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  1. Coser

    Coser Active Member

    Jeez, I can't get off of 2XP! Went up to 4 once, but next battle it went down to 2 again, and that's where it is now. I'll never level up my crew this way, and I can't fight the others like this.

    -If an enemy ship is lower class than you, the XP gained will be significantly lower. Combat vs. AI is also about 25% of what you'd get from playing against a live player.
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  2. Tchey

    Tchey New Member

    - 5 different battles with pirates AI from the missions, i got 1 xp total, but i still have 0 xp shown.
    - With the right mouse button, i can rotate the camera around, but i cannot move it "north/south/east/west", would be good to have this on middle mouse button.
    - If i start the game with graphical presets up to Simple, it's fine, but if i set it higher, like Good or Beautiful, i have a black screen instead of ship viewer, and a few other glitches. However it may be related to WINE Linux, so if it's just me, ignore.
    - Several "crash" (infinite loading), when jumping, or leaving the dock, i just relog ingame to "fix" it.
  3. AmishJoe

    AmishJoe Member

    Coser, go to an area where there are enemies at a higher level, I get 100-175 per battle, if I win. Sector m-4 and h-8 have level 4-5 enemies, good solid battles. Tchey, click off of your unit in an unoccupied hex, then use arrow keys to look around. Hope this helps
  4. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    A little heads-up on the Ma'alaketh and Hive, though the ships are there defending, their animations, weapon details/graphics etc... aren't implemented yet, so you're seeing them shoot lasers and missiles (and not their unique weapons).
  5. Coser

    Coser Active Member

    OK. I have been getting on a little better. I just took the chance and upgraded a couple of my officers. Although I am playing Sol, the Weapons officer and helmsman on my ship appear to be Genarii. Are we making peace already to take on the M'alaketh?

    -There's a lot of placeholder images for officers, so they may look genari but they are sol officers lol
    * Note: Some skills have not been 'connected' yet. For example, engineer's advanced repair skill works, but engineer's power boost skill is still buggy.
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  6. Potkeny

    Potkeny Member

    Good work comrades, your infiltration mission is done, now go and gather information!
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  7. Coser

    Coser Active Member

    The infiltration is getting worse. I've had to stop for tonight as when I entered a battle sector, all the HUD went funny. I had a turn at best before the graphics for the words seemed to be in Genarii. Makes it harder to allocate the power correctly when you can't work out how much you have left.

    -When that happens, just exit the game and reboot, it will look normal again. Its another bug on the 780 bug list...
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  8. Kahless

    Kahless Member

    LOVING THE GAME! though I'm still learning quite a bit. There's a lot of buttons and things.......
  9. SPiEkY

    SPiEkY Member

    AHA! I figured out how to play with the help of that tutorial graphic thingy.

    This game is pretty sweet. I'm almost excited to go find bugs, as lame as that sounds.
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  10. Potkeny

    Potkeny Member

    There is just one thing more enjoyable than finding bugs.. ELIMINATING BUGS! ;)

    And to give my feedback (after just a few vs AI fights I had time for):
    • Tactical Officer's pre-fight popup window: maybe later make an option "Click to dismiss" or "stay for X seconds", it disappeared a bit too fast for me
    - That is still in alpha, eventually you can even name your officers.

    • Prolly a known-bug(?): If you view/click a ship who is near the border of your window, its information will not snap to it, making it impossible to read unless rotating/moving.
    - Another known bug/feature that will eventually need upgrading
    • For me it was a bit annoying to always check my ship's (or the enemy's) orientation, compare the shields to it, with a small ship it was just too hard to see (I did play on my laptop, which is not fullHD), maybe some kind of optional "arrow" pointing ahead in your hex?
    - Actually if you look carefully, the reticle around your ship or enemy ship has a directional arrow that shows its orientation. If its not clear, zooming in will help. ALSO REMINDER that SPACEBAR centers you on your ship, TAB selects on targets.
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  11. wolf

    wolf New Member

    Is no one on? we should try and coordinate time

    When the chat program starts working later tonight -- you'll be able to chat with others online and coordinate with them. There's usually three or four people online at any time right now. - Vesuvius
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  12. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    2-16-17 New Build Update:
    -AI fixes when it would get confused if more than two human players entered from different races
    -More general bug fixes
    -Ma'Alaketh Particle Beam now does proper damage (much more devastating hit - beware)
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  13. Markoth

    Markoth Member

    Not sure if it was a bug or I missed something but twice I destroyed the opposing ship and the post-fight stats would come up and then immediately the "You died" and my ship was destroyed. The first time my ship only had like 1-2 Hull left and I just figured there was a counterfire or something but the second time my ship was at like 80% strength.

    It can be the explosion damage -- if you're within a few hexes the explosion can be pretty devastating. A fix/feature we're working on is that you won't get the 'you died' screen right away so you can see the aftermath of a situation like that. - Vesuvius
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  14. Jmp2x

    Jmp2x Member

    Thanks for the tutorial, its helped clarify a few things. I'm wondering about the counterfire thing, also markoth mentioned it above. What does it do?

    -I'll be making an advanced tactics tutorial page which will be covering things like counterfire.
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  15. Markoth

    Markoth Member

    Just happened again. I was at 10 Hull (Full). Opposing ship was almost dead. Combat phase began. Ship moved back 1-2 spaces and my ship blew up without a shot being fired.


    My theory is that the Repair feature isnt working. While visually it shows my ship as repairing the damage it still thinks I hadnt.
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  16. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    I'll try it out as well, see if this is a new bug introduced with the latest build. Anyone else seeing this problem?
    Edit: Took out two ships, didn't see this problem. Though I saw an
    Honor Bound type III AI lying in wait for me in region G-64, which has a heavy laser beam that does 7 damage, I wonder if that was the ship that killed you with a counterfire.
    Note: When you die, the 'you have died' page will show what your hull strength was before the explosion hits you. Again another thing that needs to be fixed.
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  17. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Cool to meet you on the battlefield Joe & Wolf, I was the Class III Sol Bengbu, and I think Joe was the Class IV Genari Battalion, and Wolf a Class II Little Stinger. The chat system STILL doesn't work properly so I couldn't talk to you guys.
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  18. Hexxx

    Hexxx Member

    Saw the hive entity ship when I dared trespass into hive territory. It blew me up rather easily. but then again I was a corvette
  19. AFGuardian

    AFGuardian New Member

    IV ships one shotting a III everytime from a good range, after I was able to keep alive for awhile against 3 IVs earlier. Pirates give no XP, and IVs are one shotting me, and then 2 V of the other faction just kind of not even going to look that way. Where should I be focusing?

    -Single mission (those M icons) Pirates are very weak for now, so they don't give much XP; they are more to get some combat experience without risk of death. However it takes some skill to combat a class IV (frigate) ship with a class III (corvette) -- but if you go to the GEN/SOL border regions, you can fight other human players or AI that will be of the same class (I'm assuming you're a class III corvette).
    You'll notice markedly higher XP gains when you play against live players. -Vesuvius
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  20. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    BTW another thing:

    In this 'easy' internal beta test mode some things are nerfed:
    - Officer upgrades do not have combat prerequisites and cost less
    - When you lose a ship, you automatically gain 350 XP.
    - XP gains in PVP combat is somewhat higher than normal.
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