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  1. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Radar is not updating targets in range and line of sight until you move or take other action.

    You can be staring at them and not see them sometimes.
  2. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Is it intentional that some zones never get reinforcements? Oddly, the overview map shows that there is the remaining portion of responders. Sometimes all I face is 1 Class III, then from the map it shows a Class II and 2 Class III in the zone that never materialize.

    Takes forever to capture a zone shifting only 5 control points every few minutes. I'd rather kill stuff and secure it quickly ><
    *plays minesweeper while waiting*

    I'm guessing capture speed is increased with more players present?
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  3. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Getting this bug a lot. Transit phase. Apparently nothing enters. Some phantom bugged ship is placed on the map (literally on it, not above it like usual) and it is inactive as far as combat goes, but prevents combat from ending, new reinforcements from arriving, and ultimately, capture of the zone.

    Cause of problem is unknown.
    Bugged ships prevent combat ending reinforcements and capture.jpg
  4. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Punkin Mala CVII.jpg
    Class VII Ma'Alaketh aren't so tough :p Just don't be seen or hit.

    Surprisingly, a corvette can be stacked to dish out a 34 damage burst! with sustained 19 dmg/turn using hit and run tactics.

    They are actually some of the best XP in the game..

    The best damage would be the base Mendi, but it's hard to pass up the power plant of the Mendi III

    Best part is: If you screw up, free refund! (crew not included)

    LOL misjudged the damage state and took a Class VII engine explosion at point blank, but not before banking a few thousand XP.
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  5. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    WTB clickable control panel for movement + hotkeys for shield surfaces

    Also WTB power configuration preset buttons (maybe a few slots that you can save different power modes to, one touch and set).
  6. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Days later: Still bugged and locking out a zone.

    Still Invalid.jpg

    I just took out one of these INVALID bugged targets using counterfire in another map. Maybe I just got lucky or maybe I found a temporary workaround.
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  7. gegener

    gegener Member

    hello. i need to report that xeen is allways coming with his cheated ship(cheated because he take a lot of XP from some crazy bug station) in the same location than my class IV ship.
    so i cant so anything else than leave the game before loose my playble ship (class VIII isnt playable because of init bug making my ship move = 0 without playing)

    i try do chat with him in game but he dont make repons.
    is the alpha finish and now we just have to be farm without trying the differnt crew member/capitain active and passive comp?

    i try to max the init bonus passive with my crew comp(tactical advantageII) and i take the +5. i think it work but it doesnt make the good number in init (i have some time +2 or +3)
    I JUST SEE THE HELSMAN HAVE THE SAME TACTICAL ADVANTAGE and it give +3 perhaps there is a bug ?

    i try the power boost 1 (5%) and it doesnt work
    i try the maneuvrabillity V and +60move point it work!!!
    the same for advance repair it good
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  8. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Sorry, never saw chat. This is a good place to message me because it is persistent and I have notices to email and such + forum alerts. There is no notice of messages + you are constantly forced to quit out of the game to reset bugged encounters.

    Cheated ship... them's fightin' words. No really, watch what you say. A) Nothing cheated about it B) This is internal test for a reason, to figure out problems both with the meta game design (like being powerless to do anything but flee from overwhelming ships -or are you?-, but that's mostly because there are no player #'s on the server) as well as programing flaws. If anything, the cheat is being able to quit the game and be instantly safe without having traveled to the zone border and initiating a jump (either manually or AI-controlled in the event a player is disconnected).

    I already posted on all the working/not working skills, especially that tac advantage isn't working (captain or crew, I'd get it if it was).

    Now if you want to talk, we can talk. You are attacking Sol territory. I am responding to that. I aim to take over the map. You are opposing me: To Battle!

    I have taken out all accessible space stations (Class XII and XIII home base) and now all battle stations (Class X) are downed. I am working on clearing mine fields. Then, I will mop up the remaining sectors. I've had people come try to assist the stations in defense and even bank a pile of exp by shooting me on the side where the station had downed my shields :p Play smart and get huge xp from me instead of crying the hackusations. You could use the same tactics that I use vs the Ma'Alaketh who are overwhelmingly powerful compared to the corvette I fight them with! I can use a ship worth 350 and a crew worth an equal amount or so to down ships worth 2000 xp combined damage and kill bonus! It's not safe or easy, and I lose one once in awhile, but it can be done.

    So you came after me in a bugged map and started off right, but only loaded 2 missile launchers instead of 3 or more and just barely dropped my shield, earning 0 xp.
    You didn't use your turns well after that with hit and run tactics and controlling turn orders through passing/doubling up on turns.
    I sat in place for 4 turns while legitimately warping out to subspace and you did nothing ?!

    You could have had 6000 xp from that. Much to learn.

