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  1. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    a Mendi III with damage boost 1 operating at 25% with a range bonus of +25% would deal 1.5 damage per weapon for a total of 6 damage instead of its current 12

    An AF II with 50% and 25% would deal 3.5 x 3 dmg total 10.5 instead of 15.

    The bottom end of the spectrum receives an appropriate nerf while the mid range is unchanged and the top end would benefit

    9 charges at 75% total bonus = 15.75 dmg vs 13 total with + 4 flat damage

    Scalar damage bonuses
    Scalar hull repair

    Scalar everything! Static values are kinda sucky and OP at the low end while being weak at the top end.
  2. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Why does the frontal assault Gen ship Firestorm I have a HLB on starboard and port while the other 2 Firestorms are all forward-mounted weapons?

    Is the FS I supposed to be all fore weapons like most ships following the Gen creed? It would be a much better ship if this were the case.

    -That is a error in the systems allocation. I will fix it -- Class VII Genari ship hulls have a max of 4 forward hardpoints. If a ship pattern seems off, chances are it was put in wrong in the systems admin. -Vesuvius
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  3. AmishJoe

    AmishJoe Member

    Having only one and losing it is not any different than having a fully upgraded ship that you don't want to lose(hence my alt-f4ing in the past). As far as the genari officer difference, think of having sol shield with the double damage boost on M3. Admittedly science officer shield upgrade would be missed.
  4. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Shot a ship down to zero engine and took a point blank explosion to see what would happen:

    I still took 1 damage, expected 0/2 = 0 damage
  5. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    For Genari with that silly 'Honorable Death' captain skill, there is a big difference. To be honest, I hate that skill. You have to lose to gain from it?! Sol Leadership is by far better.

    My point was that a fully upgraded higher tier ship is much less likely to die to zerg-vettes where a zero or partially upgraded one has significant investment (xp and maybe time on upgrades too) that can be much more easily taken out.

    -zerg-vettes! hahahaaha -Vesuvius

    There is no system in place to prevent people from spamming out Free corvettes, engaging someone, dying, repeat. Imagine half a dozen players doing this with voice comms to relay information about where an enemy is and its status, and anything they target is in trouble.

    A free corvette + 1 battle count instantly can do 12 dmg/round (Mendi III or AF II) while retaining mobility. Out of the box, the Mendi III can do 8 damage and the AF II can do 9.

    The starter ships do way too much damage and are way too durable and effective compared to ships several tiers higher for a micro-fraction of the cost or Free. How the damage modifiers (range and officer) work is a huge factor.
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  6. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Could the 'enter galaxy' button actually take u directly to the galaxy map instead of having to hit 2 load screens, pretty please? Also a 'dock at station' from the galaxy map would be great too.

    A separate button, 'Enter Sector', would suffice for going to the map. As is, going to the mp is just a chore and waste of time without the need to defend it.
  7. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Holy Shitake Mushrooms.... That scanner bug and not seeing a Friggin Baltimore right beside me that almost ended my very expensive and tedious progression.

    -Each time you see a scanner bug -- report it. Its the biggest bug and I want the team to destroy it asap. -Vesuvius
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  8. AmishJoe

    AmishJoe Member

    Guess there are only two real game play bugs left. Scanner, and repairing damage after last enemy explosion. Oh Yeah, and the accuracy, it is bad when I feel sorry for the enemy AI when they miss 5 out of 6 shots with a montana(approx. 80% range). I am missing at/over 10% at point blank now.

    -Legacy bonuses for now will be more on the 'credits' side of things, until the Dev team catches up with everything else. -Vesuvius
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  9. AmishJoe

    AmishJoe Member

    I have an idea for a legacy/bonus for defeating a server. How about the top 10% of the winners and maybe the top ten players of loosing side get an extra officer upgrade???? would this be hard to do? I don't think it would add to much overkill but would give a small bonus. could be for one or all officers. valid only for the next server of course.
  10. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Accuracy seems fine in the grand scale. It is possible and annoying to have multiple misses at 95%, but then there are those streaks of 50 shots where you dont miss one.
  11. Hexxx

    Hexxx Member

    A minor suggestion: I'd like to see a filter in the shipyard that sorts ships by price.

    -Good feature to have, will implement at some point. -Vesuvius
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  12. AmishJoe

    AmishJoe Member

    lol, good for you. I haven't had more than 8 95% hit in a row for about a month. that was with m3. usually I would get all five hit, then 4 then either 5 or 3, then 4, then 5, then 3 or 4, 4, 5, 4,3,5 4. I think I have the first virus of spacewars, called accuracy xeenophobia,lol With the genari victory accuracy is actually good, the first honor I have been missing every 6th shot or so. all at 95%.

    Vesuvius, I understand about it not being a near term thing, just an idea I had for waaaay down the road. I am getting old and forgetful, lol. didn't want to forget my idea.
  13. AmishJoe

    AmishJoe Member

    Found another invisible rock, directly in front of my ship. 20171001090304_1.jpg
  14. Tiwaz

    Tiwaz New Member

    When disabling the "Variants" setting in the shipyard, the Baltimore II and III do not disappear, unlike all other ship variants 20171001080955_1.jpg

    -Strange, I'm going to do a few 'fixes' to see if they stop showing up as variants on the next update. -Vesuvius
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  15. AmishJoe

    AmishJoe Member

    I just did a respect of my capt. it gave me all my points, but now rally won't work, keeps giving me invalid skill error

    -A good bug for me to report. Though try respect of your captain again, and try getting rally again just in case. -Vesuvius
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  16. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Keep those kinds of things coming, trying to identify what space objects are still 'invisible' -- basically it means that the artist hasn't associated the art asset properly. Also, need to get the artists to fix some of the lighting in certain areas, like that region, as everything is in 'shadow'.

  17. AmishJoe

    AmishJoe Member

    I did a respec, now rally works (movement, not damage or accuracy) but slaughter2 is not. Seems like there is always one messed up if you respect, sol or genari. Could it be the "free" point you get at the beginning? lol at auto correct

    -Bug Reported!-Vesuvius

    Also is this ship supposed to have port and starboard missiles instead of two port?

    -Yeah, that is an error, I fixed it, will reflect on the next update -Vesuvius

    P.S. if you screenshot in the shipyard it freezes the game.

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  18. Lesiak

    Lesiak Member

    Have the enemy space stations (sol) been upgraded? They pounded me to smithereens, the shots seemed unlimited (8+). Or is it a bug?

    -No, its intentional, the stations now fire all their weapons in an omnidirectional manner. -Vesuvius
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  19. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Amish, you weren't firing at an Exeter were you? They have a -10% chance to hit hull passive (-10 morale to Genari).
  20. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Oh geez, they are finally beastmoded. I wonder if I can even achieve that Gen victory now. I've been slacking off on Space Wars (like I said, playing PoE + life). It would be possible for me to buy a Nova in 10 hours of play or so (I had a 4x upgraded I3 days ago) and then make it 'siege worthy' in another 30 to 60 hours worth of upgrades :p

    Even still, Genari ships suck in sieges. Their endurance is too low (Yes, THIS old argument hashed again). Genari cannot mitigate damage well. Plain and simple.
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