Captain, Discord voice comms are here!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zer0CoolAZ, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Zer0CoolAZ

    Zer0CoolAZ Administrator Staff Member

    Greetings Captains!

    We are happy to announce that the communications team has succeeded in establishing towers across the system. You may now access these communications resources by clicking the following link:

    There are two faction specific regions on the server, you may request access to your faction's voice comms through the #faction-registration channel. As the other races open up in the game, we will be adding the corresponding channels as such.

    We look forward to seeing the Captains come together and join forces against the opposing faction.

    Regards for now,
    Tobias Hale, Operator #0032
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  2. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Sticky-ing this thread.
    Zero: Might be good to change the header on this thread to say player communication via Discord, something like that :)
  3. Zer0CoolAZ

    Zer0CoolAZ Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah I noticed the naming antic was a little difficult for it. Will rename :)
  4. Sandarbian

    Sandarbian New Member

    I'd just like to say Discord is garbage. I hates it!
  5. Zer0CoolAZ

    Zer0CoolAZ Administrator Staff Member

    I apologize that you feel that way, however for others it is a very useful tool.
  6. JBHemlock

    JBHemlock New Member

    I'm a big fan of it, myself. Thank you for setting that up, Zero :)
  7. Sandarbian

    Sandarbian New Member

    yet to see anyone actually use the voice on Discord. Just saying....
  8. JBHemlock

    JBHemlock New Member

    There's a small contingent of Genari who use it all the time (Dalwin, Umari, etc) and a larger group who use it occasionally (I'll listen on voice if I'm in an attack with Dalwin & Umari, or if I'm part of a station attack and we're all on voice), but otherwise I don't use voice. I'm more of a text guy, myself.

    What you *could* do - what got me into using voice in Space Wars - is to say to the folks you're on a map with "I'm in voice, if anyone wants to come coordinate this with me". I don't think most players read these forums, so they're not aware that it even exists.
  9. Kennethnecex

    Kennethnecex New Member

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