    Now that that's out of the way, on to what really matters:

    Are you experiencing movement point drain with any Genari ship when some other unit goes before you? Your words seem to indicate that the C IV has no problems, but a C VIII does, and I've seen it on HK's C X Levi
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  9. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Been meaning to report this minor bug for awhile:

    When warping out of a map (particularly after just exiting a space dock), the warp effect extends from the ship as expected then completes, but the image of the ship pops to the far opposite side of the screen from the direction you are warping and then traverses to the middle of the screen where you were. Instead, I believe the ship should only accelerate from its current location to off-screen.
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  10. gegener

    gegener Member

    so the alpha is finish for us we just need to wait for the next phase?

    i repeat myself so the alpha is finish for us we just need to wait for the next phase?
    and i add : i got +3 init so its working in some manner

    do you think before write? sorry to be so true but how a class 3 ship can attack a class X on a side where there is a chance to be a counter?
    no the only methode is to max move and attack the alt of your ship (you know that because you immediatlly make your ship in def near the border of the map)
    i did nothing versus a ship that can 1 shoot me? yes what dont you understand? one shoot or stratégy?
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  11. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Areas are capturable and locked while still in heated battle with no chance for remaining combatants/defenders to reclaim it. Is this intended?
  12. gegener

    gegener Member

    i just try to make you loose your "time" ^^
    i cant make you loose your ship with class 3 but actually we are on the same map and thx to you i can make some test on crew cap
  13. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Bug? Counterfire is disarming itself after being used and must be re-armed each time the weapon is fired.
  14. gegener

    gegener Member

    this is the same on gen ship (some time there is some difference)
  15. darklord48

    darklord48 Member

    @Xeen Dread While it's cool you were able to get that ship, it's no fun for other players to encounter you and just get stomped. Fighting your Class 6 while I was in a Class 3, with AI support, that was fun. Once Amish Joe showed up too, I knew there was no chance for us to do anything, so I stopped coming back.

    @Vesuvius_SWIE I actually believe that there needs to be something done to balance higher class ships with lower class ones. My recommendation is to give lower class ships an evasion bonus against higher class ships. That way you can still kill a much smaller ship in one shot, but they still have a few turns to try to penetrate your defenses if they're working together. That would also allow for additional time to escape the large ship.

    -Right now its just a few players floating about -- in a normal situation if there was a player that truly got to Class X, there'd be at least some opposing class 6,7,8 ships around. All you need is a few to gang up against him. Also, that's the point of being able to see what is in that region, so if Class X shows up, you just leave the area. Again, in a normal game with 100s of players fighting at a time, there will be dozens of active battle regions to choose from (especially the large map I'm working on... 800 or so sectors to go lol).
    -It would be nice if Xeen stopped stomping weaker players though (and same with Devilgeek before him) but you see... power corrupts haha. It is the human nature. But it also allows me to learn what things can be exploited for too much XP, so I can adjust that where some players cannot abuse/accelerate their growth artificially. For one thing, when the map is reset, I'm going to have the Hive/Mal regions have reduced XP value for fighting them. Also, it was supposed to be where large waves of Hive/Mal would swarm you, so you'd be overwhelmed eventually and be forced to leave (instead of me buffing their weapons up artificially). -Vesuvius
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  16. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    I already brought up that point to V when I first started playing about a week ago and had to deal with several high level players (mind you, not all at once, Gegener was one of those people that I was fleeing from!) showing up to give me hell. That Class Class VI was a POS. I preferred the C IV Liverpool over it. My favorite ship is the Montana III as an all-arounder, but I cannot deny the presence or base-killing power of the Dreadnought. Basically I like some of the Bengbu series, the Mendi III, Liverpool, M3, and Dread. Nagara is an honorable mention. Everything else is 'meh' to me.

    Quite literally, I've had a Class X show up on me as well while I was going about my nooby ways. I did what I could to gain power and eventually snowballed into a station-murdering machine.

    Your option is to fight smart (apparently not so easy to do even if you know what to do because of Gen movement bugs), fight with numbers (we don't have numbers yet), or leave and do something else.

    If low class ships got an evasion bonus vs high class, they would also need a damage penalty (To be more accurate, high class ships would have a resistance bonus). Puny weapons should do from reduced damage to next to nothing to scratch such heavy armor and shielding.

    Armor/Shield hardness not only absorbing damage received, but also reducing it so that a hit that does 5 damage from a light is reduced by 2. Shield takes 3 damage instead of 5. Something along those lines.

    Seems fair.

    Overly simplified:
    3-5 Classes below target, -1 damage, -10% chance to be hit.
    6+ Classes below, -2 damage, - 20% chance to be hit.

    Otherwise, 5 properly outfitted corvettes already can kill a Dread in 1 turn!

    -Actually, its quite simple. Just hit and run tactics with corvettes and frigates, using obstacles you can get around a dreadnought quite easily. But as long as that engine bug doesn't mess things up. The ships themselves don't need to be rebalanced, as this game is a multiplayer game, not a one on one. Obviously a Destroyer vs Dreadnought victory is going to the bigger ship. -Vesuvius

    If there are obstacles and/or a big enough map :p But yes, there are things that can be done, unfortunately Genari MP seems to be globally messed up.

