10 ships in a faction limit 2 sector and other rants

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AmishJoe, Jul 10, 2021.

  1. AmishJoe

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    So I just encountered 10 hive ships in a faction limit 2 sector. I realize that the hive in general are "weaker" than other races and that their faction limits were eased, but how are 10 ships in a sector where I can only bring myself and one other ship anywhere near an even fight?????

    Also I see a certain player consistently hitting better than 33% engine hits from rear arcs. In what universe(pun intended) do those numbers add up. Is it hacking? I don't know since I was told by Vesuvius that the nominal chance to do a engine hit from the rear was about 2%. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong Vesuvius.

    Is there cheating/hacking? I don't know, frankly I am too ignorant of programming to have any idea. I do know numbers and statistics and generally know if the averages add up. Most of the time they don't for me. As an experiment I have tried Genari, Hive, and Sol and fired all of my shots from 2 hexes or less(Generally I fire at 1 range until the kill shot at 2 hexes).I am currently on Sol and my accuracy is at 82%, which is about normal(Genari 83%, hive around 80%). By my calculations it should be in the 84-87% range.

    My feelings for this game are strong since I have been here since the very beginning of Alpha. I am aware of all the problems in keeping and retaining programmers. I understand that the progress forward sometimes is glacial, also I'm good with that.

    I am beginning to feel that this game has hit a wall. This really saddens me because I have been here so long and have made several good friends amongst the players. I am here ranting because it would be poor form to do so on the steam board. I have rage quit many times and came back, I freely admit.

    I am now thinking about deleting this game permanently.................Amish
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    Continuing, I am sooo tired of going into a sector and "seeing" info on a ship and using that to calculate my combat. Then after ending allocation oh wait how do you out run me. other player " I have x engine" (8 more than the hud shows). Boom, dead again.
  3. Vesuvius_SWIE

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    Seems Amish, that whatever race you choose to play on the server, it happens to be the race that loses the most at the time. I would be frustrated too. But every race has their strengths and weaknesses, and their chance to shine. Just last server, the Sol race you are playing was deemed to be OP. Now its the race in most trouble this server.

    As for the 2% rule on chance to hit engines, its 2% for every 1 point of damage. So if you get a 10 damage hit, that really gives 20% chance to engine damage. And if you're getting more than that, chalk it up to bad luck. I know blingon does get incredibly lucky, always joke that he's got a dev hack.
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    For what it's worth Joe, we had 7 Ships and 3 Chrysalis in a Fac-6 last night, and were beat by a single First Honor and a Battalion simply due to them being much faster than any (likely level 4 or 5) of us and very front loaded weapons wise. I'm sure you can guess who's ships they were. Point being, Hive swarm isn't unbeatable. Of course, even I think 10 Hive ships in a Fac-2 is silly, but in the end it's a Fac-2. The numbers advantage starts to get mitigated in maps where there's more room to work.
  5. AmishJoe

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    understood ein on the first honor. and I do get that it evens out on bigger maps
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  6. Heinous

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    Its a pretty well known fact the RNG system for this game is broken and that "accuracy is a lie" -Blingon. I have missed two shots in a row at 99.67% acc and have missed up to 5 shots in a row with 95% acc.

    Edit: You were going up against 10 ships in a fac 2 against hive which means 1v2 in a fac 2. No race can beat 1v2 in a fac 2, dont matter what race you are. And the false engine reading bug has been around since the beginning as well.

    Edit 2: Also Amish you are 9,700 xp on the leaderboard which means your ships arent that leveled. Im pretty certain one of the hive players in the fac 2 were one of the ones with 200k xp on the leaderboard, which means their ships are leveled. So you also have that going against you.
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