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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hexxx, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. Hexxx

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    I haven't seen any ion storms inside nebula, they're always separate, will we ever see that?

    -Eventually, yes. -Vesuvius
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  2. 0b1000010

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    For new players, I think it would also be nice to have warnings when you get close to an environment eg. nebula, radiation, ion storm as to what it does.

    -That is definitely planned to be implemented. -Vesuvius
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  3. Pendragon

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    Radiation: To me the radiation zones seem to be areas to avoid at all costs. I don't think I'd try getting any radiation protection skills to even try entering those green spots. Unless there's a map where you'd have to cross it for strategic purposes.
    Nebula: I can see tactical benefits against bigger ships by hiding there, I think its a good one for some strategies but I don't see them around enough in most maps.
    Ion Storm: I rarely seen them on a map, they're kind of ugly graphically speaking but maybe they're good for genari ships that don't have any shielding.
  4. Makevelian

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    I've found the radiation useful to keep the AI from attacking me directly in some areas where the radiation acts like a barrier, and longer range weapons put a hurt on enemies on the other side.
  5. canbeen

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    Does the radiation protection skills reduce radiation effects? ie. lvl 1 protection reduces radiation field lvl 2 to lvl 1 effect.

    Is there a visual indicator to tell the radiation level?
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