    My point was to both expand on a hypothetical and illustrate how it is possible to beat a dread as is. I wasn't actually expecting to have those changes. We can't see full combat dynamics with no more than (as far as I've been playing) 2 or 3 human players in a fight AND some rather nasty bugs.

    I'd like to remind you again that I was chased about by several people when I started, among them was in fact gegener saying he wouldn't kill me. -"We come in peace, do not run" *pew pew* "Do not be alarmed, we mean you no harm" *Zaaaap*- comes to min. I trust no one that isn't on my team and for the most part unable to harm or backstab me (though an ally could reveal my position in chat or do other things I suppose, even if they can't shoot me).

    "Stomping noobs" is a bit of a misnomer. I frequently talk to people and/or warn them to leave an area as I conquest. I teach them about bugs and tactics. These people have been in the test longer than I have (I'm the noob!). And Gegener... He killed himself to counterfire when he stated in chat that he knew better. I didn't pursue him at all!

    To V: Bring on the pain and any changes you like. Same as other games, I will do battle with you in the form of an evolutionary arms race :) I'm quite adaptive. If you want to see 'noob stomping' make it so that PvP is the only decent way of getting XP once there is a sufficiently active player base. Leaving me with no choice but to kill players for satisfactory progress... I'll do exactly that regardless of how much more powerful I am. It's internal test, so I'm being nice and trying to not blow up peoples' ships beyond Class III (With the exception of those who have engaged me and are mentally flagged as known hostiles, ran into HK several times in various circumstances, Apex too, gegener, and a few others, no complaining if I attack you relentlessly, I'm only trying to achieve my objective as a member of team Sol, DESTROY ALL GENARI!)

    When the war begins, I will be entirely ruthless and destroy any enemy I can. No quarter will be given for ANY reason.

    I only ask that you don't nerf all XP into oblivion and make everything a huge grindfest. There has to be some appropriately rewarding challenges and hopefully a gradient of them, not something like where I was suddenly able to take on stations after reaching my dream ship (grinding away very slowly, long hours) and then exploding to power in a couple days after that.

    I consider myself in the top 0.01% of gamers, and this trend has held true for years across many worlds of all shapes and sizes (although not the best at twitch-based fps and moba style games, my capacity for critical thinking is what gives me my edge, not necessarily speed, so here we are in a TBS game :p ). I caution you against setting bars based off of what I can do. While I do believe in balancing a world based on the assumption that everything in it is being used to its maximum potential, adjusting the numbers based off of what the very best player(s) can cause great harm to the average player's experience.

    I like games that are rewarding for both playing smart (doing well/ability) as well as hard (hours). If everything is entirely simple and anyone only has to run the same gauntlet with only 'hours' being the deciding factor >< *pukes* I enjoy complicated games where someone who has the brains to figure out how everything works and achieve the best balance for results excels!
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  17. gegener

    gegener Member

    gegener was one who say on chat come hit me take xp from me to help you get faster bigger ship (class IV or V) but yes dont read stay in your position its a good position to kill desire to test and help the game

    there is a bug when you hit 2 - 3 time the engine : abuse it!
    therei is a bug when gen ship havent init they loose crazy amount of mouvement : abuse it!
    i see your ship si i activate the boost dmg*4 on 1 of my weapon you come and in pur luck you destroy just this weapon : pur luck but it make me rage
    i laught thx you you are a funny one... i stay a long time on the channel you come in my zone 4-5 time and you just dont respons to me

    during my last test i see the *4 dmg work perfectlly.
    when you take tactical on the crew which give you +2 init and +5 init in fact it give you +3init in all version.

    the problem xeen is : its not a game its a alpha game dont forget it
    you say to me : "you dont need to test the crew/captain skill i allready try all" ok but gen and sol are different so ... there is some bug on a faction and not on the other so YES WE NEED TO TEST and if it just to crush us we dont need you in our zone AI will be enouth or valhalla or hawk or amijoes or another who respon and dont play selfish with an objectif that dont gave the alpha a usefull POV (yes all te map blue wont give anything sorry to spoil you)
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  18. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Anyone ever have an enemy AI ship just blow up for no reason (not in a cloud)? Maybe it's position wasn't shown to me properly and it was in a cloud.

    Caused combat phase freeze at 0:00, leave and return usually gets things to reset and proceed normally.
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  19. gegener

    gegener Member

    i see ship class II blow when i destroy a class III near it
    i see some time ship that i destroy still playing and attack me. and its not ship that i destroy in counter but ship that i destroy naturally during my turn
  20. SPiEkY

    SPiEkY Member

    There used to be a counterfire bug, where if your counterfire would have killed the attacking ship the game just freezes, though I believe that bug has been fixed and now it just puts you into an endless allocation/combat cycle until you leave.
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