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Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by The Calamity, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. The Calamity

    The Calamity Member

    When are the notifications going out to those who have been given access?? And another question

    Will there be any sorta of system in place to stop or manage how many people play on one faction vs another?
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  2. JansenC

    JansenC Member

    I signed up on that sign up for beta on the mainpage. I'm guessing I'll be getting an email about it when its ready. I also have steam.
  3. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    There will be a private beta for about 20-30 players, and any active member of the forum will be invited. It will probably be right after Christmas. It will be a smaller test map and such working out the capture mechanics, edge cases, officer skills and so on.

    As for managing players as to who joins what side, we are keeping it unrestricted, but it can be made to have caps on how many can be on each side.
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  4. The Calamity

    The Calamity Member

    thanks that's good to know, really interested to see how all of the information translates to gameplay

    edit: related afterthought.

    maybe a showcase of how many people are on the different factions before you lock in to one would be interesting to show. personally i don't like to play with the odds stacked (assuming i could 1v5 with my ship haha )
  5. Coser

    Coser Active Member

    Fighting against a larger force/against greater odds is where the fun lies. And for any Genari player, that is where the honour lies! there is no honour in taking out a much smaller force, but great honour in either making a larger force expend more ships to achieve their goals or even stopping them entirely.

    If there was such a display of sides, I'd certainly join the underdog!
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  6. SPiEkY

    SPiEkY Member

    Coser gets it
  7. Potkeny

    Potkeny Member

    I think most pvp-oriented player likes to play the underdog, that is more fun every time... Well, maybe not the whining cowards, but those are cannonfodders anyway~ :p
  8. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Its always too early to tell, but I'm banking on the fact that there will be a decent balance overall from what I see in peoples' voting on what race they like. But yes, it is a good idea to implement some sort of # of players per side info before you join the server. But the counter argument of course is that it may skew/influence what people were planning to join. In the end though, every sector that is contested -- all you do is click on it and you can see who is fighting there, what class of ships are there, so you can determine where you'd prefer to do your battles in. It definitely is a good newbie protector, since you won't find yourself against some veteran with massive ships against your lowly corvette. You literally are picking which 'battle room' you want to enter.
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  9. Coser

    Coser Active Member

    Not actually that fond of PVP, tried as hard as I could to avoid it on WoW, and in Elite: Dangerous. Unfortunately I couldn't get away from it entirely in either game, and the trouble I had with pirates in Elite was unbelievable. At least here, it's not as if you can be playing as a peaceful trader, so I am fully aware of what I am going into.
  10. wolf

    wolf New Member

  11. wolf

    wolf New Member

    I'm ready
  12. SirSprout

    SirSprout New Member

  13. 0b1000010

    0b1000010 Member

    I'm in too, for both the main launch and the internal beta if there is one.
  14. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    There will be a small group of people who will be involved in the internal beta (no more than 30) which will run somewhere from the beginning of January to the end, mostly to playtest the gameplay and capture mechanics on a small map.
    The early access beta then will have two stages -- Starting Feb 1st, private invites to play, and a full universe map with everything functioning.
    Then somewhere around mid-March on PAX East, the full reveal happens with media etc... and the floodgate opens for anyone to join.
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  15. Lesiak

    Lesiak Member

    I'm ready to join in too.
  16. NightWolf

    NightWolf Member

    I'm up for the pre-beta or the main one.
  17. Velez

    Velez New Member

    i'm ready
  18. Warshoe

    Warshoe Member

    Add me to the list.
  19. Nickman77

    Nickman77 Member

    Available to fire lasers, Captain.
  20. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Here is the general status:

    Me and a few insiders are testing the early beta, still has too many bugs to be playable for our first 'outsiders' internal beta if that makes any sense. Just this weekend we logged 87 different bugs. The game I've realized, is so complex with so many backend systems, there's so many variables to every aspect of combat. No offense to chess, but combat in Spacewars has so many more layers to it.

    The goal is for the game to have as much of its 'game breaking' bugs squashed, and for early access invite-only players like yourselves to start trying out the game at the end of January. It will still remain a small community until the major media 'reveal' and media access in early March, before PAX East. Then the floodgates truly open and the game will be accessible to all.

    So the Gist:
    Internal Playtesting all January
    Internal/Early Access invite only Feb1st - March10th
    Media Access March 1st-March10th
    Open to public Mid-March
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