

    Any tier

    We can go to any tier. Compare its stats. We look at engine first because that's how powerful your ship is. Then we look at tier of the ship to know if it actually has engines that matter. A tier 5 with 30 engine will do less with the engine because of its tier then a t4 with the same amount of engine. Aka oslo 21 engine~ = brick. Oslo as a tier 3 = one of the best ships.

    Next up you look at its shield potential multiplier and max shield but also its weapons and weapon range bonuses to know how effective you use that ship. A good example is the lenengrad 2 that is more defensive based and the swordfish 3 that's more offense based. If you have noticed: "Both have one of the best engines in class otherwise why even use it"

    [9] Roles

    I got asked to mention this. And its a good topic to discuss. A server starts. T3's are all around killing stuff. Then t4's come. T4's are shields for the t3's to run behind and t4's use the t3's to find enemy players and lure them in. When t5's come out you actually get some variation. The t5 can be mostly damage based with only its hull as defense or it can be more defense based with shields and bit lower fire power. In each case they assume the role of the tank you hide behind or the t5 that threatens to blow you up if you are out of position. If we go further to t6 and t7 the roles keep switching. The most powerful ship at the time. The t5 defense based with a lot of damage at the time actually becomes a tank to shield players from running after your t6's and t7's that will do the majority of the damage.

    The only real role in the game that is not part of the previous section is a repair ship. They are useful in different scenario's that you will learn as you progress through the game or even go play a repair ship yourself. Repair ships don't cost that much.

    Its a interesting way how the server develops and the ship sizes change the game.

    Bit harder concepts

    [9] Scanner lock

    If a player has you found by its scanners. Note: Every ship always has a 4 hex radius around its ship scanned you got a lock on that player. The lock will last till you are outside his max scanner range except with a few scenario's: one way to break the lock is to go in a gas cloud that blocks scanners (base 4 scanner radius still applies here though so if you are only 3 hexes away and it is a gas cloud that blocks it, it will not work.) or you are behind a asteroid that will also block scanners or even a planet. Debri doesn't work for scanner locking.

    Tip: There is a asteroid 5 hexes away from someone go hide behind it to break scanner lock so he has no clue after that were you are.

    [10] Captain and officer skills brief

    You can now all calculate the initiative of a ship and its max but for some reason hes still faster or he does more damage then you expect or he even shoots from further away with such good accuracy. Its because skills exist in the game. I am not gonna name them because there are a lot. To give you some info i made a guide about that in the shipyard section for sol officers:

    [11] When should you fly a tier 4 or higher

    I flew tier 3 after i got my tier 4 because i liked it more and i did it till tier 7 when even tier 6 ships were showing up. Don't think you need to go in a higher tier ship because you can. Now with perma death removed there is no real issue anymore for flying a tier 4 or higher. Just don't go fly in them and feed the enemy exp over and over pretty please.

    End note:

    I hope with this post that a lot of new players find their time more enjoyable and don't upset experienced players by shooting from 9 hexes away with lasers and attacking stations with t3's and even try to give me a challenge. I hope you all the best and i hope this guide actually helped you.

    Side note: Someone was interested in making youtube clips to help this guide out so i will update those afterwards in case they become available and all credit goes to that user for creating those youtube clips. Not me.
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    It was to big for one post seems character limit is only 10k
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    This is a concise and brilliantly worded guide for new players . I found this guide extremely helpful and as a new player u can say that even though some of the these game mechanics has begun to show themselves to me , to have them confirmed in this way by a veteran of the game is a very pleasing aspect of this growing community i am very happy to be a part of now.
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    I think some new players don't realize that the scroll wheel can let u zoom in the galaxy map. So u can see more details about the nearby sectors.
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    Thank u for this info

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